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  1. Jimdish255

    Who's Left At Practices?

    It has to be that much more of a grind and less productive without enough bodies at practice. I really admire our fight, but being so shorthanded you have to wonder how long we can sustain even these close losses.
  2. Jimdish255

    The Natty

    So there's a game tonight and Clemson leads 7-0
  3. Jimdish255

    2019-2020 Bowl Game Thread

    Thought I'd start a Bowl Game Thread for any who are interested. Nice job by Buffalo putting it to Charlotte in the Bahamas Bowl. Next up Utah St vs Kent St later tonight.
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    XC Track Coach JJ Clark To Stanford

    Mixed opinions about his coaching style and I was somewhat disappointed when Amy Begley was bypassed to take over especially XC. JJ brought some athletes with him but there was never a big step forward. UConn's JJ Clark to Stanford
  5. Jimdish255

    If We Go Independent In Football... Scheduling

    Any thoughts about what's feasible in terms of longer term arrangements with other programs? What might we see? What would you like to see?
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    Some Questions I Have For Coach

    I've been apoplectic all early season about feeding the bigs against weaker opposition in order to develop the tools and create more balance against the tougher competition. Why the heck did we wait until today to show how inept and unprepared we are to do it with any shred of competence...
  7. Jimdish255

    What We Need To Do Better

    Great win last night and we saw some pieces to the puzzle fitting in. We made shots! We rebounded! We hustled and we looked like a team! And it really looks like Alterique has taken a load of pressure off of Jalen's back. While we can't expect that kind of 3pt shooting heat to continue every...
  8. Jimdish255

    Extra Ticket and Tailgate if you are in Tampa

    Looks like I have a no show for tonight at USF. 1 seat with Club Level Access and Alumni Tailgate starting at 5pm in Lot 6D. I think the ticket may also access a USF Taigate ???? If you make me an offer on the game ticket will throw in the Uconn tailgate pass. Reply here or message me.
  9. Jimdish255

    LAZ and Parking Flow - Ideas?

    A lot of you are upset with the flow and a few have offered some ideas on how to improve it. Maybe with some feedback we can inprove the situation. Would like to consolidate the ideas on 1 thread and maybe we can come to a consensus on how this would best work. When this gets moving I'll refer...
  10. Jimdish255

    Timeline For New Facilities?

    Lost track of the new stadium timelines. Anyone know this? And also seating/standing capacity for soccer. This is the last info I searched: UConn Sets Timeline for Construction of New Athletic Facilities UConn Foundation, Inc. - Joseph J. Morrone Stadium at the Rizza Family Soccer Complex
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    Conference Championship Week

    LIU taking it to Wagner at the Half 34 - 18 behind Joel Hernandez. He's really running the show and dropping some nice step-back shots.
  12. Jimdish255

    Michigan State President Resigns (and now AD)

    Apparently her outstanding fundraising wasn't enough to overshadow hundreds of victims. MSU president resigns, says sex-abuse tragedy was 'politicized'
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    Poll: Who's Watching the NC Game?

    Are you watching or boycotting the NC Game? .
  14. Jimdish255

    Week 12 Other Games

    If anyone is interested in other games. Here's the AAC Rundown at 4:55 pm
  15. Jimdish255

    WiFi or Mobile Signals At Rent?

    Just wondering if there is a sufficient Verizon mobile or Xfinity hotspot to stream video. Probably Blue Lot area. Gonna have time to kill tomorrow.
  16. Jimdish255

    AAC Games Week Zero

    USF v SJS - SJS showing some hurry up against the Bulls. Supposedly SJS have a decent run blocking line.
  17. Jimdish255

    Busy Friday With 3 Home Games

    Looks like home games for 3 teams on the menu Friday with Stanford coming in to face perennial contender UConn Field hockey at 1pm. At 3 Womens Soccer takes on Yale and at 7 the Men host Iona. Take Friday off!!! Watch sports and eat Ice Cream!!!
  18. Jimdish255

    UConn T&F@ NE Regionals Thu-Sat

    Thurs-Fri-Sat May 26-28 SEC+ Network Stream A number of UConn Athletes will be participating this...
  19. Jimdish255

    I don't get out much...

    So it was kind of a surprise to see how reasonable it is to put a travel package together for the SMU game in September if you leave from NY and plan early. Anyone here ever attend a game there?
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    I realize the need to play early season games in warmer climates but looking at the standings had no idea the disparity between home and away games in our conference.
  21. Jimdish255

    Women's Lax

    Back home today Sat 3/18 at noon to take on a strong Florida squad in the chill at Sherman. Fun team to watch. Online: University of Connecticut powered by College Sports Live .
  22. Jimdish255

    CUSE Postponed :)

    They should have loaded Boeheim and crew on a plane Sunday and let them play in lovely Greensboro.
  23. Jimdish255

    RIP to a UConn Fan

    We just lost a family member who lived a full life but had to check off one more box on his bucjet list before he passed. Mick Annunziato, a veteran, educator and fan of UConn Basketball refused a needed trip to the hispital to witness our wonderful Lady Huskies win their 100th straight game on...
  24. Jimdish255

    JMU Up 35 In 2nd Qtr.

    And we lost to Cran-Mars Delicious Mystery Appetizer 16-10 in a Bowl Game then went 3-9 whooped by BC and Tulane with the 122nd Ranked FBS offense. Total Offense | FBS Football Statistics - I'll be moving on to my second bottle of Cab soon. Head bang
  25. Jimdish255

    Mens and Women XC @NE Regionals Friday

    Both Teams Travel to historic Van Cortland Park in the Bronx Tomorrow for the D1 NE Regionals. Both teams finished 4hth in AAC championships with the Men featuring competitive top runners and the Women with a talented young group of improving runners. Women's 6K 11AM Men's 10K NOON NCAA...
  26. Jimdish255

    OT Week 9 Other Games Thread

    Anybody else think 20.5 might be a stretch for SC over UMass? They'll probably put up 40 for the first time this year of course but haven't scored a bunch of points in previous games. (SEC Network Noon) Week 8 Week 9 kinda confusing at this point
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    Still haven't lost and up 14-0 against BYU and 46 year old Taysom Hill.
  28. Jimdish255

    Weekend Game Thread

    Starts with Washington - Stanford. Excited to see what the other Huskies can do with a good young QB in the shotgun reading defenses. I like what they do.
  29. Jimdish255

    A Few Thoughts After Houston

    Definitely not jumping off any bridges after last night. My disappointment in our approach to this season was already baked in after Navy, and the level of competition was extremely high mainly due to 1 exceptional player. And it looked to me like there had been a change of heart towards...
  30. Jimdish255

    Coach Diaco This Morning WTIC

    With Ray Dunaway: LISTEN ON DEMAND: Coach Bob Diaco On The Houston Cougars Not much in the way of specifics. Mindset and priorities seem unchanged. Hates turnovers. When he said we can't spot teams points in the first quarter I was hoping for a little digging on early game planning. Got Zilch...
  31. Jimdish255

    No More Excuses

    Warning: the following consists of the rantings of a frustrated though sober football fanatic. You might want to read in small chunks. HCBD may be many things but he is not equipped to be a Head Coach at the P5 Level. No one who is incapable of learning from their mistakes can ever be...
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    Looks Like I'll Have One Extra For cuse

    Sec 100 about 15 rows up. I'll be in Blue Lot.
  33. Jimdish255

    Conference "RPI"

    Not sure how they figure this out but looking at the OOC games how can you be impressed by what the B12 has done? College Football/NCAAF - College Football Power Rankings and Analysis, A leading sports ratings and resources community on the Internet
  34. Jimdish255

    What Would You Like To See On Offense vs UVA?

    I personally will mention 2 things. Building on the successes of last week by giving our QB more run-pass options and testing the middle of the field more with our Tight Ends. That would do a lot to complement the swing passes we love to run. Other thoughts from the x's and o's guys?