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    WNBA News

    Atlanta released Alex Bentley, who was an unrestricted free agent.
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    McDonalds All American game

    This got me curious about other years, so I looked. Year Total Players Transfers Names of Transfers 2014 24 9 Calhoun (2x), Edwards, Middleton, Mariya Moore, Jatarie White, Recee Caldwell, Gabby Green, Rice, Chatrice White 2013 24 8* Brown, Davis, DeShields, Mavunga, Reimer, Smalls...
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    McDonalds All American game

    Was Sarah Andrews Injured this year? It’s interesting (to me at least) that she wasn’t selected but her teammate Hannah Gusters was selected
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    McDonalds All American game

    In 2008, Rutgers had all five of their recruits in the game. April Sykes, Nikki Speed, and Chelsey Lee all finished their careers at Rutgers. Jasmine Dixon, who transferred to UCLA after five games at Rutgers. (Became at least an All-American Honorable Mention then tore her Achilles.)...
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    December UConn Recruiting Thread

    Would be interesting to see because her sister, Tamari Key, is a freshman at Tennessee.
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    @willtalk I had no real critical thinking when it came between choosing Massey over RPI other than I'm used to looking at Massey. In my ignorance, I didn't realize it used the last 10 games. So that was my error. I've updated the table below to have the current Massey SOS and the RPI SoS...
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    Apparently I had the time this morning. These SOS based on Massey Ratings.
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    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread ESPN has posted an announcement now too.
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    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread
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    October UConn Recruiting Thread

    Can't speak to the exclusion of Edwards from the ProspectsNation Elite 150 2020, but PN hasn't tracked all commits that have happened this year. It's been a bit inconsistent really. Unless there has been a secret de-commit, PN hasn't marked Kateri Poole [committed July 30] as an OhSU commit...
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    September UConn Recruiting Thread

    Michigan is at the bottom of the image (you have to look at the "second" picture in this post, it's really just scrolled down the image...just shows how many school she has).
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    Rookie Success

    I really appreciate this spreadsheet of information, so thank you! I don't want to add more work and I'm not suggesting you do it...but it would be interesting to see of the players who had more successful years 3 and on, which had those successes with the team that drafted them/spent their...
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    Is it to early to look Forward

    Not to be the bearer of bad news, but Saylor will still be in high school in 2020. But Bueckers is plenty exciting enough to keep the excitement alive for 2020.
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    ESPN's Way Too Early Rankings -- UConn moves up!

    I feel like NC State was ranked low initially, but since the first rankings one of their 2020 recruits, Elle Sutphin, reclassified and joined the currently freshmen class. She was a five star recruit according to ESPN. Not sure she's worthy cause of a ten position jump, but it gives them some...
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    Poffenbarger to UConn

    Renee Montgomery and Ketia Swanier the season before her.
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    Non-UConn Recruiting Information

    Just to clarify, this is the same player who "used to be a UConn fan" but then had no interest in? But now has UConn in their top 12? I know kids can have changes of heart and say things without thinking long-term, so just know, I'm only giving her a hard time in jest. But looks like we can...
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    Honesty Scott-Grayson released from Baylor...[merged]

    I know this doesn't counter the point you're making but to be fair to Temi, at least she finished her Undergraduate degree in Anthropology at Harvard [three playing seasons because the NCAA ruled her ineligible her freshmen season] before transferring to USC, for her final year of eligibility...
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    Is There an Issue With Kristine Anigwe?

    Griner is leading the league in scoring right now at 19.4 ppg.
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    Non-UConn Recruiting Information

    Shy’s sister Shayla is a freshman on the team for Purdue-Ft. Wayne so she and her may be close and like the idea of playing together
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    UConn First Night

    This tweet was posted in a separate thread. So, maybe conversations have picked up ?
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    UConn First Night

    Wasn't there just a tweet about UConn getting one of her five official visits ? Have things changed since that announcement?
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    Kat Tudor-Oregon State Beaver, returns to the gym!

    Happy to see her back out there recovered from her ACL injury and surgery shooting and moving. Will she not need a brace at all ?
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    2019-20 nonconference schedules

    I don't know if we are still sharing Non Conference schedules, but OSU shared theirs a few weeks back. Valpo and Sacramento St. are the only +200 RPI's (from last year). Next highest (or is it lowest?) is Radford at 75. Pretty fun schedule overall for a team with one senior and 10...
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    Are Transfers Bad for Women's Basketball?

    I don't think transfers have any more to do with fairness to "many hard-working players" than a coach that recruits a top freshman in the same position as a player already on the team. If a player on the roster is welcoming of hard work and a challenge, they would see new talented players on...
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    Non-UConn Recruiting Information

    There was a conversation about this recently Hopkins in Minneapolis has also had success. 2013: Nia Coffey – Northwestern (Ranked #24 by PN and ESPN) 2015: T'Aire "TeeTee" Starks – Iowa State [finished at Arizona] (Ranked #40 by PN, Unranked by ESPN) 2016: Nia Hollie – Michigan State (Ranked...
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    HoopGurlz Rankings Changes

    Thank you for doing all that work. All the schools, outside of Iowa City H.S. I was aware of having many top players come through their system but completely blanked when I was examining the Hopkins concept. Whitney Young is a tank, how did I forget them. I forgot about one of my local high...
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    HoopGurlz Rankings Changes

    It is interesting seeing the differences between PN and ESPN. PN has Gabby Hutcherson at #11 and ESPN doesn't have her ranked. ESPN has Diamond Johnson at #6 (What was she before? I don't remember her name being this high) and PN doesn't have her ranked. Oh Right, of course. That's a massive...
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    HoopGurlz Rankings Changes

    Anyone know more about Hopkins HS? It's a public school but it seems they regularly send their players to Division 1 schools. 2013: Nia Coffey – Northwestern (Ranked #24 by PN and ESPN) 2015: T'Aire "TeeTee" Starks – Iowa State [finished at Arizona] (Ranked #40 by PN, Unranked by ESPN) 2016...
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    Any word on Colson?

    I think she’s in concussion protocol and had a cut above her eye.
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    Sidney Cooks to Miss St. - Yikes! I am asleep at the wheel

    I believe, Cooks explained her reasoning for leaving Michigan State was she wanted to find a team who played and uptempo style of play that suited her skillsets, even though she loved playing at MichiganState and playing for Coach Merchant, she felt she needed to go elsewhere to find this style...
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    Impact transfers (spring 2019)

    Am I confused or does D. Walker have potential for two seasons (obviously would need a waiver approval for the second [sixth year of eligibility]) ?
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    Texas WBB announces 2019-20 nonconference schedule

    I was going to say, not sure Ohio University is a highlight opponent, seeing as the Bobcats didn't even win the MAC last year but then I saw the other teams on the Non-Conference slate.
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    Laksa? Collins?

    Who knew Brenda was such a wizard with Adobe products. ;)
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    Is Ohio State on the Way Back?

    This will cause some excitement for the fans in Columbus but with such a big class, I fear the same issues with recruiting will happen for Ohio State that happened during the Kelsey Mitchell years and in turn put them in the precarious spot last season where they needed 5 grad transfers. Where...
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    New transfer thread

    One of Penn State’s 2019 Commits has flipped to Ohio State. Madison Greene out of Pickerington Central announced last night. I know this is transfers, but I think she signed so it would “technically” be a transfer, no?