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  1. Gregory Koch

    TV Broadcast on CBS

    There are 25 minutes until we tip, and the Florida-Kentucky game on CBS just had the Under-16 timeout. No way it's finished by 2:00. Any idea if they'll cut to tip of the UConn game on Connecticut stations or if there's somewhere else we can watch it? (Presumably they wouldn't cut away from the...
  2. Gregory Koch

    How long until.....

    USF Basketball gets a postseason ban because Stan Heath gave his son money and paid for his expenses while recruiting him?
  3. Gregory Koch

    Chrome Says This Site Has Malware

    When I've clicked on several posts on this site, Google Chrome halts me and tells me they have malware and I have to bypass them manually. Do we really have malware here? If not, how do I make it stop?
  4. Gregory Koch

    If only....

    If our offense and special teams were even average this season, we'd be 3-0 right now. And we'd be winning this game too. Our defense has been playing very well throughout the year, although has had a tough time with the offense and special teams giving them great field position. Buffalo has 28...
  5. Gregory Koch

    Known UConn Games for 2013, Olympic Sports and Basketball

    Here are all the known UConn schedule games for 2013-2014 that I could find, in Olympic sports and basketball. If you know of any others, reply here. I will update the list as I find more. These were compiled from various information on the internet, including already-announced schedules of...
  6. Gregory Koch

    Women's Basketball Matchups for next year

    Look at As we await confirmation of the anticipated demise of the Big East Conference, or at least as we once knew it, here is some information about how the 2013-14 will stack up for the UConn women. Once again, this...
  7. Gregory Koch

    Known Schedule for 2012-13

    I have compiled a list of known UConn Basketball Games for 2012-13 on my blog, here. As of now, here's what we know - if you want updates, bookmark the post and I'll update it when I know more Men's Basketball: Friday, November 9: vs. Michigan State at Ramstein AFB, Germany, TBD (source)...
  8. Gregory Koch

    Jokes about llamas

    A llama walks into the bar and Orders beer. The bartender says "a talking llama?" The llamas who ride shall be named mountain. The last one is funnier in Spanish.
  9. Gregory Koch

    Current or Former Huskies in the Olympics

    Here are some current or former Huskies in the Olympics this summer. Are there any I'm missing? Geno Auriemma (Women's Basketball, USA Coach) Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Tina Charles, Maya Moore, Diana Taurasi (USA Women's Basketball) Phylicia George (Track, Canada) Melissa Gonzalez (USA Field...
  10. Gregory Koch

    Known UConn Basketball games for next year

    See my blog at I already posted this in another forum, but that was before all the fall sports and hockey announced their full schedules. So scroll down a bit. I'll update it regularly
  11. Gregory Koch

    Just ran into Pasqualoni

    Literally. I was walking towards South Dining Hall because I'm taking summer courses, and it started to pour, so I started running so I didn't get as wet. When I finally reached the building and ran in to dryness, I crashed into HCPP, who was standing near the entrance waiting for his football...
  12. Gregory Koch

    NBA Draft and APR

    I read somewhere that the leaving early for the draft exemption only happens if you get a guaranteed NBA contract based on your draft position. Multiple sources confirm this, however some say it must be a lottery pick and others say it just has to be a first round pick. Jeremy Lamb is a...
  13. Gregory Koch

    Possibly Known UConn Games for Next Year in Soccer, FH, and Hoops

    If you read my blog at it will show you known games for next season in whatever sports I could find information on. I will update it as we go along. Although UConn has released no schedules except possibly women's...
  14. Gregory Koch

    Word association

    Here's how it works. Someone (me) starts by saying a word (or short phrase thing like "dog biscuit"). Then, someone replies and quotes the person and says another word/short phrase related to it and so on. Do a quote in case we cross-post. Reply to the last thread and don't reply to yourself...
  15. Gregory Koch

    By the letter of the law, the NCAA is right on Boatright....

    There's no doubt in my mind what Boatright's mom did was against the rules, and that, by rule, Boatright should be declared ineligible. However, to quote Charles Dickens, "the law is an ass". The fact that the NCAA considers it identical whether Boatright's mom took $100 from a friend who...
  16. Gregory Koch

    Question about NCAA Policy

    My understanding of the fickle NCAA rules for student-athletes is that if any athlete's image is used for commercial purposes, then that athlete is rendered ineligible. Normally, the NCAA will allow the school to get it removed, but then if it's not, then the athlete is ineligibized (see...
  17. Gregory Koch

    Prior to Saturday...

    What was the last time our men's and women's teams lost on the same day?
  18. Gregory Koch

    Testing in IE 8

    It works.... Hopefully.
  19. Gregory Koch

    Testing in Chrome

    Yes! I am using chrome now and it lets me post!
  20. Gregory Koch

    UConn Sports Roundup, November 12th

    Original post here Men's Soccer: We're on to the Big East Final! We defeated Louisville 1-0 yesterday thanks to a perfect strike from distance off the foot of Stephane Diop in the 81st minute. We will face St. John's in the final tomorrow at noon. That game is available nationally on CBS Sports...
  21. Gregory Koch

    UConn Weekend Preview 11/11-11/13

    A big weekend coming up. Big East Soccer Championship, opening rounds for Field Hockey NCAA Tournament, and of course, BASKETBALL OPENING NIGHT!!!!!! Let's take a look. Original post is here Men's Soccer: The Big East Championship semifinal is tonight at 5:00 PM against Louisville. That game...
  22. Gregory Koch

    UConn Huskies 11/9 Roundup

    Original post here The Huskies will host a regional as the #3 overall seed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will host Princeton at 11:30 AM on Saturday, to be followed by Northeastern vs. Penn State. A webstream of both games will be available on All-Access for FREE! The winners meet on Sunday to go to the...
  23. Gregory Koch

    Uconn Sports Roundup, November 7tgh

    Original post here Men's Soccer: The Huskies advanced to the Big East semifinals by defeating Rutgers, 3-1. The Scarlet Knights led 1-0 at halftime, but UConn battled back to win 3-1. Things got a bit chippy at the end with perhaps some punches being thrown. No word yet on suspensions. In any...
  24. Gregory Koch

    Uconn Sports Roundup, November 4th

    Yes. It's not too long. Original post here includes a bit of football analysis too. Men's Soccer: The Huskies dominated DePaul in the Big East first round, 4-0. UConn outshot the Blue Demons 26-4 and Carlos Alvarez added two goals, including one on a penalty kick. And frankly, this could have...
  25. Gregory Koch

    Uconn Sports Roundup November 3rd

    Original post at here also includes basketball analysis, but due to character limit I am omitting it here. Men's Soccer: The first round of the Big East Tournament will be tonight at 6:00 PM at Morrone Stadium. The Huskies will host DePaul. With a win, we will face off on Sunday afternoon at...
  26. Gregory Koch

    Uconn Sports Roundup, November 1st

    Original post here. Men's Soccer: The men will take on DePaul in the opening round of the Big East Tournament on Thursday at a time TBA. With a win, the Huskies would move to the quarterfinals and face Rutgers on the road on Sunday at 1:00 PM. The Thursday game will be on WHUS. We just have to...
  27. Gregory Koch

    Uconn Sports Roundup, October 29th

    Snow in October? Come on, man! But for now, it's the UConn Sports Roundup. Original post here Field Hockey: The Huskies clinched the Big East regular season title outright with a 5-0win over Rutgers yesterday. Anne Jeute scored two goals, and Rayell Heistand, Jestine Angelini, and Marie Elena...
  28. Gregory Koch

    1180 Character Limit

    Where did that come from all of a sudden? And why? That gives us at best 170 or so words per post, which is about 15-25 sentences. That prevents any sort of lengthy discussion. _______________ For the record, the above text contains four sentences, 34 words, and 177 characters. In terms of...
  29. Gregory Koch

    Uconn Huskies Roundup October 28th, 2011

    Original post here Men's Ice Hockey: The Huskies defeated Holy Cross, 4-2, in the Atlantic Hockey opener home opener. Garret Bartus had 26 saves in the victory, and Billy Latta added the game-winner. Brant Harris, Cody Sharib, and Cole Schneider added goals for the Huskies. They improve to...
  30. Gregory Koch

    Uconn Sports Roundup October 26th

    Original thread here. Men's Soccer: The Huskies fell to #5 in the nation following a tough week.That's still pretty good though. Tonight, they will face off with Marquette in their final home game of the year, at 7:30 PM. The Huskies are currently in second place in the Blue Division, four...
  31. Gregory Koch

    UConn Sports Update, October 23rd

    Original post here. Men's Soccer: On Senior Night, the #1 Huskies took on the Georegtown Hoyas in a crucial Big East Blue Division showdown. However, in spite of outshooting GU 18-8, UConn managed only ascoreless draw. Sure, we had plenty of opportunities. A lot of shots seemed to sail just...
  32. Gregory Koch

    UConn Sports Update, October 21st

    Let's take a look ahead to the weekend. The football team is off, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything going on. Original post here Women's Ice Hockey: The Huskies open up their Hockey East schedule at home tonight as they face the Maine Black Bears. The Huskies are 0-4-2 while the Black...
  33. Gregory Koch

    UConn Sports Roundup, October 20th, 2011

    Read the original post here Field Hockey: The #4 Huskies defeated Boston University under the lights, 2-1. UConn improves to 14-1 on the year. Anne Jeute scored a goal for the Huskies early, and Chloe Hunnable added the game-winner in the 39th minute. Next up is the biggest game of the regular...
  34. Gregory Koch

    UConn-'Cuse Rivalry and Reallignment (Lighter Side)

    With Syracuse jumping to the ACC, but UConn unlikely to follow suit, this will likely end one of the greatest basketball rivalries in the Big East. Huskies and Oranges alike, please join protesting forces in an effort to preserve this storied rivalry. BEFORE every game, all UConn fans will...
  35. Gregory Koch

    UConn Sports Roundup October 18th

    Original post is here Men's Soccer: The 13-0-1 and #1 ranked men's soccer team will head to Morgantown tonight to face #23 West Virginia. Kick-off is 7:00 PM. The Mountaineers are tied for third in the Big East Blue Division, and are 3-2-0 in Big East play (7-5-1 overall). that game will be on...