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  1. mudcat

    Rayah Marshall (UConn lean?)

    No insult intended, but your reply to "Subjective" is wonderfully humorous.
  2. mudcat

    20 Questions with Azzi and a future teammate ?

  3. mudcat

    The All Time Women's College Basketball Starting 5

    Too much recency effect: Small Forwards, Lynette Woodard or Cheryl Miller; Power Forward, Brianna Stewart; Center, Luisa Harris or Brittany Griner; Guard (this one is difficult), Diana Taurasi, Jackie Stiles, Sue Bird
  4. mudcat

    Coaching changes 2020

    In the other thread re Texas I suggested Bernabei-McNamee from BC. The price is right and, even though it's her first year at BC, her history suggests she would be flexible re moving.
  5. mudcat

    Karen Aston's contract NOT extended

    How about Bernabei-McNamee from BC?
  6. mudcat

    Transfer thread

    Shakira Austin from MD just entered the portal: does she fit your criteria?
  7. mudcat

    OT: Once Upon A Time or Do You Remember When?

    Radio Shows: Young Dr. Malone (my mother's favorite), Hermione Ginggold, "Jack Wertzen's (sp?) Gospel Hour every Sat night. Five cent tokens for the NYC subway. Gangs in Brooklyn (Imperial Lords and Bucaneers) and huge gang fights with zip guns and knifes. Working in Chock Full O'Nuts...
  8. mudcat

    Chicago State cancels games due to coronavirus

    Look at the records for both teams. I see this as much a cost saving vs health related decision. They haven't supported their teams for years and this is just another example.
  9. mudcat

    Conference Coaches of the Year (late season edition)

    Considering that she lost three starters (one of whom was B10 POY) Lisa Bluder could win it in that conference if they manage to finish first or second.
  10. mudcat

    Congrats to Coppin State Lady Eagles

    If they continue to play well they could really mess up the seedings in the conference tournament.
  11. mudcat

    Congrats to Coppin State Lady Eagles

    Coppin State Lady Eagles defeated UMES 66-63. They got that losing streak of their back. Now only one team with no victories. Let's hope Hartford can notch their first victory of the season soon.
  12. mudcat

    Mid-Major Player of the Year Award (Her Hoop Stats_

    Just surprised no one from Gonzaga.
  13. mudcat

    ECU Postgame Thread

    While I agree the better game statistics are a good thing, my only thought is that ECU is a 3-16 team and 0-6 in a weak conference.
  14. mudcat

    UCLA (7) @ Southern California - 1/17/20

    I don't think anyone knew UCLA's best player was going to have to sit out this game.
  15. mudcat

    Oklahoma @ West Virginia (17) - 1/15/20

    I picked OK and think they will finish no lower than 4th (possibly 3rd) in conference this year.
  16. mudcat

    Virginia Tech @ Duke - 1/12/20

    I don't know much about Herb Brooks, but I haven't seen a more confused team in many years (at the end of the game and OT), which I lay at the coaches door
  17. mudcat

    OT: Help with a dog behavior issue

    Many of the above suggestions can be useful, especially in combination. One thing re meds: research them carefully, especially in terms of effects (e.g. prozac can be an anti-anxiety drug, but it is not sedating drug; similarly, many of the sedating drugs do nothing for anxiety. Consult with...
  18. mudcat

    Drake @ Missouri St (21) - 1/10/20

    I picked MO State, but it's really a 51/49% game.
  19. mudcat

    Holiday Tournaments Question

    Are any of the WBB holiday tournaments being broadcast or streamed and, if so, where?
  20. mudcat

    HS sports participation declines (including girls' BB)

    Would think percentages rather than numbers would indicate interest. Anyone here have those stats?
  21. mudcat

    Worst strategy in basketball

    I think if it's the end of the fourth quarter, and the game might be lost with that extra possession, fine. I just think it makes much more sense at the end of quarters one, two, or three to get a good shot and play good defense at the other end.
  22. mudcat

    North Caroline will hire....

    My college in Iowa, Grinnell College, is also "needs blind": it's expensive and you need a large endowment to do it, but several do.
  23. mudcat

    AAC to ESPN+?

    Well, since I have no cable package and only get my local stations by antennae and everything else is streamed over Roku, this is a net plus for me (I already have ESPN+).
  24. mudcat

    New transfer thread

    I thought you promised to be more positive........:D
  25. mudcat

    Another paean to Taurasi's greatness

    Among other amazing shooting exploits, she is the only WNBA player to have over 100 threes since the league moved the three point line back. Diana Taurasi set the bar for shooting in 2006, and almost reached it again 12 years later.
  26. mudcat

    Next year's team

    Forgive my editing of your reply: I don't see very many strong teams next year, excepting Baylor, Oregon and possibly Oregon State, that are clearly better than UCONN. Barring injury, they should easily be in the top ten and probably in the top six. When I look at the overall WBB scene next...
  27. mudcat

    Next year's team

    Mikayla doesn't have to be an offensive dynamo, the playing time she gets now is based on her defense. Just being offensively adequate (hitting the short open shot) would give her significantly more playing time, IMHO.
  28. mudcat

    2020/21 UConn Recruiting

    Tuck looked THIN???? What woman were you looking at?
  29. mudcat

    This accomplishment by UCONN women's basketball rivals the 11 national championships, IMHO

    Interesting article, particularly regarding the difference in achievement between men's and women's teams. Grad rates for women’s teams in NCAA tournament are exceptional
  30. mudcat

    Just sounds like a wonderful young lady as well as an incredible athlete

    Fran Belibi made the under 16 team for the US only 21 months after starting to play basketball. An incredible talent. Fran Belibi and her dunking dilemma
  31. mudcat

    Sunday (3/17) games: Seven final tickets to punch

    I think both Ohio and Tenn are safely in - I think TCU and UCF should be sweating bullets. And out of the SEC I pick Auburn over Ark.
  32. mudcat

    Final 8 Teams in Consideration for the Tournament

    That's not the point: right now, based on the criteria the committee has traditionally used for selection, they should be (and probably are) in.
  33. mudcat

    Coach of Year

    The only problem with finishing 4th in the Big 10 is that the Big 10 (like the SEC) is pretty mediocre once you get past the top 2 teams. I really think this year we could see some notable runs in the NCAA tournament by some non-power 5 teams (providing they can get in). I don't think the SEC...
  34. mudcat

    Marisa's Terriers

    Especially since they were picked to finish next to last in polls by both the media and coaches.