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  1. UofCT2009

    Live ball turnovers

    The AG TO was disgusting.
  2. UofCT2009

    I love this team but...

    We need Adams & Gaffney to be just a tad better from three point range. If they can somehow improve just a little I think we become a serious threat to win the AAC. They should also eat up whatever minutes Gilbert has left. He can't play anymore unfortunately. He's done.
  3. UofCT2009

    Bouknights NBA stock

    An orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankles. That’s what I was told and trust his opinion especially since he has operated on UConn athletes in the past.
  4. UofCT2009

    Bouknights NBA stock

    akok will play every game next season
  5. UofCT2009

    OT: Best Chicken Parmesan and/or Chicken Parmesan Grinder In CT?

    Genoa Deli - Ridgefield OR Cameron’s in Katonah, NY (basically CT).
  6. UofCT2009

    OT: Best Chicken Parmesan and/or Chicken Parmesan Grinder In CT?

    good call with Rinaldis.
  7. UofCT2009

    A Deep Dive Into Grad Transfer Eligible Players

    Best shooter available
  8. UofCT2009

    Most "spectacular" plays in UConn histiory

    Gavin Edwards dunking over/on Harangoty in South Bend
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    So... Site revenue is down 50%

    programmatic bro
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    Great moves by Hurley and Vital

    early morning laugh
  11. UofCT2009

    2020-2021 Roster

    Forgot about Larrier
  12. UofCT2009

    2021 Recruiting: Nate Santos

    Yes please
  13. UofCT2009

    Tre Mitchell

  14. UofCT2009

    Memphis Game Is Sold Out

    It was my buddies work car, apparently there was a recall a few years back and the guy who drove it when the recall was announced did nothing with it. We drove from Wilton to Hartford, parked, and black smoke just poured out of the hood. There was one guy who left his tickets in his car and...
  15. UofCT2009

    Memphis Game Is Sold Out

    Funny story about that game. My buddies car blew up the second we parked in the garage. Spent the whole game in the bar talking to the police/firefighters.
  16. UofCT2009

    Bubble Watch

    14 ppg is a big scorer. Don’t downplay Vitals importance from a scoring/rebounding perspective. I can’t defend his decision making but the dude scores
  17. UofCT2009

    2021 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo

    Walked on too.
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    Beverly shut down Eric Gordon though
  19. UofCT2009


    Adams is going to be a good junior and a great senior.
  20. UofCT2009

    First time all year I think this team can get in the tourny

    Does a 6-2 finish to regular season and 2 wins in AAC get us on bubble?
  21. UofCT2009

    The first four minutes of the second half put almost gave the game away

    You’re the most optimistic boneyarder I’ve seen since 09. You love everyone, you’re proud of every player. What is your secret sauce?
  22. UofCT2009

    Bad night for the Gilbert haters.

    Well unfortunately that is not realistic. Everyone, yourself included, have been and will continue to be critical when you're emotionally invested in a program. Nobody actually hates Gilbert.
  23. UofCT2009

    Bad night for the Gilbert haters.

    Nobody hates the kid. He gets criticized when he plays poorly and praised when he plays well. That is sports. If this makes you uncomfortable maybe you should switch hobbies.
  24. UofCT2009

    Bad night for the Gilbert haters.

    because play well = good and play poor = bad.
  25. UofCT2009

    Bad night for the Gilbert haters.

    If he’s capable of this very often we should see this very often. We don’t. Beautiful to watc What?
  26. UofCT2009

    Farewell to Uconn tomorrow?

    As much as I like watching UConn win on YouTube it would be nice to actually win in the present. The rah rah we have a better program is fun but we legit have been terrible and even worse irrelevant.
  27. UofCT2009

    In more positive news, Bazz picking it up

    I believe it was RingerNBA podcast but they mentioned Murray could be moved
  28. UofCT2009

    3 point shooting since Polley went down

    We have an excuse for every loss.
  29. UofCT2009

    Gilbert Active at Memphis

    AG is nothing like Melo
  30. UofCT2009

    UConn has played well short handed before

    Do we know if Gilbert is joining his teammates on this road trip?