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  1. veryolddog

    OT: Thinking about D-Day

    I am in awe and will always be in awe of the sacrifice that our great men and women made on that day. I also was impressed with the stories of the survivors who were there and were lucky enough to return home and make a life. D-Day was a meat grinder. In my 23 years in the Marine Corps, I have...
  2. veryolddog

    Thinking back this year, I was very

    impressed with the way the UConn women played the game of basketball. I saw a real team effort and a very challenging game with everything on the line. To be candid, I had expected the team to lose to Louisville. I just thought that they were toO dominant and that who knows what team will show...
  3. veryolddog

    Gabby Williams - question?

    For those of you who know the bits and bytes of UConn basketball, can you answer the question: where was Gabby Williams ranked as a player and what other college basketball programs were recruiting her? Thank you.
  4. veryolddog

    Just Plain Merry Christmas

    From Northeast New Mexico. To all of the old men and women, stay healthy, enjoy your families and friends. Enjoy. Remember the day.
  5. veryolddog

    AAC Tournament is a joke!

    Why don't they just hand UConn the championship Trophy on Day 1 and let the other teams play for second place. This is not a question. There is not one team in this league that can compete with UConn and make it a game. UConn would be better off competing against it's male practice players...
  6. veryolddog

    Have you ever thought about

    the "Losers". I have followed this board for many years and when it was recruiting season, I have seen posters wishing specific recruits to join the UConn family and continue the winning tradition. Well, quite a few of the young women decided that their destiny would be better served in joining...
  7. veryolddog

    Basking in the after glow and

    smoking a cigar this morning. I am a UConn grad 1964 and began to watch the women play in 1995. I am 73 and the past four years was a gift for me to see. Since there are a number of us in this age group that are UConn fans, we had the opportunity to see this little bit of history and bask in...