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  1. Zorro

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    Have we done this? If so, the mods can delete and I won't be mad (or transfer it to the right place). If not, here are a few I would like to nominate; "Down by Law", a Jim Jamusch film starring Tom Waits. "The Wrong Box", a British farce with Sir Ralph Richardson, Michael Caine. Peter...
  2. Zorro

    Looks like Northwestern will not be a #1 seed after all.

    They just lost to Michigan.
  3. Zorro

    Yesterday's replay seems tohave disappeared.

    Any clues?
  4. Zorro

    With Paige and Ania tossing no-look passes

    all over the court, the other guys are really going to have to protect themselves from getting inadvertently beaned!! And Lord have mercy, if Azzi DOES see that coming here is the right thing to do, the Huskies offense will look a lot like the Trotters warm up drill!!
  5. Zorro

    Some thoughts on "showing up".

    All of this disrespectful drivel about players “not showing up” just absolutely gravels my posterior. “Not showing up” has definite connotations of a lack of either interest, effort or intestinal fortitude on the player’s part. The fact of the matter is that a player can be determined to win...
  6. Zorro

    South Carolina #1 in AP Poll [Merged Thread]

    Behind SC, Baylor, Stanford, ahead of L'ville, Oregon, UCLA, Oregon State. And Charlie has us #1 seed in Portland with Oregon State #2. For what it is worth, and it ain't much. I find it inteesting that OSU wold have been #1 if they had beaten ASU; instead, they are #8. Go figure.
  7. Zorro

    OSU goes down!!

    ASU 53-47 7 seconds to play!!!
  8. Zorro

    The future lies ahead.

    Some interesting (to me, at least) information on the competition that will be faced by the currently leading teams over the rest of the season. 1) UConn has three games that ought to be inteesting; Baylor, SC, and Oregon. 2) Oregon, Oregon State and Stanford each plays the other two twice...
  9. Zorro

    Getting a little concerned.

    It has been several days now since Geno signed anybody. I know that he had some surgery, but really, we can't afford to coast!
  10. Zorro

    We're # 1!!!!

    Stanford falls to Texas!
  11. Zorro

    KY 40 L'ville 31

    at the half.
  12. Zorro

    L'ville goes down to tOSU [edited title]

    7 minutes to play
  13. Zorro

    I just watched the game on the archive and am wondering

    why they cut away from the game and just showed the logo whenever free throws were happening. Not complaining, just curious as to what the reason might be.
  14. Zorro

    OT. Request for help.

    First off, this is NOT a request for funds, which would not be appropriate on this sort of board. However, if any of you are veterinarians, or have vets with whom you are on close terms, maybe you might be able and willing to help. In our town in Guatemala (Panajachel), there are many street...
  15. Zorro

    I just re'watched the 04 UConn UT game.

    Very interesting in a lot of ways. UConn missed 10 or 11 freebues and several uncontested bunnies, it was probably the worst officiated game I have ever seen )if you have forgotten Sally Bell, this will jog your memory!), tons of ticky'tack fouls called and real mayhem allowed (this is the game...
  16. Zorro

    Time for Sabrina to slay the giants!!

    Go Ducks!!
  17. Zorro

    Some days the bear eats you.

    Was hoping that Iowa might slay the beast, but the Bears chomped the Hawkeyes. (to mix a metaphor. why not?)
  18. Zorro

    Oregon vs Miss State (merged thread)

    with 4 min to play.
  19. Zorro

    Who was the ex;pert who observed that Lou

    "always tends to desappear in big games"? It was in the chat room during the UCLA game.
  20. Zorro

    Irish up by only 3

    to start Q4!! 65-62
  21. Zorro

    Volnation all abuzz

    over rumor that Walz is moving to TU.
  22. Zorro

    What time does the game actually start?

    The stupid espnn says 5:00ct/
  23. Zorro

    Louisville is destroying Michigan

    19'4 after 5.5 minutes. Durr has 13 and UM has five turnovers!
  24. Zorro

    Buffalo drops Rutgers

  25. Zorro

    Mercer up on Iowa 51-50

    after 3
  26. Zorro


    Mariachi Cake - Care2 eCards, Free Online Animated Greeting Cards
  27. Zorro

    Who does CW most resemble?

    Maybe it is just me, because I have not seen anyone else mention it, but to the play and on-court manner of CW bears a strong resemblance to that of Nykesha Sales. The sudden changes of speed from fast to lightening fast, the graceful control of all her body movements, the versatility of her...
  28. Zorro

    TV for Sunday's game

    Who is carrying it?
  29. Zorro

    Slow internet speed.

    I am having a frustrating problem with my W10 laptop. For the last couple of days, it is extremely slow to access any web site, although it seems to be normal in other respects. About half the time, I get a message that the web site cannot be accessed, because it was too slow to respond...
  30. Zorro


    Hi all. I have gotten two emails lately from Tom Flynn, aka Southbranch, which I am somewhat afraid to open, as Tom and I have not corresponded recently. Has anyone else received emails from him and were they legit? thanks
  31. Zorro

    If you were Muffet

    What would be your game plan and why?
  32. Zorro

    If you were Muffet

    how would you go about devising a game plan for tomorrow?