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    I watched all three episodes. I'm fairly familiar with the Civil War. I think they did one of the better jobs of conveying the intensity and bloody nature of the fight. The Ken Burns thing never really brought home the true scale of the carnage. It's always hard to give a true portrayal of the...
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    TV ratings will determine out football future.

    And what did I say that was wrong? We do not play an exciting watchable style of football. You disagree with that? Our ratings, if high, could make us very attractive? You disagree with that?
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    This is really easy. We all know the newspapers and networks that reported that Trump was a Russian secret agent working for the Kremlin and Putin. There were four of them, two networks and two newspapers. They claimed on a daily basis for three years they had evidence Trump was a Russian...
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    Scotch or Irish Whiskey (90 minute thread)

    90 minutes is up!
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    Georgia State - funky new stadium

    Let's see what their attendance is in ten years. They are investing in their future.
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    Bundesliga to return May 15

    Was there an outbreak of the virus infecting the players, coaches or refs?
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    Recruiting in this coronavirus pandemic world

    Purely a guess but I think we see a lot of kids pick schools close to home.
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    Geno with all his "hardware"

    Not with that beard.
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    TV ratings will determine out football future.

    Good numbers could make us very attractive for the next round of conference roulette. However, under Edsall we play one of the most boring, unwatchable styles of football imaginable. That's just a fact.
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    Georgia State - funky new stadium

    I moved to Atlanta in 1980s. The Braves stunk. Sometimes they would get 5,000 fans in old Fulton County Stadium which had 50,000+ seats. By the third or fourth inninng, everyone would congregate behind home plate. By the late innings many would have left and the players could hear everything you...
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    The Man in the High Castle

    I read the book. The whole I Ching thing didn't work for me.
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    Lehrer had 16 rules of journalism. Do nothing I cannot defend.* Do not distort, lie, slant, or hype. Do not falsify facts or make up quotes. Cover, write, and present every story with the care I would want if the story were about me.* Assume there is at least one other side or version to every...
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    UConn's Football Failures Are Catching Up to It, and the School Has Itself to Blame (P. Forde @ SI Column)

    A very shallow article looks like it was researched on twitter.
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    I interviewed Ben Bradlee. One of my questions was what is the worst thing a newspaper can do. He said, be unfair to someone. I followed up. How do you define unfair? He replied that even a child on a playground knows what's fair. By his definition, his newspaper fails miserably and so does...
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    Of course this skews the numbers.
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    Two of those three are left wing whack jobs.
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    Try not to get hysterical as you read this. But the following is true. There is no scientific proof that the lock down has made people safer. In fact, it may be riskier to have people living in close quarters. In New York, it turned out that 66% of the hospitalizations came from people staying...
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    Fallacy. You don't think the lock up is killing people? You don't know that the fear spread by the media kills people. Scaring people with life threatening conditions to the point they are afraid to go to the hospital is literally scaring them to death. Counties all over the country have had...
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    I'm not part of any group or protest. And since both myself and wife have underlying medical conditions, we are caerful. But we're at the point where the destruction of the economy will be worse than the virus. Life is inherently dangerous. Pre-virus, 8,000 Americans died every day. Mortality...
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    Tom Brady failing at golf on live TV

    You can't trust a guy who doesn't have a driver in his bag.
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    Eddy Merckx

    Is Eddy Merckx any relation to The Great Eddy Merckx?
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    Are grownups (finally) taking over college sports?

    The curve has been flattened. There is plenty of room in hospitals and plenty of ICU beds. Grown ups would act like grown ups not scared children. Time for the country to open up.
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    Is anyone else concerned?

    Far more concerned that NFL caliber talent like Tyler Coyle left.
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    Alabama Huntsville dropping men’s ice hockey effective immediately

    Anyone we should be recruiting? If the school drops hockey they can play elsewhere immediately.
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    OT: Eddie Sutton dies at 84

    Jim Calhoun always talked about him being one of the best coaches of all time. Nice honor. RIP.
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    "Moneyball" recruiting

    Randy's best players went into the portal this year. He wouldn't take Tyler Coyle if he was on the other side of the portal? What an idiot.
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    Ewing Hospitalized with Covid

    Get well.
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    movie trailer thread?

    Very slick. A guy at Warner Brothers called Chris Nolan "our Spielberg." Nolan also wrote it so I have high hopes.
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    Is anyone else concerned?

    Unfortunately, the question at this point is can these guys get us above a two win season. That's the bar Randy has set for himself.
  30. Palatine

    USMNT Falling

    If you're good enough to play in any league in the world, you're an all world player. It doesn't make you an all world all star.
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    Heartwarming Donald Thomas video

    Seems like DT has got it together. Nice story.
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    David Diehl breaks down Matt

    Good stuff on Matt. Unfortunately the film shows some other things. On the second play notice Robert Holmes over running the hole and virtually missing the LB ending the play. On the third play Cam DeGeorge and Nino whiff on the double team, then DeGeorge runs his man into the tackle knocking...
  33. Palatine

    Voluntary on-campus activities to resume in football, basketball starting June 1, sources say

    The governor will lag the rest of the country just like everything else in Connecticut. Within a few weeks after colege after college after college annouces they will open, then Connecticut will fall in line.
  34. Palatine

    Springs Looking Forward To Playing For Huskies

    Great attitude. But the comments about his offense suggest it may take time for him to be a major contributer.
  35. Palatine

    Podcast with Daniel Hamilton

    I still think he ends up in a much better place if he stays one more year.