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    We’re what, a collective few possessions away from wins over Xavier, Indiana, WSU, Villanova, and Houston? It’s not fun watching our team lose, but we’re a lot closer to being a great team than we are to doomed. Hurley is turning this program around. Be patient. It’s frustrating to lose like...
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    Fouls in the post

    Carlton, Akok, and Whalley go for a combined 2 fouls. What a massive difference from the past few years.
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    ESPN3 Feed

    Anyone else have screwed up audio?
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    Halftime adjustments

    Didn't realize we held Lykes to 0 in the second half. Scored an easy 7 on us, left the game with two PFs, was ready to come back hot in the second half. Great coaching by Hurley, great gameplan adjustment.
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    Love this team. So much upside. I don't see many people talking about the huge improvements we've made in the PF column. We're drawing way more than previous years, and committing far fewer. A truly changed team in that regard.
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    Kentucky loses at home to Evansville

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    OT: If you lived on campus, where did you live?

    Got this idea from another thread. Thought it would be a good summer thread. Did my freshman year at SCSU, then: 08-09 Alumni; Watson, 4th Floor 09-10 Busby; 237 or 247, somewhere around there. 10-11 Charter Oak; Hough, 101
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    Moving to Fairfield County

    Just got a job offer and will be moving back to CT. Mrs. Krinkle and I will be moving to Fairfield county. We're hoping to land in Blackrock in Bridgeport but if anyone comes across a cool, pet friendly apartment from Norwalk to Bridgeport, or have any other useful advice, let me know! So...
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    Frank Howard

    I'm confused, I didn't hear him mentioned tonight. Did he play?
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    Deadspin: Kevin Ollie's Fight With UConn Heating Up I'm getting particularly sick of the "They didn't fire Calhoun and he did worse things!" line of thinking. Different people, different eras, different contracts. Also, if a contract has a clause that you may be fired...
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    Are we about to go on a 6 game losing streak?

    Probably! Here's our upcoming schedule: 1/16: @ Memphis 1/20: vs. Villanova 1/25: vs. SMU 1/28: @ Temple 1/31: @ UCF 2/3: vs. Cincinnati 2/7: vs. USF The only team worse than us on this list, going by Kenpom, is Memphis. But obviously we're playing on the road where we're a disaster, and...
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    Are we about to go on a 7 game losing streak?

    Probably! Here's our upcoming schedule: 1/13: @ Tulane 1/16: @ Memphis 1/20: vs. Villanova 1/25: vs. SMU 1/28: @ Temple 1/31: @ UCF 2/3: vs. Cincinnati 2/7: vs. USF The only team worse than us on this list, going by Kenpom, is Memphis. But obviously we're playing on the road where we're a...
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    Checking in courtside

    Guys look good. Look loose. All smiles. Let’s get that win today
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    Anyone going to the Auburn game?

    Just picked up my tickets. It looks like Auburn shuts down the student section for games when kids are on break and sell those as GA tickets. Just picked up mine. Any other yarders gonna be around?
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    Strength and Conditioning

    We know we have a myriad of problems. How much of our failures in the last couple of years do you all think we can apply to the unorthodox S&C? How much better would we be if all of our guys were 15-20lbs heavier and not fatigued at the end of games?
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    Crowd chanting "0-10"

    Most embarrassed I've been as a UConn fan. We let Coppin St. keep it close and we're taunting them when we barely win by double digits? Give me a break.
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    Kind of seems like a joke that we thought he might be NBA ready this year. Has had terrible play and terrible body language. Doesn't seem like a great leader on the court.
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    OT: Cayman Islands Classic

    Let’s Talk About The Dumpster Fire That Is The Cayman Island Classic What a mess. How did Cinci end up here? This is, without a doubt, the greatest tournament in the history of basketball.
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    Why do you like UConn?

    Serious question. I've found that since I've joined the BY I've become a much more jaded fan of UConn MBB. The attitude of a lot of folks around here seems better suited for a team like Duke or UK. I recognize that as fans of a program of course it's fair to be critical, but it seems like...
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    Just heckled Bruce Pearl in line to vote

    "Coach we'll see you in December in Hartford" "Oh, war eagle!" "No, go huskies!" Doing what I can for that sweet seeet mojo.
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    Mojo I'm bringing to the new season

    I bought a new car this weekend. I needed to get new plates. Have these coming in the mail:
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    Pure Speculation: Zach Brown and Diallo

    This is pure speculation, but do we know anything about how Brown got along with his PSA teammates, namely Diallo? With his recent commitment we know ZB isn't out of the game, and KO doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would give up on a troubled kid. Is it possible he and Diallo couldn't...
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    NBCSN app

    For those of you that don't know: NBCSN released an app on most devices in conjunction with the Olympics. Now those of us still mooching off our parents cable log-in should be able to watch all the NBCSN games without finding a crappy feed!
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    Can we start a weekly "free-discussion" thread?

    Every thread turns into a mess and ends up having nothing to do with the original topic. When I get notifications for multiple threads I'm interested in and it's just bickering about garbage, I'm pretty disappointed. Is this something others would be interested in?
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    Major mojo coming

    The last time UConn beat a 1 seed in the tournament I watched it from a bar in Montgomery, AL. Just so happens I'll be in Montgomery on Saturday, you better believe I'm watching from there. They even have turkey sandwiches, so...
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    Cronin's reaction

    "In 0.8, you can't catch the ball, take two steps and then shoot it. You can't catch it, turn, bring it below your waist then shoot it with enough force to shoot it 80 feet in 0.8 seconds. The clock didn't start nearly on time. I've watched it five times."
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    Joe D call?

    If someone finds it, can you post JAs 3 with Joe D's call? Thanks!
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    Expectations and the future and why I'm not giving up

    Over the past couple of weeks since I've joined the BY, the clear lack of realistic expectations by so many people on this board. It is absurd. Let's look at where we are. Our program imploded. A top 5-of-all-time HOF coach left. We got a ridiculous ban, and scholarship cuts. We get thrown...
  30. krinklecut seems to have made up an OT?

    The play by play on for last nights game has a play-by-play for an overtime period starting at 75-73, complete with layups by Boatight, blocks by Adams, and a 3 by Enoch. Uhm...?
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    +/-? Brimah/Miller?

    Is there a good place to get CBB +/- stats? I wish it was included in the normal stat line. I feel like this team crumbles when neither Brimah nor Miller are in, and play their best basketball when they're both in. I want to see how true this holds for games they've both played, but don't...
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    Time Outs

    Is there a coach with worse TO management than Ollie? I defend the guy and don't think he should be on the "hot seat" yet but I can't wrap my head around his reluctance to call a TO. You're up 12, your last two possessions didn't run through Miller and your defense collapsed to the post? Call...
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    Week 14 Coaches Poll Not even 1 vote.