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  1. trb123

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    Three Robert Altman films. MASH (1970) McCabe and Mrs Miller (1971) The long goodbye (1973) Gosford Park (2001) also belongs to this exalted group.
  2. trb123

    O.T. Uconn drops SAT for 3 years

    Here in California, I have never known a SAT high scorer show any interest in UCONN. Plenty of interest in Yale though. Not surprised that UCONN is throwing it out.
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    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    Die Niebelungen (1924) Silent film directed by Fritz Lang in two parts. Part 1: Siegfried Part 2: Kriemhilds Rache The seventh Seal (1957) Directed by Ingmar Bergman. This is certainly not an obscure movie. Some BBC serials: The voyages of Charles Darwin (1978) Six 1 hr episodes The search...
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    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    L'age d'or (1930) directed by Bunuel. It is available free on youtube. If you ever find a good blu ray disc for Ragtime (1981), please let me know. For many years, I could not find this DVD on Amazon. A few months ago the DVD once again became available. I have never watched The great...
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    OT: Books you have read phonebooks

    My list of 40 books was heavily skewed in favor of British writers. Even then I could not include all the titles I wanted. I now try to make up that deficit. 1. Parnassus on wheels, and The haunted bookshop - Christopher Morley, the author, also wrote the wonderful introduction to the Doubleday...
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    OT: Books you have read phonebooks

    1. Three Musketeers 2. Twenty years after (Sequel to 1 and better) 3. Count of Monte Cristo 4. Ivanhoe (Go fast over the pages you do not like) 5. Westward Ho (Amyas Leigh was a favorite hero when I was young) 6. Treasure Island 7. King Solomon's Mines (I read this book before I learned to be...
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    Georgia Schweitzer (Duke), MD

    Congratulations Dr Schweitzer. Dr Elizabeth Williams cannot be far behind.
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    We Did the Top Ten Basketball Movies- Now Pick Your Top Ten Sports Movies

    Leni Riefenstahl - Olympia 2 - Fest der Schönheit (1936)
  9. trb123

    We Did the Top Ten Basketball Movies- Now Pick Your Top Ten Sports Movies

    Leni Riefenstahl: Olympia - Festival of Nations (1936)
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    We Did the Top Ten Basketball Movies- Now Pick Your Top Ten Sports Movies

    Rollerball (1975) Not a sports movie. Has plenty of sports in it.
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    Binge Watching Suggestions?

    I have a large collection of DVD and Blurays and here are some of my favorites for a binge. 1. All creatures great and small (4550 min) 2. Inspector Morse (3990 min) 3. MASH 4. Seinfeld 5. The Shadow of the tower, The six wives of Henry the 8th, Elizabeth R (Three 500+ min series in a pack...
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    OT: Once Upon A Time or Do You Remember When?

    On Saturdays once every couple of months, in the 1970s and early 80s, I walked out of Penn Station thru Gimbels (remember it?) en route the B&N store on 5th Avenue and E 18th st. I would spend the entire day walking up Manhattan to Columbia University dropping into bookstores on the way. My son...
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    OT: Once Upon A Time or Do You Remember When?

    1. Scribners When books mattered 2. Shopping for used books in Barnes and Noble on 5th avenue at the corner of 18th street.
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    Good time for sports fans to catch up on reading

    When you have idle time: DVD: 1. The Michael Wood BBC Collection : In Search Of The Trojan War / In Footsteps Of Alexander The Great / In Search Of Shakespeare / In Search Of Myths And Heroes / Conquistadors (5 Disc Box Set) 1150 minutes 2. In Search Of The Dark Ages Michael Wood (Director)...
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    Coaching Wins leaders

    Another Ladyvol record bites the dust the next season.
  16. trb123

    Forcing UConn to Portland WHY??????

    NCAA does not want Uconn to make FF. Oregon has very tall players and they have the best chance to beat Uconn. That is why Uconn will be sent to Portland.
  17. trb123

    Diana T. Next Uconn HC?

    I cannot conceive DT showing any interest in coaching a school outside P5. Same goes for Sue Bird.
  18. trb123

    Trivia: Name the last @UConnWBB player to start every game #Huskies played in her four-year career.

    Which other players have done this? Who was the first? Who was the first under Geno?
  19. trb123

    Geno: No need to panic

    I am not panicking. I am complaining that against BAY, SCAR and ORE we were uncompetitive. I got a taste of UConn playing in the days of Sandra Hamm, Wanda Flora and Jean Balthazar. All this when recruitment is more finicky than a Brahmin choosing his food.
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    Ive never seen the board this down [merged thread]

    I expected some lean years after Stewart left. I did not anticipate wandering in the wilderness for five years or longer. Winter has come. Spring is lagging far behind.
  21. trb123

    SC Postgame Thread

    I expected some lean years after Stewart graduated. I just did not anticipate 5 years in the wilderness or longer.
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    Game Night - UConn vs Tennessee 7:00 pm est

    Disappointed that Carnac did not include an entry Score: Not the box score. That is asking too much. It is certainly not be beyond Carnac's ability to give us the score before the match.
  23. trb123

    15-0 run in the 4th quarter and overtime

    The postgame interview TV should have shown the big spider that came along and sat down beside her scaring Miss Muffet away.
  24. trb123

    Duke @ Louisville (7) - 1/05/20

    I wonder why I never had a LOU graduate wait at my table.
  25. trb123

    Next up - Wichita State Jan 2

    I sincerely hope that the AAC opponents do not beat our players up. This is our last season in this conference and they may do that as a parting gift.
  26. trb123

    Our Savvy Molly

    I would like to congratulate Molly. I have known only one other D1 NCAAW basketball player doing BS in math. She was from one of the historically black colleges and I have forgotten the details. I would like to mention that Virginia Wade, a three time grand slam winner from the UK, studied...
  27. trb123

    Now Look at us.......

    We are No 1 on consignment. CD admitted that. I wanted a top 5 seed but not No 1.
  28. trb123

    Louisville at UT Martin

    At UT Martin, Christmas flattered to come early only to deceive.
  29. trb123

    fans a bit tough on Anna

    Is Makurat slower than Maria Conlon? A direct comparison is not a good question because players run faster today (I think. I could be wrong) than they did 15 yrs ago.
  30. trb123

    Thank means a lot.

    I cut the cord a few years ago. This is the only place where I can watch the games. Thanks a lot.
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    tOSU Postgame Thread [merged thread]

    Did you break your toe in college?
  32. trb123

    Molly, Molly, Molly ...

    I will serenade her from California if it helps: Molly, Molly, quite contrary Why doesn't your confidence grow?
  33. trb123

    Optimistic? or Cautiously Optomistic?

    Exuberant? or irrationally exuberant? Pessimistic? or depressively pessimistic? (added on edit: This is better suited for our football. I am cautiously optimistic that this will apply to the Ladyvols basketball.)