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    No Ads

    Am a Donor and seeing ads. My account shows that I can "Upgrade" for $30.
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    Anecdotal Update on Andre Jackson

    This was a very informative thread until you decided to bring it back on topic. I didn't know any of that stuff and I stay at Holiday Inns regularly. Well, not really, maybe I should start.
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    Opening night ticket Gampel

    That is the commemorative poster & ticket that were both handed out at the game. I had them both framed as you show here, but also had my actual game tickets included in the framed result. Before framing, I took my then 7 year-old daughter around with the poster to the players and coaches...
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    Rough night for Hurley

    And it's a shame that a very nice performance by Akok was lost in the mess our guards provided. Carlton was pretty good, too. So, the front court play which is supposed to be the weakness, was ruined by the play of our "strength", the backcourt. Appears that while one is improving and...
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    Andre Jackson has the best hops in UConn history

    And for a little guy, Karl Hobbs could really elevate
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    Three Takeaways – St. Joe's edition

    • A hoist up the first shot that shows, no need to look for better options Offense • Chase after 'em but don't get in their way Defense • "OK it's yours" Rebounding • A coach who appears OK with it all (remember the old days with timeouts @ 19:30 of the 1st half? The "Hook"?) The above isn't...
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    2020 Recruiting: Javonte Brown-Ferguson Announcement Date

    Or like momentarily having thought you might get a Shih Tzu instead of a Husky, but now the Husky is back in the lead
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    Andre Jackson to UConn

    On a day like this I think of Calhoun, too. A lot. As much as things crumbled, we still have Gampel, the Werth Center, 4 Championship banners hanging from the ceiling, jerseys of NBA stars, and a fiery coach that wants to build on all of it. I'll never forget how Calhoun made all that...
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    SNY question

    If you have DirecTV, you can get the Sports package for about $13 per month and watch SNY. I watch the games on it in Maryland
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    Penny Hardaway Quote On Kyvon Davenport

    One interest I’ve had in sports is what makes the successful coaches successful. Obviously, Calhoun was a great study. Then you have guys like Geno, Parcells, and Belichick. What’s pertinent to this thread is that when Belichick is interested in a player, he is noted for looking beyond...
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    Ignore content has been re-installed

    Never knew it existed. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you
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    Anthony Harris OV October TBD

    1) What school was the other guy recruiting him to? 2) Not reporting spousal abuse getting you administrative leave, I get; shouldn't killing a man result in something a little harsher? Must be without pay.....
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    Jeff Jacobs: UConn AD Benedict speaks after rattling Boneyard

    You are correct, I am not aware of the “major” point system changes or all the current rules. I gave up our tickets in 2006 when we retired and sold our CT house (Mansfield) and ended up between Hawaii and Vermont during football and basketball seasons. What you are presenting as the current...
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    Jeff Jacobs: UConn AD Benedict speaks after rattling Boneyard

    The system never adjusted to add points for season tickets in other sports, years of giving, etc. Those were all there from day one. The UConn Club started in the 80’s, membership was $25 dollars a year. The UConn Athletic Development Foundation came along a few years later based on a points...
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    Lobster Roll in CT

    I’m late to this lobster thread, and though I haven’t eaten any lobster in 40+ years, I thought I’d chip in. Growing up in Mystic, my first job was at Abbott’s in Noank. I remember Ernie Abbott the founder and owner hiring me and saying “the government says I have to pay you a man’s wage of...
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    Statement from KO

    Funny how what goes around, comes around. Maybe JC should have talked to Dom Perno. GM blasted Perno and UConn when he bolted for JC at Northeastern (his first choice, Pitino at BU was out of scholarships). GM said lots of stuff at the time, which wasn't surprising given what I had heard of...
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    DiMauro: Ollie did enough wrong to warrant his firing by UConn

    Yes, I did. With several other "contributors", as well. Being busy and coming in a little late to the "Olliegate" chronicles consisting of several related threads with multiple pages, I have found that liberal use of the "Ignore" button results in much more fluid and interesting reading, and...
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    Paul Mulcahy announcing tomorrow

    Not wrong about them as players, but as fans we have no way of knowing what the “fit” will be based on other factors. Even the coaches don’t until they get to school. I was told even before the season started, that LeBlanc would likely be gone at the end the year if there weren’t significant...
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    Aidan Igiehon

    The only way this thread relates to basketball is that it qualifies for course credit at UNC
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    Please put your ludicrous head coach suggestions here ←←←

    Mark Cuban Recruits via Shark Tank style reality show on location at the Dairy Bar
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    OT: Mystic CT Hotel

    Also used to be a Sheraton in 1973. How do I know? I was the head bartender (short-term gig after graduating from UConn and then Duke Antone's School of Mixology, Farmington Ave., Hartford). My most famous customer was Steve Kuberski, last Celtic to wear #33 before Larry Bird.
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    OT: Mystic CT Hotel

    I stay at Hilton properties (just booked the Hilton Garden Inn @ Preston for Friday) and noticed that they just opened the Hampton Inn Norwich, 2.5 miles from Norwich. Since it is new, it probably isn't as booked as other places in the area. Might give that a try. Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel...
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    OT: Has anyone ever tried mono vision contacts or surgery?

    What is your source for offering this information? I had Lasik in 1999 at age 49. Just had a complete vision exam last month, 1 result being 20-20 in both eyes. The ophthalmologist commented: "Everything with the Lasik looks great" (not the ophthalmologist who did the surgery) 18 years...
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    Jalen Carey top six coming out tonight

    Right. They like to get the recruits to a football game if they can. He arrives on the 30th, the 1st game of the season is the next night at Rentschler.
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    Maine suggestions?

    Much more than an hour. Plan on two hours. Rockport is a minimum of 45 mins. for me in one direction and Bar Harbor is 1 1/4 hour the other way, and I'm right off Route 1. But the drive is worth it.
  26. Husky1972

    Maine suggestions?

    Wow, Chief, you really do have some good info at times. Pat's in Orono still is exactly like it was when I first frequented in '73. I summer mid-coast (Stockton Springs) and go there at least a couple of times a month. Superjohn, if you go to the properly recommended Acadia, you can also...
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    Waters Signed With LSU

    Both my kids went to E. O. Smith which is basically on campus. My son swam in the UConn pool for 12 years, typically coached by the UConn assistant swim coach; my daughter lives and dies UConn basketball and went to every game with me until leaving E.O. At 35 she watches every minute of every...
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    Pikiell/Hobbs working Vance (or vice versa)

    "VJ was handed the golden egg but he and/or his father thought he deserved platinum" Then it follows that they expected he would end up at a platinum program. As Bill Parcells used to say, "You are what your record says you are...". Looks like the record is going to say that Rutgers is...
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    Poll on the Football Forum Re: Coach Diaco

    There is typically an AAC team in the top 25 every week, probably since it formed . Often more than one. Early on Central Florida was in the top 10, they finished at #12 for 2014. Last year, Houston finished week 12 at #14 and Navy #19. The USAToday Coaches Poll this morning has Navy at #20...
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    I'd be in on that. After 30 years of season tickets, I had to give them up when I left the area upon retiring in '06. Now we are in Southern Maryland at that time of the year and I planned to give my daughter a ticket for XMass and take her to the game (she went to the games with me for 15...
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    APR Results Out

    With Good results: 'The UConn Huskies' teams passed the APR requirements with flying colors. The NCAA released APR scores for 2014-2015, with UConn's teams receiving high marks. Football had its highest single-year score ever, 990, with a multi-year score of 969. Men's Basketball's multi-year...
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    SF Vance Jackson (Signed LOI on 11/11)

    There is no way of telling what Vance is going to turn out to based on some video people have watched. Even after plenty of in-person scouting the pros don't know what they are getting in a player until they show up and start playing. I submit as an example the Celtics, who this year...
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    Semi- L'Ville Basketball and Escorts for Players

    If this stuff goes on at all the schools as some have indicated, maybe not paid, it can't be a major deciding factor. Otherwise, having lived there for 6 years, U of Hawaii would be a perennial contender. Well, then again there is that Chaminade over Virginia thing........