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    Kevin Mensah: Heading for the Records Books (UConn)

    My gosh you are a miserable individual. A positive story and your piss all over it
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    UConn Men going overseas

    I am going to ask my wife if this is something she wants to do, this summer as I got the invite email this morning. I would love to go, but we are planning to head south and north this summer so not sure we can swing it without postponing one of the trips.
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    OT: XL Center's 'silver lining'

    A reason to head to Civic Center when Neil Comes to town.
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    Bullspit ThoughtZ™

    The team isn't turning over the ball as much which helps with the team looking like it is.
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    Whaley was a beast and looked very good. As someone else said he was the best player on the floor for the Huskies tonight
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    I love this team but...

    Maybe you should go watch the NBA then
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    How can anyone that is a UConn fan not root for this team. That was awesome
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    OT: Best Chicken Parmesan and/or Chicken Parmesan Grinder In CT?

    It's not gravy as that is the brown stuff you put on potatoes Wethersfield Pizza house has the best Chicken Cutlet Grinders without a doubt.
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    Two Uconn Football Players Arrested

    Dammit, just hate reading these things and hope each of them learns a lesson and this sets them on the straight and narrow
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    A Deep Dive Into Grad Transfer Eligible Players

    Bruner would be perfect and would help with rebounding, scoring and can shoot for a stretch 4
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    Interesting article - Donovan Clingan

    He wants to be at Bristol Central, why is that hard for people to see. His mom set records there and now he wants to do the same. I hope he stays at BC and breaks all the records and then comes to UConn.
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    Penny = Calipari II

    His team plays defense which is something many young players coming from high school don't do well for the most part. Penny is good for Memphis as it is bringing the school back to where it was in years past. I may be the only one, but I wouldn't mind UConn playing them after this season along...
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    I enjoyed it and think the games are good for the most part. I hope it does well and survives the long haul
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    Carlton part trois

    He did what was needed today. He was a rebounding machine and played solid defense while he was out there.
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    He can be the catalyst for the next three weeks of the regular season and put UConn into position to make a run in the conference tourney
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    If you're a recruit...

    How any recruit couldn't love today. The passion and the heart from everyone. They really care about one another Great win
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    TRCMBB vs Thornlea SS(Javonte Brown-Fergeson)

    Very few big men come in ready to go from day one. He will need coaching and some time to adjust to being yelled at by the coaching staff. You can't teach his size and length
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    Two Uconn Football Players Arrested

    They both should know better, plain and simple. The only blame is on the two players in question. I am for one very disappointed smh
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    OT: Worst Pizza

    H2O makes a difference for sure. Florida pizza is terrible, unless they filter the water and even then it is only okay. Little Caesars, and Papa John's are only good if you're drinking
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    Andre Jackson selected for Jordan Brand Classic

    Good for Andre and good for the Huskies. Now he can go and win the dunk contest
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    Travis Jones, Kevon Jones and UConn defensive line ready to anchor Huskies team

    The front seven should be better with knowing the defense better than last year and another year of growth and strength should help as well. I am looking for a jump in production this season from the front seven
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    Wins and Losses from now on

    With this team anything is possible. I would love to see 5 of 7 wins, but would be happy with 4 of 7 and it would be a winning record for the first time in three years. No game is a guaranteed lose that is left. Just have to finish strong and not make stupid mistakes.
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    Bill Connelly’s Annual Preseason SP+ College Football Rankings.

    Ole Miss has a lot of athletes and the team speed is incredible. Their defense is under sized, but again very fast. They may have been 4-8 last year but remember they were beating Alabama, close to LSU and lost late to Auburn. They will be the second best team UConn plays next year and the...
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    Rentschler Field facing its largest loss since opening as UConn football attendance plummets

    That's how it is done on most college campuses.
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    Vital - Kenpom AAC POY (thus far)

    Both need to drop this and enjoy the very good win today.
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    Transfer portal - outbound

    Yet he has been a college or pro coach for thirty plus years and here you sit saying he is a moron from your couch lol
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    2020 UConn Football Commit - Noe Ruelas (West Hartford)

    UConn needs a steadier kicker and he could be the one. Welcome to Storrs, Noe
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    2020 UConn Football Commit - Jesse Polansky (Wallingford CT)

    Never can have enough Big guys whether it is on the offensive line or defensive line Welcome to Storrs, Jesse
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    UConn Football 2020 National Signing Day/Press Conference Coverage (Feb. 5th)

    The one thing in talking to the different players there was how positive they all are in that they are going to win this upcoming season. They believe in themselves, which is all they can do. They are blocking out what negativity that is on the boards and what some outsiders are saying. It is...
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    UConn Football 2020 National Signing Day/Press Conference Coverage (Feb. 5th)

    We're you there? I was last night and it didn't sound like your narrative at all.
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    Edsall has to go

    247 does a lousy job with UConn and other schools that don't have a writer. Rivals has UConn 89th last I knew ahead of three AAC teams
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    UConn Football 2020 National Signing Day/Press Conference Coverage (Feb. 5th)

    No they're not. I understand why he is doing what he is doing. He gets to develop the players if they are freshman and Juco's. He did say that quarterbacks are the only thing he would take for one year. Last year they needed the players, now they are only short in on position unlike the past...
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    Feb 6 would be the first day you announce Staff changes?

    None. The staff is staying as is after talking to Randy Edsall tonight for a couple of minutes.