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  1. mudcat

    Congrats to Coppin State Lady Eagles

    Coppin State Lady Eagles defeated UMES 66-63. They got that losing streak of their back. Now only one team with no victories. Let's hope Hartford can notch their first victory of the season soon.
  2. mudcat

    Holiday Tournaments Question

    Are any of the WBB holiday tournaments being broadcast or streamed and, if so, where?
  3. mudcat

    Another paean to Taurasi's greatness

    Among other amazing shooting exploits, she is the only WNBA player to have over 100 threes since the league moved the three point line back. Diana Taurasi set the bar for shooting in 2006, and almost reached it again 12 years later.
  4. mudcat

    This accomplishment by UCONN women's basketball rivals the 11 national championships, IMHO

    Interesting article, particularly regarding the difference in achievement between men's and women's teams. Grad rates for women’s teams in NCAA tournament are exceptional
  5. mudcat

    Just sounds like a wonderful young lady as well as an incredible athlete

    Fran Belibi made the under 16 team for the US only 21 months after starting to play basketball. An incredible talent. Fran Belibi and her dunking dilemma
  6. mudcat

    Strongest G5 conference for women's basketball?

    The AAC is, by a pretty wide margin, the (choose your adjective: best, strongest, financially stable) of the G5 conferences. But just looking at women's basketball, I wonder if the MAC is potentially a stronger conference in terms of depth of quality women's teams. What say ye?
  7. mudcat

    Megan Gustafson article

    This is really hard to do after a great season (ask Napheesa). It's especially hard to do if you are the senior star of the team and the focus of every opposing team's defensive effort. After historic season, Megan Gustafson somehow got even better
  8. mudcat

    Is the Big 10 overrated?

    I've watched quite a few of the Big 10 games, and IMHO the only two teams that look like they should be ranked in the top 25 are MD and IA (and even IA is probably in the 18-22 range). Unlike the PAC-12 where the top 5 appear to be pretty good and beating up on each other, the Big 10 top 5...
  9. mudcat

    HELP!! What is best WBB streaming package (cost a consideration)

    What is the best package (or combination of packages) that will get me most games for under $40/month? I watch men's NCAA when it's available, but am mostly interested in the women's games.
  10. mudcat

    VA Tech upcoming schedule

    VA Tech is still undefeated (13-0), but their first five in-conference games include games against Miami, Syracuse, ND, and NCST. The only weak sister is UVA in that group. I guess we'll know how good they really are at the end of that stretch.
  11. mudcat

    OSU-West and lots of posts

    Looking at who they signed in the 2018 and 2019 classes, they have 5 recruits, 4 of whom are posts. They are also mentioned as in the running for two posts who would enter in 20-21 season. Any comments or information as to why they aren't going hard after some guards, especially given the...
  12. mudcat

    Is the US really that ignorant regarding FIBA basketball?

    This is an interesting article and, given the general insularity of the American public, may also reflect a similar insularity in the American basketball world. What say ye? Europeans mocking the WNBA 2018 Draft as it underlines the lack of global game view Stateside - Bluestar Media
  13. mudcat

    Two Nice Articles re some athletes we know

    How We Do It in the Pacific Northwest | The Players' Tribune How We Do It in Mississippi | The Players' Tribune Really enjoyed these: gave some insights into who these women are.
  14. mudcat

    Last of ESPN Top 10 Commits to Mich St.

    With the commitment of Sidney Cooks (ESPN #5, 6-4 forward) all of the ESPN top ten have made their college choices. Mich St has a good X & O coach (Suzy Marchant) but hasn't been able t consistently attract top talent.
  15. mudcat

    Big, Big Monday for Games

    What a lineup for the 14 November: 1. #3 UCONN vs. #12 FL St 2. #8 TX vs #11 Stanford 3. #4 SC vs. #7 OH St 4. #9 UCLA vs. #2 Baylor 5. #20 FL vs Chattanooga All should be exciting games: My picks are UCONN, TX, SC, Baylor and FL (I know I'm just going with the...
  16. mudcat

    Unusual Path

    Vivian Grey, the 26th ranked recruit on ESPN'S 2017 rankings has chosen to go to D2 Fort Lewis College. I don't know why, but as a graduate of a small liberal arts college myself (Grinnell) it's not a bad choice. Obviously, going to a D1 basketball factory wasn't one of her goals. By the way...
  17. mudcat

    PAC-12 Preview: UCLA picked first by coaches

    Coaches Tab UCLA to Win Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Title Pac-12 should be really competitive this year - a lot of talented first year players and how they develop could affect the results (i.e. How quickly do Oregon's talented frosh acclimate to D-1 play?). It's really hard to disagree with...
  18. mudcat

    2018 Post Player Recruiting Targets

    It looks as if we're finished with 2017 recruiting, after Megan W's decision. What about 2018 and especially the need for post players? Does anyone know the current status (re mutual interest) between UCONN and any of the following players: NaLyssa Smith, Shakira Austin, Charli Collier...
  19. mudcat

    Collier versus Nelson-Ododa

    Do we want both, or just one? And if so, which one is preferred? Looking for some opinions on this. I think Collier is more polished at the moment, but I think Nelson-Ododa has more potential (read as more athletic with the possibility of being more versatile). Nelson-Ododa appears to have...
  20. mudcat

    Interesting 2016 AAC and Dayton Recruits

    I remember a few years ago when no AAC team other than UCONN had recruits rated in the ESPN top 100: this year there are four (Dorottya Nagy, wing, #34, and Enna Pehadzi, pg, #95 to USF; Kornelia Wright, pg, #81 to UCF; Natasha Mack, post, #85 to Houston). Hopefully this trend will continue...
  21. mudcat

    She's 2019, but is interested in UCONN and top 5 in her class

    Breanna Beal seems like a UCONN type recruit (attitude wise) as well as in talent and, despite not being contacted by UCONN lists UCONN and Stanford as her favorite teams. See link below: Midwest Elite sensation Breanna Beal goes national with big-time performances
  22. mudcat

    A D-1 Scholarship After 6 Months of Playing Basketball

    Rice Owls signee Gabby Ozoude just learned how to play basketball This young lady must be freakishly talented. Can't wait to see what she does with four years of college coaching (can only hope the Rice coaches really develop her talent).
  23. mudcat

    2016-17 Post Play Worries?

    There have been many questions (and worries) raised on this forum regarding UCONN's lack of size next year. However, despite our losses in the post, I think we still match up pretty well with most of the leading contenders in WCBB, with one exception (Baylor). Stanford will also be pretty much...
  24. mudcat

    Where the talent is going......

    I'm using the MacD game as a proxy (if a biased one). Stanford, Maryland, Baylor, and Louisville are bringing in the most talent for next year. So it looks as if the strong are going to remain strong. Also means UCONN will be very young next year (0 or 1 senior starting, assuming Morgan...
  25. mudcat

    Sue Bird is leading!!

    ESPN tournament challenge:
  26. mudcat

    Big East Nostalgia

    The TOP THREE teams in the ACC are from the old Big East (ND, Lousiville, Syracuse) and it would be the top four if UCONN was there. Also HALF of the final four for the last 5 years have been UCONN & ND: Yes, the old Big East (at least in terms of the top half) was just a WBB Goliath. Just...
  27. mudcat


    On 11 Feb 22 ranked teams are playing (and some are playing each other). Right now the picture's pretty clouded, but by the end of the next two weeks we should have a much better idea of the relative strengths (or weaknesses) of the ranked teams. There's not much drama to the AAC race, but the...
  28. mudcat

    A Touching WBB Story Most of us on this board are parents: I can just imagine what the Cruz parents went through with this. Just reminds us all that there are more important things than a...
  29. mudcat

    Kia Nurse needs a pull up jumper

    Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of Kia's play: great defense, great motor, and always great effort. But I've noticed that she often gets unnecessary fouls by forcing the drive to the hoop rather than pulling up for the the mid range jumper. After reviewing some tape, I came to the...
  30. mudcat

    Health Hazard for Coaches (Does Geno yell?)

    Really interesting article about the hazzards of yelling. Found Elliot's statement about the difference between being a head coach and and assistant interesting...
  31. mudcat

    SEC Question: Who's real - GA, Miss St, or Missouri?

    All of these teams are boasting gaudy records : Missouri 12-0, GA 11-1, Miss St. 11-1 (albeit based on rather weak scheduling). The question is how they will respond once they are playing some good teams (TX A&M, KY, SC, etc.)? And don't forget that South Florida plays Miss St soon. Right...
  32. mudcat

    Sheryl Swoopes as Coach

    Some background to Loyola of Chicago's win over Depaul: although they're only 3-7, they've played Northwestern, Miami, Depaul, Michigan State, Green Bay and Georgia Tech. Quite an ambitious schedule for a team from the MVC. It will be interesting to see how they fare in the MVC and to follow...
  33. mudcat

    Where will TN finish in the SEC?

    I thought this was a much more debatable topic than where will UCONN finish in the AAC :rolleyes:. Right now there are four teams that should finish above them (SC, KY, MS ST, TX A&M) and four teams that might finish above them (FL, GA, MO, Vanderbilt). I don't see them finishing higher than...
  34. mudcat

    Undefeated Teams

    By my (rough) count, there are around 55 undefeated teams at present. Given the scheduling over the Thanksgiving holidays, there should be only around 40 left after the next 5 days. Among the interesting facts: Gardner-Webb is one of them at 4-0 (must look up who the coach is), TN plays both...
  35. mudcat

    What's Up With Aerial Powers and Michigan State?

    Aerial Power, MI State's leading scorer last season, and someone who many had picked as an AA candidate, is coming off the bench for them. Does anyone on this board know what happened and why this situation exists for arguably their most talented player? Is it disciplinary? She doesn't appear...