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  1. LIuconn

    Bouknights NBA stock

    His stock keeps going up. Happy for him
  2. LIuconn

    This team has great chemistry!

    No one here bc they don't want to
  3. LIuconn

    Our backcourt

    Isn't Adams on Pace to graduate in 3 years? Hope he gets his master's at UConn!
  4. LIuconn

    Bouknights NBA stock

    I'm pretty sure he'll beef up in the off-season
  5. LIuconn


    CV certainly does. It's just too bad we're down to 8 guys for the conf tournament. Big ask to win 4/4 with half a roster
  6. LIuconn

    The Bouk Club Section 221 USF Update

    He just knows how to play the game. Quintessential 3-level scoring on display.
  7. LIuconn

    Our backcourt

    Gaffney's stroke is getting purer and purer
  8. LIuconn

    Would we be playing like this or have as much optimism if

    I say no. Bouk needed 25+ mins to play into what he's become. Not sure if he gets that with polley in there
  9. LIuconn

    Bouknights NBA stock

    Thanks. So def not light on shooters headed to the league. Seems like another year is most likely in the cards, at this very moment
  10. LIuconn


    Never beat J Felix ;)
  11. LIuconn


    Take that, Klopp
  12. LIuconn

    Bouknights NBA stock

    Who are better 2 guards than him?
  13. LIuconn

    OT: Knicks Have Strong Interest in Jay Wright

    The Knicks should have interest in Jay Wright Jay Wright would have his pick in NBA jobs. Maybe the Knicks are on his list of NBA potentials, but most likely not.
  14. LIuconn

    Post game locker room video from UConn

    I’d feel kinda slimey leveraging a kid’s horrific injury as a sales tactic. Plenty of other material (jalen Adams chest bump and Hurley slapping the logo should be enough).
  15. LIuconn

    Akok achilles

    Hope surgery is a success.
  16. LIuconn

    Recruits for Memphis Game

    Hamilton never wanted to be in college and his brother was in the League, so he left. Everyone has their own story. Would love to see/hear any reactions from the recruits in the stands. And how about that Andre dunk package? (gotta keep recruiting those commits, bc you know other schools prob...
  17. LIuconn

    Hurley’s post game press conference

    He looked up and down the box score/roster and didn’t mention AG after listing everyone. Hurley is calculated it was intentional. As are his dropping minutes
  18. LIuconn

    If you're a recruit...

    Do we have video footage?
  19. LIuconn

    Andre Jackson selected for Jordan Brand Classic

    Any chance Andre can be a McD AA?
  20. LIuconn

    Andre Jackson selected for Jordan Brand Classic

    Who was our last Jordan game player? Alterique?
  21. LIuconn

    USMNT Falling

    I don't think it will be Sargent as our guy up top. Not really sure if we have a true 9 in the pipeline
  22. LIuconn

    Bouknight is becoming the guy

    ...and Booker was the #13 pick after 1 UK season. Selfishly I hope he stays, but I always root for the kids to get paid when they can no matter what.
  23. LIuconn

    Memphis Game Is Sold Out

    The casual fan is noticing. Get (back) on board now!
  24. LIuconn

    Bouknight's Defense

    Just may be a thing that he will score 20 and his man will get 16. We need him on O. Need more help D
  25. LIuconn

    23 games in...

    The Defense to win every one of our games so far. Knowing the base line of offense is there and that the cavalry is coming. that we have DH
  26. LIuconn

    Caption this - Cinci game

    Ceiling looks good
  27. LIuconn

    So proud of these kids.

    Belief is the strongest weapon. Ours is only growing
  28. LIuconn

    What a team!

    We have an identity again
  29. LIuconn

    Big Win

    They're gonna be trouble in the aac tournament
  30. LIuconn

    Chiefs00 Briefs - Cincy Edition

    A star is born
  31. LIuconn

    Cincy Roll Call

    Get a game in PT and I'm first row
  32. LIuconn

    NET Rankings and NCAA bubble hypothetical

    I'm here for all potential NCAA talk. Get it done, Danny!
  33. LIuconn

    First place Tulsa

    2nd year Bouk will be ready. Need another legit threat then we'll be ok
  34. LIuconn

    Americans Abroad

    That goal deserves its own thread. So good
  35. LIuconn

    A Few Thoughts

    The best motivation is competition. If Whaley is getting it done that will light a fire under Akok