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    Byron Jones...

    Heading to the Dolphins for five years and $82.5 million, including $57 million guaranteed. He's now the highest paid CB in the NFL. ESPN Article
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    UConn's exhibition game today...........................

    Try using another browser. Then fast forward all the way up to current time.
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    We were down our top 2 WRs

    I heard RE mention it in the post game, but the feed I had was choppy. Why didn't Ardell Brown and Cameron Ross play?
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    New Student Tailgating Policy (Shocker- It Sucks)

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the new policy. Many 1000's of students were showing up for the tailgating, and then heading back to campus before the game even started, with no intention of ever going to the game. Hopefully, this will change some of that
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    AAC vs ACC Bowl Game @ Fenway

    I just LOVE going to bowl games in cold weather cities.
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    Uconn Admissions

    I don't know if it is accurate or not, but I've heard that they take a class of 60% in-state one year, and then 40% in-state the following and continue to flip back and forth. If this is a 60% year for in-state, it makes it much tough to get in from out of state.
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    Football Renewals Begin Wednesday...

    I'm all in (shocker, i know)! After the articles about dropping attendance, and with people calling for a move to FCS or to drop football completely; I'm done hoping the marketing staff and athletic department make changes to boost attendance. I'm going to do whatever I can to get attendance up...
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    UConn 2018 Football Attendance

    People didn't care about the game, you're right but they were going to show up because it was homecoming.
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    UConn 2018 Football Attendance

    The weather was a huge factor in the low attendance numbers last year. The UMass game had the lowest gate due to the monsoon. Had the weather been nice, it probably would have been our highest attended game of the season. That was the homecoming game.
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    2019 UConn Commit #11 - Myles Bell (Ft Lauderdale Florida)

    I believe Dwayne Difton was from there also.
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    UConn @ ECU Game time (7:00pm on CBS Sports Network)

    The game will be at 7:00pm on CBS Sports Network
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    Post Tulsa Game > Sunday Afternoon Call w/ Edsall

    Last year we started 7 seniors on defense. Saturday we started 0 seniors on defense and 5 freshman.
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    Any Brave Souls Going To Tulsa This Weekend?

    I don't need to be glorified, but what about my behavior is a negative. By the way, yes I will be there.
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    Tulsa game time announced

    No it wasn't a win, or else I would have stuck with it. It was the last time we lost to them at home before we beat them two years later. The school honored me on senior night for men's hoop in 2007 when I was a senior. They have me a Jersey with my name out it and free tickets to all UConn home...
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    Tulsa game time announced

    I had it all done, looked in the mirror, realized what I did, looked at the clock, and realized I didn't have time to re-do it.
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    Tulsa game time announced

    No, not vertical, but I accidentally reversed the colors for a home game against WVU once.
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    Tulsa game time announced

    UConn @ Tulsa will be played at 7:00pm EST on CBS sports Network.
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    Vote: Which recent season has been the toughest?

    For me it was 2013 because we were still used to winning at that point, so the losses hurt more. I'm not sure if I've been more angry at a game than I was during that night at Buffalo.
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    Syracuse help for Saturday...

    I always park at the skytop lot. It's always been tailgate friendly in the past. There is a free shuttle to the Dome before the game, and back to the lot after the game.
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    Location of the Coors Club

    Did we really need another excuse for people to get hammered and act like idiots at the games? As of 2015 only 34 college teams sold alcohol. I already see way too many people who have consumed far too much alcohol at the Rent. I know we need more income, but can we come up with a better idea...
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    2 Tulsa tickets available

    I just had 2 tickets come available for the game today. If interested message me.
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    November 11 Game at UCF--Anyone Going?

    I'll be there...
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    SMU game time announced

    4pm ET / 3pm CT on ESPNNEWS
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    The Song Game

    INXS - New Sensation
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    I don't get out much...

    I went last time we played there. Not much of a stadium experience.
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    OT: Favorite Hip Hop Artist

    Jay-Z Angel Haze Toolez
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    Hoping for a Signing Day event

    Has anybody heard any news on this? At this point I'm guessing it's not in the budget this year.
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    2017 Recruiting Thread

    Thanks for sharing. He committed to Fordham last week.
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    2017 Recruiting Thread

    He's at minimum a top 3 100m runner in the state. I'm not sure how that wouldn't fall into the explosive category.
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    BC game start time -- 1pm (ACCNetworkExtra - ESPN3 - WatchESPN)

    I don't care how the team has played this season. I've been waiting for this game since the fall of 04'. I'll be there next Saturday, and won't be coming home with anything less the a UConn victory. Join me or not, we're getting the W.
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    2017 Recruiting Thread

    Zach ran for 541 yards and 10 TDs tonight against Jonathan Law. Both are state records.
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    2017 Recruiting Thread

    Has anybody heard anything about Zach Davis out of Sheehan in Wallingford? He has 1956 rushing yards through 6 games, and 26 rushing touchdowns.
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    2 pair of tix for tomorrow

    I just sent mine to your inbox.
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    2 pair of tix for tomorrow

    Could I take one pair?