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    Kemba & USA Basketball

    Kemba will have a chance to showcase his game on a big stage. Assuming Lowry is out (thumb), Kemba should be the go-to-guy. Full Roster - Roster NYT Article - U.S.A. Basketball Asks for Focus to Be on Who Is Here, Not Who Isn’t
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    Brimah to the Pacers

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    OT: Now they See Us

    Just finished this on Netflix. Extremely hard to watch but it’s really well done and everyone should give it a watch.
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    Rip Hamilton - VR Color
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    Andre Drummond, Game 3

    Dear lord that was awful Andre Drummond booed by Pistons fans. Did he deserve it? It's complicated
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    OT: 2020 NCAA Championship Odds

    From AAC: Houston +3000 Cincy +6000 Memphis +8000 (I put $25 to win $2,000) UConn +10000 Wichita +10000 Favorites: Kentucky +600 UVA +600 Duke +700 Michigan State +700
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    OT: 3x3U National Championship AAC Roster

    I saw Jalen was a finalist to participate in this 3v3 Seniors tournament but ultimately was not chosen. AAC is rolling out Kyvon Davenport, Memphis Jeremiah Martin, Memphis Jordan Cornish, Tulane Isaac Fleming, ECU UGH, UConn fans 3X3U National Championship
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    AAC 2019-20 Diaper Dandies

    Edit: Sorted by 247 Rankings. 5 Stars #1 James Wiseman, Memphis (7'0 Center from Memphis, TN) 4 Stars #47 D.J. Jeffries, Memphis (6'7 Forward from Olive Branch, MO) #70 James Bouknight, UConn (6'4 Guard from New York, NY) #87 Akok Akok, UConn (6'9 Forward from Putnam, CT) #100 Jalen Gaffney...
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    Joe & Evan w/Rothstein

    Mentions Napier, Marcus Williams, Rudy Gay, and Josh Boone. Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts by on Apple Podcasts
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    OT: Cuse Guard Jalen Carey

    He has played 4-minutes TOTAL the past 4 games. He is behind Frank & Buddy in their rotations. I would love to make a run at him this off-season if he decides to leave. If I recall correctly and please confirm @UConnStats weren't we in his top 3 before he committed to Cuse? This Q&A was posted...
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    OT: CT HS Playoffs

    Anyone catch Windsor beat East Catholic? Seems like a relatively big upset. Windsor hangs on to beat East Catholic 87-85, winning first CCC championship since 2013
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    New 2011 UConn Mixtape

    A buddy of mine put this together. He isn't a boneyarder. The video is long but it's spectacular. He had access to some raw CBS footage and sprinkled it in throughout. The end gave me goosebumps.
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    Ja Morant

    Currently listed as #2 in NBA mock drafts. I was curious where he was ranked coming out of HS since clearly everyone missed on his recruiting. According to his wikipedia page he was unranked by ESPN, 247, and Rivals. I did not realize we had a major connection to him and it's kind of annoying...
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    Daniel Hamilton Starting

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    SI Article on Rivalries

    College hoops rivalries we want to see renewed UConn vs. Boston College: New England’s top two programs used to play annually as founding members of the Big East, from 1979 through 2005. But the Eagles’ football-driven departure for the ACC not only ended the mandated series but burned bridges...
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    OT: NBA Draft Challenge

    Creating a league via NBA.COM for their NBA Draft Challenge. Pretty easy, just sign up and make your selections. 1-14. NBA Draft Challenge
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    OT: Rip Hamilton furthers league's military involvement

    'We have your back': Ex-NBA All-Star Rip Hamilton furthers league's military involvement
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    OT: Boneyard Mock Draft

    Post your pick once the pick before you is submitted. 1st Pick (Phoenix Suns) - @Phoenixhusky - ? 2nd Pick (Sacramento Kings) - @CaliHuskyFan ? 3rd Pick (Atlanta Hawks) - @AtlantaHusky ? 4th Pick (Memphis Grizzlies) -@tennhusky or @MemphisBlues ? 5th Pick (Dallas Mavericks) - @DallasBUFan or...
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    Jim Calhoun on College Hoops Today Podcast

    Jon Rothstein podcast. (updated with link)
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    Tre Mitchell offered

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    Huskies of Honor

    Who decides this? AD, Calhoun, Ollie..? We should have a night for Caron, Giffey, and Boatright soon. Could also help with our terrible attendance but most importantly I think these guys deserve it. Edited - I did more research and realized Ben Gordon is coming up soon.
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    Shabazz Trade Rumors Starting

    Feldman: Blazers Should Consider Napier Trade
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    OT: UConn Mens Lacrosse Program

    Article posted in Major UConn Donor: 'Get a Men’s Lacrosse Program'
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    Jerome Dyson Q&A

    Talks UConn, Draft, injury, etc. cool read Dyson Unplugged – One-on-One with the Jerusalem star | Sports Rabbi
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    1 major positive

    Its been written about, it’s been talked about (#seewhatididthere) but we have a guy in Jalen who at the end of games has the confidence and stones to make big plays. Maybe I’m trying to convince myself that this season has a pulse but Jalen with the ball at the end of close games im actually...
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    Napier DNPCDs

    This is ridiculous. I don't want to sound too homer-ish but I feel that he has been placed in 3 bad situations in 3 seasons. Heat were a mess in year 1, Magic have been a disgrace of a franchise since Penny left, and don't get me started on the blazers this year. All that money they gave Crabbe...
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    A UConn Podcast?

    We need a podcast dedicated to UConn basketball & UConn sports in general. I know the people over at adimeback have one but they basically never release new episodes. ever. Is there another one out there that I am missing? I know there are a lot of good daily campus sports contributors, the...
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    Connecticut Lacrosse

    Is there a reason why UConn doesn't have a D1 Lacrosse Program yet? Title 9? I'm relatively new to the sport but it's crazy how many good High School programs there are in Connecticut. I just looked up the HS top 25 and CT has 4 programs, New Canaan (3rd) , Brunswick (14), Taft (16), and Darien...
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    Van Diemens - NYC Watch

    All booked, no tables open. Any other bars that will show uconn???
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    The 2007-2008 UConn Team Comparison

    This is a best case scenario type of situation. These two teams have a few things in common, not many, but the the things that stand out 2007-2008 1) Coming off of a horrible season 2) Started the season off with some tough losses (Loss vs. #3 Memphis @ MSG) and (loss vs. #19 Gonzaga in Boston)...
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    Home Court Advantage Issue

    14 Home L's from 2003-2009 and since 2010 we have 25. The student section gets weaker and weaker every year. The arenas looks half empty on TV. We basically have no home court advantage anymore. It's sad and pathetic. Any students read the boneyard that can explain this? Are the Husky Hard...
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    Greenwich Wine & Food Festival

    Has anyone been to this event before? My fiance wants me to go with her but I can't really justify spending $150 a person on country music from local bands and some wine and food tasting. In other words, my fiance is making me go and I'm going to have to spend the $300 total on this event and...