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  1. UConnNick

    UConn to new Big East? What happens to Husky football?

    Some website called Digital Sports Desk is reporting our basketball programs (and I assume all other Olympic sports) are joining the new Big East prior to the 2020-21 season. At first I thought it was a bad joke on somebody's part, but several posters on the BB board are lending some credence to...
  2. UConnNick

    UCONN to new Big East

    Some website called Digital Sports Desk is reporting that we will be moving to the new Big East for basketball prior to the 2020-21 season. Many of us have never heard of this site, and there is already considerable discussion about it on the men's board, some of which is making it look...
  3. UConnNick

    UCONN @ Sam Houston event

    We're hosting an event for the Sam Houston game on Sat. Luncheon at McKenzie's BBQ, 1501 N. Frazier in Conroe from 12 noon to 1 pm., a quick tour of the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, and then on to the game at 3 pm CDT. We'll be sitting behind the UCONN dugout. Go Huskies!
  4. UConnNick

    Program alert!

    Prior to today's game vs USF, ESPNU is airing a replay of the 1996 Big East final, where a certain guy named Walter Ray Allen distinguished himself. On at 11 am EDT, 10 am CDT.
  5. UConnNick

    OT Burt Reynolds passed away

    The pride of the Seminoles! He was 82 years old. I saw him at an FSU game in 1989. Lee Corso was his teammate and roommate when they played for FSU in the 1950's. Burt's CFB career was cut short due to injury. RIP.
  6. UConnNick

    Azura has been a rock... both ends of the floor.
  7. UConnNick

    Scrubs looked better than starters tonight

    They played with a lot of energy, had good ball movement, and played well defensively. Very encouraging. There will be games when we need some of them to perform well.
  8. UConnNick

    UCONN @ UH pregame event

    If anyone is planning to attend the UH game in Houston next Saturday, you're welcome to attend a pregame event at the original Ninfa's prior to the game. Here's the link for information: Houston vs UConn WBB: Pregame and Game Tickets Tickets are only $5, all general admission. If you...
  9. UConnNick

    Kelly Faris in the house tonight

    My favorite Husky of all time. Her BB IQ is off the charts...daughter of a coach from basketball-land, a/k/a Indiana.
  10. UConnNick

    Caron Butler doing commentary on URI @ Nevada

    On ESPNU now.
  11. UConnNick

    OT: Chris Berman's wife died in car wreck today

    Very sad news. His wife Katherine collided with another vehicle from behind on Rt. 64 near Lake Quassapaug in Woodbury. The other driver was also killed. They were married for 33 years. Thoughts and prayers to their families and friends. RIP.
  12. UConnNick

    Husky alumni event @ UH baseball on Sunday

    There will be a pregame brunch at the original Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant on Navigation Blvd. near downtown Houston, starting at 10:30 a.m., and the game begins at 1 p.m. CDT. All Husky alumni and fans are welcome to join us. Go Huskies!
  13. UConnNick

    OT: Dak Prescott a no show?

    I assume we would have seen his mug on ESPN about 50 more times tonight had he been at the game. He said he had "other commitments".
  14. UConnNick

    GO QUIN-eh-pee-ack!

    Let's make Connecticut 2-for-2 today!
  15. UConnNick


    That was the best 16 seed I've seen since Alison Feaster's 1998 Harvard team that beat a depleted Stanford roster. The committee royally screwed Albany. They deserved a whole lot better than what they got. You can't drop teams down that many notches merely for the sake of geography. It ruins any...
  16. UConnNick

    Team reaction to selection show

    If you're looking for how the team reacted to their bracket, it's at the end of this week's HBO show, which aired for the first time tonight.
  17. UConnNick

    More bad news for Syracuse

    URI 46 Davidson 34 at halftime. The Rams are a potential bid stealer, just like us. Otto is getting juiced at a local watering hole. The Dome Ranger has lost his mount. Boeheim is obsessively picking his nose. Things are getting really dicey at "The Harvard of Central New York".
  18. UConnNick

    80 minutes away.....

    .....from an automatic berth in the NCAAs. It's March. It's UCONN. Any questions? Will anybody want to see us in their bracket? Let's make every one of those 80 minutes count. We are now the most feared team in America among NCAA bubblers. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a Husky.
  19. UConnNick

    Tulane - UCF painful to watch

    14 first half turnovers for Tulane, and neither team can throw it into the Thames River...awful display of BB.
  20. UConnNick

    Jalen Adams = Money!

    Gut check performance by everybody down the stretch, on a day when we didn't exactly play our A or even B game.
  21. UConnNick

    Collier literally saved us

    What a game. Geno just said she does it all the time so you come to expect it from her. We lose this game without her. She saved our butts tonight.
  22. UConnNick

    Merry Christmas to all Boneyarders!

    All I want for Christmas is a new head football coach soon after Jan. 1.
  23. UConnNick

    Ryan Griffin does Lambeau Leap in GB!

    TD pass from Osweiler on 4th and 1 from the 6 yl...he found a group of Texans fans along the rail in the EZ and jumped on top of them!
  24. UConnNick

    OT Memphis shredding Houston defense

    34-17 at halftime. Memphis has scored on every possession in the entire first half. UH lost its best DB for the rest of the game on a targeting penalty. It looks like the Houston players have been hearing and reading that their coach is outta there, and they're playing like it.
  25. UConnNick

    OT IPFW stuns No. 3 Indiana

    Mastodons win 72-69 in OT at Fort Wayne. Fans stormed the court, rightfully so. Indiana hadn't played a game in FW since 1967. It was the first win over a ranked opponent in school history.
  26. UConnNick

    Our future HC up next on College Gameday?

    P.J. Fleck! Probably not, but we can always hope and pray. Without hope, what do we have?
  27. UConnNick

    Skip Holtz team has 35 HT

    35-24 over a good Western Kentucky team. It becomes increasingly difficult to watch CFB games involving lower level conference teams that can score points at will, presumably with less talent than UConn should be able to attract.
  28. UConnNick

    Houston watch party for Navy game

    For those of you that live or may be in our area this weekend, the UConn Houston Alumni Network is sponsoring a joint event with the Gulf Coast chapter of the Navy Alumni Association for our game with Navy. Wear your UConn colors and come join us in Houston at Live Oak Bar & Grill Sat. at 2 p.m...
  29. UConnNick

    Diaco getting outcoached by 30 year old rookie

    Shirreffs won't last half the season if our whole offense boils down to him running for his life. The Edsall style conservative play calling is all on the offensive coaches and Mr. 8-17. Yes, let's run 45 seconds off the clock instead of trying to score at the end of the first half. Three years...
  30. UConnNick

    The Charley Barkley Curse

    He's already picked Kansas to go all the way, so at some point in these proceedings, they WILL lose. Why not tomorrow?
  31. UConnNick

    We are America's Team on Selection Sunday

    Nobody other than Memphis fans want to see them win. They would steal somebody's at large bid. We will have lots of fans nationwide.
  32. UConnNick

    Calhoun representing at Stony Brook game

    JC is in the house to support Steve Pikiell's team. Go Seawolves!
  33. UConnNick

    Gibbs and Miller in the Dance

    I desperately want to see these two guys make it to the Big Dance. That's what they came to do here at UConn, and we're almost there. Gibbs may have made it at UT, but I'm pretty sure Miller has never been in it. Although we have debated and discussed their shortcomings here ad infinitum...
  34. UConnNick

    Houston on ropes vs Tulane

    Houston needs Jalen for this one! Plenty of time...1.7. Jalen could eat a sandwich and still make it with that much time left!
  35. UConnNick

    Win or lose, Adams became a man today!

    What a gutsy performance. As the late Al McGuire used to be fond of saying, "The best thing about freshmen is they become sophomores." Adams already has!