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    USA Postgame Thread

    Meg is great. However, it seems to me that this team has a totally different feel when Anna is on the court.
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    Wanted: UCONN USC women's

    I am in search of two tickets for the UCONN versus USC game should anyone have any they wish to part with. Thank you in advance. 828-638-1768
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    Tennessee Postgame Thread

    I have said that since I was a student in the early 80's. Uconn loses its home court advantage by playing away from Gampel. I understand that the HCC (XL) is a lot larger, but it loses the college atmosphere that should be at the game. I remember going to both Uconn vs the orange team, and...
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    Tennessee Postgame Thread

    You wonder how many would have went down on their home court at Gampel. Still my big complaint!!!!
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    Memphis Postgame Thread

    Were they talking about Crystal (runt?)
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    Uconn Baylor some thoughts

    My only complaint about this game is where it is being played. I have argued for years that all "big" games should be on our home court - The Gampel Pavilion. The atmosphere is so much better and gives the UCONN teams a better home court advantage.
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    UConn vs Seton Hall Badass Award goes to...

    I was equally impressed with Aubrey, but, Meg's play in the first half kept UCONN in the game while two starters sat. It would be difficult to not consider Meg due to her production, although, she scored so effortlessly that I could see how some could overlook her contribution. Also, Molly...
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    UConn vs Seton Hall Badass Award goes to...

    Hopefully this is NOT the game of her life, just the first of many great ones. She was quite impressive tonight.
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    Pre Season Bracketology

    Me also. Very close to my home in Hickory, NC!!!!
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    OT: Sad Lines in Sad Songs

    But now there’s wrinkles around my baby’s eyes And she cries herself to sleep at night When I come home the house is dark She sighs “Baby did you make it all right” She sits on the porch of her daddy’s house But all her pretty dreams are torn She stares off alone into the night With the eyes of...
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    Poll: How many NHL games have you attended since the Whalers left?

    I moved to North Carolina the same month as the Whalers years ago and never saw a single game. Then four years ago I moved to Durham and lived there for 2 years. During that time I watched almost every Whaler home game during that time. I would go there by myself, and except for the first time...
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    Villanova= New Uconn

    The old basketball adage: "Big fast guys will beat little fast guys."
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    The Kibitzer Badass Award

    Lou was incredible. I thought Meg's game was great. However, to me the BA award has to go to Crystal. She hounded Durr all over the court for 40 minutes. Fought through a zillion screens. Held her to 7-19 shooting, and she didn't reach double digits until late in the second half. She still had...
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    RIP Tony Hanson

    My first favorite Husky. I first became a Husky fan when he was playing for UCONN. I also grew up in Waterbury and remember Him and Abro playing at a local part one time. RIP
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    Geno Talks the Mercury Storm Series

    I have to root for D for no other reason than I don't want her perfect "game on the line" record snapped. I believe that she is 13-0 in WNBA winner take all games. (22-1 in college). Otherwise I would probably want SB to win another one.
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    Adashia Franklyn

    I remember hearing that the guys who practice with the team get national championship rings.
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    OT: Perhaps the Greatest Single Game Feat in the History of Baseball

    Stark: Strange but true postseason feats While maybe not as impressive as the game that started this threat, read about the incredible post season that Madison Bumgarner had a few years ago. The reason that I mention this is because I taught MadBum when he was in 8th grade. Strangest But...
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    Geno knew this was coming....

    Give me the over 30 also. And, barring any major injuries, another final four trip! (As a side note: I predict a great year from MW.)
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    2 tickets - all games

    On road, can you call 828-638-1768
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    Need single ticket for Columbus

    I also plan on coming and will be looking for a single or a pair (hopefully, my son is traveling with me).
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    Old but famous bands today; worth seeing?

    I agree with both, but U2 isn't close to Bruce. I have seen Bruce a few times and there is no comparison. Unfortunately until his Broadway run is over, he won't have a "real" tour. He was still playing four hour shows at the end of the last tour. You can see me in this video from Gotenborg...
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    Baylor @ Texas - 2/19/18

    That Wallace player is pretty impressive.
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    Morgan Tuck and Courtney Williams at USAB training camp

    I got to the training center (Carolina Coliseum) just after it ended. I walked right into the gym and it looked deserted. A few players were leaving but I didn't see any UCONN grads.
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    Best Of The Best: UConn's Top Ten Players

    Stewie had Tuck and MoJeff. Dee had...... well, Dee (final two years). Plus, she's "Dee!" I put Dee first also. Jenn is one of my all time fav's, but Sales probably should be ahead of her.
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    UCF vs. UConn — Game Thread

    Consistency !
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    Fans from other programs on our board...

    There was a couple sitting behind me at the SC game Thursday night. After the game the woman said, "You guys have a really good team. We thought our team was good but.... wow." I acknowledge her comments and thanked her. They claimed they go to every SC game but had never seen UCONN and didn't...
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    Advice for South Carolina Game

    I am going. Two years ago I was very early, like 5 pm. However, I was told this year the one lower level GA section is no longer available, so all GA tickets will be the second level. Therefore, doubt if you would have to be that early.
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    South Carolina game tickets?

    Hey fellow North Carolinian, I just sent you a PM.
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    How good would this team be.

    I obviously know they couldn't compete with this year's team (but who does), but would they be a top 25 team? They probably could compete pretty well in the AAC. They have decent stats at their respective current schools. Butler (18.5, 15.1, 1.5) De'Janae (7.1, 9...
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    How good would this team be.

    I hope this is not a repeat topic, but I do not remember seeing this posted prior. I was just wondering on thoughts about how good a starting five this team would be: Natalie Butler, De'Janae Boykins, AEH, Courtney Ekmark, and Sadie Edwards?
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    OT: Best Seinfeld episodes?

    The Bet (Where George had to pick up Jerry at the airport). The two best scenes were when Elaine said, "All of them" and "Fake, fake, fake") and when Kramer said, "l'm out" in the contest (which isn't very overrated).
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    GA-OK: greatest college football game ever?

    Auburn beat both Georgia and Alabama. Undefeated UCF beat Auburn. Big Ten 7-1, Sunbelt 4-1, Big Twelve 5-3, AAC 4-3, Mountain West 3-3, SEC 3-5
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    GA-OK: greatest college football game ever?

    Unquestionably - Boise/Oklahoma, the most insane game I have ever seen. Second would be when Uconn won the 2011 Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma. (That's how I remember it!)
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    Bet you don't know how Lou shoots fouls (without looking at video)

    Posted this the other day on the men's site. I laugh every time I see this video. This is THE worst free throw ever! (I happen to currently live really close to ASU)