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  1. trb123

    What is UConn?

    Third question from the top This is in my neck of the woods. The pleasures of having a high school level football team. Edit: UCI is UC Irvine, a school about 90 miles from where I live. They don't have winter breaks and consequently no need to look for housing in Connecticut.
  2. trb123

    Letter from Coach K

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">“I am sorry to hear that you no longer have an interest in learning more about Duke University” <a href="https://post original url/j1IBvWZcbE"></a></p>&mdash; Matt Viser (@mviser) <a href="">November 17...
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    Daily Mail article on NCAAW basketball

    I was surprised to find this in the Daily Mail.
  4. trb123

    Please explain this

    Dallas vs. Phoenix - Box Score - May 18, 2018 - ESPN Chong scored a total of 1 pt from a free throw against Mercury. She went 0-2 from the field. Please tell me how that happened. A technical free throw? Or was someone injured and she made a free throw for her? Or is there some simple...
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    OT: RIP Roger Bannister

    Sir Roger bannister has died at the age of 88. BBC obituary The Evening Standard obituary Will someone please explain how to use VPN to watch the BBC video which is unavailable.
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    TENN vs SCAR

    I started the Теннесси vs aTm thread on the 11th and left for work. I returned very late and enjoyed a most wonderful set of posts on the game. I am working this weekend from 2pm. I must leave 20 minutes after the game starts. The aTm Теннесси game reminded me of French histories of the battle...
  7. trb123

    ТN vs Texas A&M at 7 pm (EST)

    Теннесси plays Jan 11 @ aTm Jan 14 @ SCAR Jan 18 @ ND Jan 21 @ home vs MSST After these four games we will know if the imperial steel has been tempered. If they win all four games, they are FF bound.
  8. trb123

    UConn talk on McGraw's bench

    Boneyarders may take a look at this thread on O'Brien Mcgraw's bench that shows how the Irish fans stay au courant with our coaching, our recruiting and other aspects of our basketball. Here is a typo corrected sample quote about Geno which is both accurate and laudatory. Although we should...
  9. trb123

    Tennessee @ Stanford - 12/21/17 (merged thread)

    I am losing peace of mind. An imperial victory followed by a UConn win at Toronto will narrow the gap between Geno (1000) and Tara(1018). I would rather embrace another religion than back the empire.
  10. trb123

    Texas at Tennessee (merged thread)

    For every Ladyvol fan whenever he or she wants it, there is the instant when it is not yet 3pm EST on that Sunday afternoon, December 2017, the benches are in position on the sidelines, the guns (allowed in Tennessee) are holstered, the cheerleaders and the band are already loosened to breakout...
  11. trb123

    Is Tiffany Hayes injured?

    Her team lost to Saniya Chong's team 80-69. She played for 7 minutes. 5 pts, 1 ast, 1 reb, 1 to. Chong played 39 minutes with 14 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast, 2 to. Probably 2 blks. Unrelated question: Do I need to log on and then click Amazon for BY to receive payments? Or will BY benefit every time I...
  12. trb123

    Ramona Shelburne weighs into Parker-Auriemma

    It is buried in her article on Lynx-Sparks rivalry
  13. trb123

    RIP Robert hardy

    Robert Hardy passed away today. He was posted at an RAF station in Norfolk during WWII together with his Oxford friend Richard Burton. 1. Siegfried Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small 2. Cornelius Fudge in Harry Potter movies 3. Arthur Brooke in BBC Middlemarch He gave up an RSC career...
  14. trb123

    Stones cast in glass houses

    You will find the minor WCBB violations halfway down.
  15. trb123

    OT: Congratulations LadyVols

    I congratulate the LadyVols for making it to the Elite 8 in softball World Series. Please note that this is not a congratulation for their losing to aTm.
  16. trb123

    Why Can't Kim Mulkey get past Elite 8

    Why can't Kim Mulkey's Baylor Bears get past the Elite Eight? The state of Big 12 men's basketball gets precedence over Kim Mulkey in this article. The title raises a question but the answer is not there.
  17. trb123

    Two birds with one victory as the worm turns

    Geno was in the sixth place on the Wikipedia list of NCAAW winning basketball coaches for several years. He tied Barbara Stevens of Bentley for the 5th place in December last year. After the SMU victory he is in the 5th place all by himself. The Wikipedia list has not been updated.
  18. trb123

    Meglio Stasera - It had better be tonight

    era meglio essere 91-0 stasera Meglio stasera Baby go go go Or as we natives say "Fa subito!"
  19. trb123

    Baylor does well against Winthrop 140-32 (merged thread)

    Even without any coaching from Bob Diaco, the Eagles were outscored 29-0 in the 4Q.
  20. trb123

    Moriah Jefferson victrix

    Stars 79 Sky 78 This was their best opportunity with Vandersloot "has not entered the game". Jefferson was taken out of the game at 3:05 in the 3Q. Stars needed to score to win this game and that probably was the reason MJ did not come back. I only watched the last 3 minutes and did not get to...
  21. trb123

    Chance of setting an NCAA record today

    Currently Tennessee and UCONN are tied at the top with twenty 30 win seasons each. A victory this afternoon (yes afternoon on the West coast) over USF will put us in sole possession of the 30 win season record.
  22. trb123

    Stewart ESPN player of the week

  23. trb123

    Tennessee 25th in AP poll

    As I said yesterday, Tennessee did not drop out. It will play a group of weak teams next and may very well stay ranked rest of the season.
  24. trb123

    Peripherally basketball questions

    1. What branch of engineering is Lawlor majoring in? 2. Off the top of the head can you think of other Auriemma Players majoring in STEM disciplines? 3. I have heard a great deal about tough Husky practices. Breanna Stewart had to repeat a task over and over until she succeeded. Are these...
  25. trb123

    Tennessee blowing away ETSU

    Tennssee is blowing away ETSU 16-18 6:05 in the 2Q. The empire will strike back harder very soon.
  26. trb123

    Some unimportant observations

    1. I will start by thanking Tara and the Stanford players for defeating us last year. Consequently, our team is battle-ready from day one this season. No other team matched our preparations. 2. Nikki Caldwell (her last name has changed after marriage) is 3-3 at LSU. She is no longer an option...
  27. trb123

    Duke almost beats aTm

    Using its impressive stable of high school AA players, Buchanan Duke University went toe to toe with aTm tying the game 63-63 at the end of regulation. It ran of gas during OT and lost the game 72-66. Needless to add that it was a home game. Disclosure: I believe aTm was first used by EricSandiego.
  28. trb123

    Some questions

    1. If Stewie is picked up by the Connecticut Sun, which player will be cut? Kayla Pedersen? Certainly not Dr. Elizabeth Williams? 2. Will Dangerfield's lack of height be a problem against the better teams (ND, SCAR, MD etc)? 3. I would like UCONN to recruit a top notch center from the 2016...
  29. trb123

    where is milford husky's column?

  30. trb123

    Spoiler alert: Women's gymnastics

    I am a member of two forums. This (obviously) is one of them. I will appreciate if someboday can tell me how the Russian media is treating Gabby Douglass's victory over the Russians. Ditto for Russian blogs, facebooks etc. There were some comments here about only 2 athletes in the all round...
  31. trb123

    confused - please help

    I read here and elsewhere that SEC is a weak WCBB conference. How did 8 SEC teams make the tournament?
  32. trb123

    A question

    This is after the SJ defeat. UCONN is used to steamrolling its opponents. It does not get too many chances to play a tight game at the last minute when you need to scramble for possession. How does such a team preapare for this occasion? There are 2 questions here - how do the coaches...
  33. trb123

    Awfully important game tonight

    UTN vs KY at Knoxville Many of you already know that Coach Pat is within striking distance of a milestone - 1100 career wins. A win tonight will bring her a step closer. I hope she coaches long enough to achieve this although not at the expense of a UCONN championship.
  34. trb123

    Pitt is playing like an ACC team already

    ND 120 - Pitt 44
  35. trb123

    Wishlist this season

    1. Elite Eight. I will not be unhappy if we make FF. 2. A date with Kentucky in the NCAA tournament. 78-45 UCONN. 3. A picture of Philster buying Michala Johnson an extra slice of pizza posted here.