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  1. AZHuskiePop

    2020-2021 Roster

    I would think Polley has a biggest decision to make. Playing injured or rehabbing your senior years is not a good career move. If Hurley is recruiting over him he doesn’t have a choice. Transferring and coming back as a PG seems like his best move. That’s sad because Polley if healthy could be...
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    Bouk Club Poll - Who is the Comp?

    I don’t see the Lamb thing at all or RiP. His combination of skills remind me of of a smaller Rudy but I voted other because he reminds me so much of Tony Hanson.Rudy never had that same aggressive “I’m going to take this game over stop me if you think you can attitude” possessed by those two.
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    We need Josh for 25 minutes today

    We shot 47% from the three That makes up for a bunch of other areas.
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    Fury v. Wilder

    I was amazed at their size Wilder is 6’7” and he is the smaller guy Fury is 6’9” . These ain’t your grandfather‘s heavyweights.
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    Fun Fact on Carlton

    He at 6 ( 3-5) points and 5 rebounds in 14 minutes last night. We built that first lead when he came in and seemed unstoppable He even hit a jumper was pulled and only saw only limited minutes for the rest of the game. Adams played 35 minutes and scored 5 Pts on 1-8 shooting. Who was more...
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    Most "spectacular" plays in UConn histiory

    Someone should put these into a single video. Play at the practice facility when recruits visit or for fund raising . I‘m surprised no one added Boatright‘s drive in the 2014 championship game where he turned the UK Player around.
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    OT: Best Chicken Parmesan and/or Chicken Parmesan Grinder In CT?

    The best Chicken Parm in the state use to be Roseland in Derby. Also the best Italian bread. But I’m not sure if the quality is the same since Nonna past away. My son-in-law is a real Chicken Parm guy , me not so much . I’m more of a Chicken or Veal Francaise guy myself. But I wouldn’t put...
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    Especially a road game.
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    Most "spectacular" plays in UConn histiory

    Shabazz against Fla was a wide open 10 footer nothing spectacular. The great play was DD beating 5 Florida players to the ball and tapping it out to a wide open Bazz. That gave Bazz a second chance after his original prayer was off the mark . Bazz could have made that shot with his eyes closed...
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    2020-2021 Roster

    Lot of if’s with two wings injured if you where Polley’s friend/ advisor would you recommend he come back early to play 15 minutes a game his senior year. Or would you want him to be 100% and much stronger as a Post Grad. His options become so much greater if he does the later. Either at UConn...
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    Josh Carlton’s subtle dig at the fan base

    No you didn’t criticize him for missing free throws you criticized he work ethic. Thats personal . He has poor shooting form and he may practice free throws more than Vital. Practice doesn’t translate into success especially for Bigs with poor basic shooting practices. You can grove a golf...
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    Brotherhood - says it all

    We’re going to miss Vitals leadership Hopefully someone can step up. He is that big brother that gives little brothers courage because he has their back.
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    Penny = Calipari II

    They were easily the most individually talented team we played this year. Their inexperience kills them along with TO’s and bad decisions and lack of a true leader hurts them in close games. Actually they were pretty well coached for youngsters. . If everyone comes back but PA they will be...
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    2020-2021 Roster

    For ACL reference google highlights of Larrier in G league. He is not the same guy athletically who rehabbed his senior year here. No way Polley is 100%.
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    Looking Forward

    If you play Whaley at PF you have no backup 5. Especially if our two bigs get in foul trouble.thats frightening. Wislon has to be ready. Memphis has great athleticism probably the best we‘ve played this year. You could even play Bouknight at the four in a pinch. with Adams at the three...
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    Free Throws - Finding ways to win..

    We got the right shooters to the line except Whaley who did make 1-2.
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    Playing hard

    Shooting is beyond horrible
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    OT: Worst Pizza

    Papa John’s was the best of those types at least it was when I spent a lot of time in Ky. Sometimes I have to bring food to the nearby skate park for my Grandson and his buddies ( there all competitive scooter riders ages 9-15 )going to Little Caesar’s near my House I can feed them all for...
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    Recruits for Memphis Game

    I think in Akok case , if he gets his shot falling he will be gone. He will be 21/22 years old. It also depends on family financial situations. He is stronger than he looks. Bouk hopefully is here for three he could be an All American and lottery pick.
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    It’s the French names Noah was a strange case He never looked overwhelming but got great results . It took me awhile to figure out that he was in reality overwhelming without the appearance. He was sneaky great if thats applicable to basketball. If this kid is half Noah than we should grab him .
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    Given the fan base hate for Carlton that’s probably a big negative. Would you be recruiting a kid to UConn if you were Carlton?
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    OT: Worst Pizza

    I agree Domino’s is the worse A decent brand Frozen pizza at the grocery store is better.
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    Memphis Game Is Sold Out

    That place literally shook from the sound especially in the early days when half the crowd were members of the crazy unofficial alumni . State residents and serious sports fans ,Sox ,Yanks , and Mets alike , who felt UConn represented them. Success replaced them with many corporate guests who...
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    TRCMBB vs Thornlea SS(Javonte Brown-Fergeson)

    This kid is a project and his competition seems pretty weak compared to the Preps in the NE. He could always make a big leap forward over the summer but you never can tell if that might happen. Its questable how much he contributes next year. The real question is will he be ready when Carlton...
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    Carlton, Part Deux

    All our bigs departed in 2012 except Wolf who was a stiff When JC left we got relagated to the AAC with had a rookie coach no one ever heard of and recruiting became difficult You made do with the Facey , Nolan, Brimah Carltons. Plus transfers. We did recruit a couple highly rated bigs One...
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    Bouknight is becoming the guy

    Thanks for the gift points UConn is a team not one wins need many hands
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    Eli Retiring

    He has had the highest highs and the lowest lows of any QB being considered in my memory. Two Super Bowels kind of seal it for him in my opinion, and I’m not a Giant Fan.
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    Bouknight is becoming the guy

    Before we get too excited over his great second half performances. His effort is completely wasted without Gilbert’s first half against Tulsa and Vital and Adams against Cinncy
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    Caption this - Cinci game

    “You little guys think it’s easy huh”
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    His reputation was as a pure shooter His Brother is Jaylan Adams ( not Jalen) who was drafted by the NBA and is currently playing in G league. So I’m sure he gets good coaching just hanging as around his house. His brother is a true PG 6’0 but 235 Mom must feed her boys well. His size and...
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    Lol @ the fools who think the AAC is better

    We’re are not known as being overly physical but we shot almost . 700from the two against Nova. That’s having your way.They were really soft. We were awful from the three and they weren’t , although their guards used the straight arm to get separation without any ramifications. Philly rules were...
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    The state Demographics have changed since the 1990’s . Alumni don’t even stay in state in the numbers they use to. Its all about economics. Every time a UConn fan retires out of state that’s one less person with disposable income willing to attend games. I just read Ct is 2-3 in population...
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    AAC Player of the Week

    Tulsa lost that Juco with an ankle sprain with 10 minutes left in the game. It wasn’t as noticeable in our game becsuse Igbanu carried them .
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    Bouknight is becoming the guy

    Bouknight is great and hitting 3’s is a game changer. Still waiting on Akok‘s shot to make this a great team . Adams is probably the most Jekyll and Hyde player in recent memory.. He is a needed spark off the bench when his shot is falling.
  35. AZHuskiePop

    James Bouknight

    This kid is the most talented recruit at least since Jaylen Adams ( that was for you haters) and quite possibly in the AAC era or more likely the 2011 class. He reminds me a little of a smallish Rudy , or more likely Tony Hanson. Shooting the 3 has been his weakness , He slashes so well you...