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  1. Hankster

    Best blocked shot in UConn history

    I was in Philly watching our guys versus Nova. Seconds to go, we are up one. Nova drives to the hoop and Emeka blocks it as time ran out. I was shaking the whole drive home. Only an hour and 15. Wasn't bad.
  2. Hankster

    Air Fryers

    Wow, am I late on this topic. I bought one. Very good on. Bought it in Bed Bath and Beyond. Used it once. Cleaned it, put it back in the box and it is sitting on a shelf in the garage. You want it? Free. Shipping free. I need the room. Supposed to be a new healthy approach. My opinion. Food...
  3. Hankster

    Sorry but need help now more than ever, Best Frozen Pizza?

    Costco near me carried Mystic Pizza (cheese). They could not keep up with it. Flying out of the freezer. I was one of the customers who bought them on a regular basis. Even though it was plain pizza, we would dress it with mushrooms pepper, or what ever each person wanted. Well worth the money...
  4. Hankster

    Looking for something to watch? Look no further!

    I enjoyed the _______out this. Thank you.
  5. Hankster

    OT: Jim Beam hand sanitizers on the way

    Same here in Lebanon County PA
  6. Hankster

    Boredom Relief

    I make sure that happens anyway. The virus has nothing with it. lol
  7. Hankster

    Happy Birthday CV

    Belated Happy B'Day CV and again, congrats on a great career. See you in the Pro's.
  8. Hankster

    losing my dad

    Very sorry for your loss.Your story is very familiar to me. My dad also went the same way.Sharp mind failing body. We also talked UConn and politics. UConn talk went great, however I was Republican and he a Democrat so it got semi heated sometimes. lol. Great memories.
  9. Hankster

    What are you doing to get over not having a tourney to watch?

    Exactly. Here Hershey, PA we have had very mild weather this winter. I am sure everyone else has also. Monday was excellent. I swear half the county called in sick. lol
  10. Hankster

    NCAA tournament update

    You have the best of both worlds. Wow Siggi and Irish, do you argue with yourself much? LOL
  11. Hankster

    NCAA tournament update

    My son owns a Italian restaurant in Savannah. He was wondering what is going to happen. Well the mayor cancelled the the St. Patty's parade. However, it is still a huge draw. There still will be thousands roaming the city. So?
  12. Hankster

    What time do they play on Thursday?

    I hope no 9:00 pm games that start at 9:30. Please not now.
  13. Hankster

    Big East feel today

    I live an hour and 15 from Philly. I have attended every UConn game in Philly. The place was rocking like it was a championship game. Packed house going crazy. It was a sight to see the buses from CT rolling in the parking lot. When we scored the place was insane. I was starting to wonder if I...
  14. Hankster


    It seemed everyone we played goes to the hoop. AND scores. Trying to think a couple of games ago. They were driving against us easily. So going after our two big's is not a surprise. Teams have been doing it all year. I think Bouk will get involved on those drives. Didn't he get a couple of goal...
  15. Hankster

    Update on my wife.

    Absolutely heartbreaking. Both of you are in my thoughts. This is the first I heard of it.
  16. Hankster

    ESPN hates us

    Actually we are making headlines on the ESPN NCAAM homepage. Since this team has really shot up ESPN was showing 3-4 articles with vids. Haven't seen that in years.
  17. Hankster


    I never was a fan in small ball. 3 guards maybe.But 4?Your right it is working. We talk about bigs, Bouk is a rebound maniac. It seems at times he and CV were having a contest.
  18. Hankster

    The Mona Lisa would have been a great painting if she only smiled

    So did I. Saw her at Worlds Fair NYC.
  19. Hankster

    UConn Men going overseas

    Thanks for the itinerary link. Been to all those places. Spent 5 years in Europe. A tour to the beach in Glyfada is great. That is where everyone hangs out. A couple of miles down the road. Get Bat called Bobbys. I forget if it was Bobbys 1 or two. I am thinking of doing this.
  20. Hankster

    Playing Without Akok

    I am sure I am wrong but I do believe tournaments want exciting teams. We are the most exciting in the AAC for sure, and one of the top 5 in the nation. Nobody wants a dull tournament. Our losses are the most exciting I have seen this year. LOL Has to be worth something.
  21. Hankster


    And yet they are #7. Hasn't all their losses come from the unranked? I haven't looked but I bet it is close. With 5 or 6 losses they still make it to the top 10. They MAY drop come Monday. Maybe to #8. OR go up to #6.It's Duke.
  22. Hankster

    UConn -8 vs. UCF

    Hope so, they had our number home and away for the last couple of years.
  23. Hankster

    Bracketology Discussion

    It doesn't look good for UNC to make the dance this year. And as I keep looking at it, they might not make the NIT.
  24. Hankster

    Bouknight fouls

    I am thinking AG should be working with him on the defensive movement.
  25. Hankster

    We need Josh for 25 minutes today

    the season is close to 90% over. Wake up?
  26. Hankster

    This team has great chemistry!

    I have been watching the league all season. Temple beats us, EUC beats Temple. All week there have been upsets. If we had only taken care of business we would be sitting high. It is going to be exciting throwing down in the Big East. However, people say the AAC is worthless is beyond me this...
  27. Hankster


    If I am not mistaken, that Euro kid Josh's lunch and dinner last game.
  28. Hankster

    Bouknight shot down 71-73

    The shame is a couple of big upsets the day before. We could of taken advantage of that.
  29. Hankster

    Can You Imagine...

    ESPN with that split screen. I wanted to saw my TV in half.
  30. Hankster


    and he is getting better!!!
  31. Hankster

    Not Losing Sleep

    Thanks for reminding me of that GM game. Does anybody know if that Ref made it to his car alive?
  32. Hankster

    Live ball turnovers

    Not to mention a desperation off balance three to tie it under a minute to go.
  33. Hankster

    1 Point Favorite Tomorrow

    Temple at home just might go unconscious on us. Hope fully it doesn't rain three's.
  34. Hankster


    I agree about being a trap game. Yesterday was full of upsets. We are not looking that bad now. WE have a lite schedule coming up. We need to really concentrate on ALL games. No shoe in games in the ACC of late.