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  1. Hankster


    Unranked Michigan wins the battle over Gonzaga. A commanding win I might add. Congrats Juan Howard. Gonzaga and Michigan were there with us. Hopefully we get back there soon. Good times. What a start of the CB year with unranked small schools showing muscle. speaking of other games. Michigan is...
  2. Hankster

    Watching Memphis

    They got some bigs. Blocking machine so far. Excellent rebounding. So far. Watched Temple NC game. Good game but not that impresses.
  3. Hankster

    Two Tix UCF Orlando

    I have 2 tickets for UConn at UCF in Orlando. Section 114 Row P seats 1&2. Behind UConn bench. In addition, you are allowed to go underneath to the Black and Gold room where they serve free small buffet and a cash bar. My son lives in Savannah and I fly down and attend UConn UCF games. It seems...
  4. Hankster

    Interesting Stat

    Well for me anyway. I enjoy reading the Yard. Full of great information. Some on here do incredible research for statistics. I find them interesting. Lately I have been curious of our three defections last year. So, I looked them up. Really digging for info is not my cup of tea anymore. Comes...
  5. Hankster


    I know we are playing good round ball. Football season is over. I didn't see i tposted anywhere, Giants let Cruz go along with Rashad Jennings. A sad day for me anyway. However I realize it is business. They did treat Cruz real good for 2 years. Jennings I don't know. I have to read on. I will...
  6. Hankster

    Tournament Nov 2017?

    If this was already posted here I do apologize. I was excited for a tournament next year but this is huge. Tried to make it out for tickets, sounds like 16 teams, two arenas big bucks for entire tournament.. However, I think games are being played at the same time. Again, hope it wasn't already...
  7. Hankster

    Realistically Patient and Enjoying.

    I am surprised at myself that I am not throwing a pillow at the TV and screaming profanity like years before. Well 3 top notch freshman out for the year, 3 freshman thrown to the wolves. Some of these freshman probably played in front of a screaming crowd of 500. The cheerleaders probably the...
  8. Hankster

    Have a great thanksgiving

  9. Hankster

    I hope I am wrong about the G-Men

    I know way early for a Giants post. What else to talk about prior to November. Actually I cannot wait for November. Presently while I type this, the Giants are in the waning minutes of their great showing against the Bills. Please spare me, I know, it is preseason. Still, I have never seen a...
  10. Hankster

    After the NC,what to do. (ramblings)

    Watching the pups makes my winter go bye quick. My favorite TV time. But, now what. I used to be huge baseball fan for years. Going to Yankee Stadium, and watching A-AAA baseball during my travels. Travel days are over. Cannot seem to engage in baseball anymore. Even watching golf is starting...
  11. Hankster

    Channel for game?

    Shows game at 7:30 but does not list channel as of this morning at 5:20 am. Strange. I would think this one should be on national CBS.
  12. Hankster

    Now it's Temple

    Another team that can match baskets and rain threes. Hopefully the guys get some rest. 3:0o in the afternoon comes early. WTG pups, bring your A game again. Coaches better hit the books. This win will bring confidence.
  13. Hankster

    Figuring out UCF

    I have confidence in our boys. This game in my opinion only, is not a shoe in. UCF will get their points in the paint,. I remember McBride from last year who came off the bench. Not this year. Miller has his hands full. So will Nolan or Facey. Without looking at stats seems McBride is not bad...
  14. Hankster

    Is game on? Delayed

    Game on CBS. But not showing. Freaking weather guys talking. Is the game on? No cancellation on ESPN info.
  15. Hankster

    Seriously, is Brimah

    the missing link? By him being out, is he the difference maker? Is it that bad without him? Cannot figure it out.
  16. Hankster

    #23 in the AP

    How sweet it is. They deserved it. Beef that up with a trouncing of Temple. I am proud of these guys the past week.
  17. Hankster

    OT-Promise last giants post.

    It seemed only fitting that another tipped for interception (and score) end the season for the Gints. .Fox was really keying in on Coaches family. Before, during and after game. The whole family with the same T-Shirts. Somebody trying to send a message? This team always found a way to let the...
  18. Hankster

    Temple over Cincy

    Looks like Temple is going to be a pain in the ar se like last year.
  19. Hankster

    So much for the Giants

    Sadly this may be the last thread on the G-Men. I thought Philly had a chance last night. Anyway, "There is always next year". Should be interesting to see what transpires in the off season. Or, immediately following the last game. A strange year indeed. Now, bring on our dogs! Off to Texas!
  20. Hankster

    OT-How many recieved gifts prior Xmas.

    Saw a friend of mine yesterday and asked was Santa goof to you. The reply was yes. She told me what she had received. Looking puzzled I reminded her that is what she got last week. She looked and answered "So"? As the visiting day went on, I discovered a few more. I guess I am still old fashion.
  21. Hankster

    OT-Was that the Giants last night?

    That had to be other players in Giants uniform. Did not recognize the defense. Offense came out second half with something called a run game. More amazing, I was able to stay up for the whole game. A feat I was not able to duplicate for many years. Sadly, I am afraid fans are going to start...
  22. Hankster

    Relaxing and wondering

    Kicking back and recapping my day in sports. Basketball of course. I know. Still early to discuss rankings. However I still have to wonder if the AP will treat Syracuse the same way going down. After winning in Atlantis they shot The Orange from the cellar to #14. After losing two games by the...