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  1. Husky1972

    APR Results Out

    With Good results: 'The UConn Huskies' teams passed the APR requirements with flying colors. The NCAA released APR scores for 2014-2015, with UConn's teams receiving high marks. Football had its highest single-year score ever, 990, with a multi-year score of 969. Men's Basketball's multi-year...
  2. Husky1972

    One and Dones...Am I Missing Something or Are a Lot of Others?

    I keep reading on all of the recruiting threads where posters have heartburn with recruiting top tier players that are likely "One and Dones" for next year's (2015) class. Everything I've seen indicates that this year's incoming class (2014) is likely the last to be able to enter the draft...
  3. Husky1972

    USAToday: Boatright Among Top 5 Impact Players Forgoing NBA

    Behind Louisville's Harrell & Wisconsin's Kaminsky: 3. Ryan Boatright, UConn: Playing in a backcourt with Shabazz Napier can have its pros and cons. We'll find out in 2014-15 how Boatright can operate without an All-American complementing him. In many ways, this could be a chance for Boatright...
  4. Husky1972

    Bilas Has Us at #12 Next Year 12. Connecticut Huskies After winning a title, and when the Huskies answered the bell every time they were doubted, it seems odd not to have UConn at No. 1...
  5. Husky1972

    KO Coming Up on WFAN

    So says Mike Francesa.
  6. Husky1972

    BC Not Getting Amaker Harvard men’s basketball coach Tommy Amaker has announced that he will remain at the university after being courted by Boston College...
  7. Husky1972

    NC State Losing It's Point Guard: Another Transfer

    CBS Sports: "Just days after losing super scorer T.J. Warren, North Carolina State is also losing its point guard. Sophomore Tyler Lewis has decided to transfer...
  8. Husky1972

    Borges Talks to Govan's AAU Coach .....we passed the time by getting in contact with Dana Dingle, the former UMass standout. No, not to talk about his nationally-ranked Minutemen, but rather about Jessie Govan, the 6-foot-10 Class of 2015...
  9. Husky1972

    Borges Article: Terry Larrier 'On the Fence' Between UConn, VCU

    Sounds like Terry Larrier, the 6-foot-7 small forward out of the Bronx, is legitimately torn between UConn and VCU. "I think he's on the fence," said Jeremy Pridgen, who coaches and trains Larrier's AAU team, Team SCAN. "If he could give half of himself to one, half of himself to the other...
  10. Husky1972

    Great New DirecTV Feature for Sports Fans - DoublePlay

    I posted this on the other DirecTV board, but some may have by-passed that particular question. I just discovered a new feature that will change my Football Sundays and a lot of other watching as well. In case you hadn't discovered it: They just introduced a feature (DoublePlay-Watch) where...
  11. Husky1972

    Kevin Ollie Could "Get the Dog Out' of Quentin Snider if he Chooses UConn

    "Quentin Snider had a phone conversation with Kevin Ollie last night, and he liked what he heard, according to his father, Scott."
  12. Husky1972

    Well, At Least Somebody's Happy To Be In The AAC No Memphis Blues in the American Athletic Conference "Memphis does seem to be excited to be a part of this new conference, so that's kind of refreshing to see."
  13. Husky1972

    Blaudschun Dig At Susan Herbst

    Can those informed enlighten me as to what the negative comment about UConn's President is supposed to mean? "the old Big East, which will officially be re-named the American Athletic Conference on July 1, was making some internal moves that were beyond stupid...
  14. Husky1972

    Calamari Looking For Undefeated Season

    Today's USAToday
  15. Husky1972

    Atlantic City Reportedly Now Under Consideration For AAC Tournament

    "American Athletic Conference officials will also begin their spring meetings next week in Florida, with a logo for the newly named conference, plus the sites of the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments the primary items on the agenda…Memphis and Philadelphia remain the leading contenders...
  16. Husky1972

    Big East Really Has Its Act Together....Not! Quite a bashing of the Catholic 7, uh, Big East organization, or lack thereof. Plus, mentions that the AAC Tournament site is expected to be announced next week. And, when you go to...
  17. Husky1972

    Looking Forward to AAC First Tournament....Where Will It Be

    Mark Blaudschun covered college basketball for the Boston Globe for 25 years and provided what I thought was fair and balanced coverage. Now he has his own blog , and with his connections and inside knowledge, I find it informative/interesting. eg. He had a good take on the...