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    ESPNW top 25 1. Oregon 2. Baylor 3. UConn 4. Stanford 5. Maryland 6. Oregon State 7. Louisville 8. South Carolina 9. Texas A&M 10. Mississippi State 11. Florida State 12. UCLA 13. NC...
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    St Thomas (MN) trying to go D3->D1

    Has an offer to join Summit League Would try for Pioneer or MoValley for FB & the WCHA for Hockey.
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    Most successful college sports programs

    All these various rankings are silly of course, but .... #4
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    (ot): CFP Tracker

    Forgot who used to do this, but I will fill in unless he wants to reclaim. Criteria was 0 losses for a G5 and 0/1 losses for P5. 26 Teams still alive: ACC (3): 2 Clemson, 19 Wake, 20 UVa B12 (3): 22 Baylor, 6 Okla, 11 Tex B10 (6): 4 Ohio St, 10 Penn St, 16 Mich, 26 Minn, 8 Wisc, 17 Iowa Ind...
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    Massey composite

    Akron takes over top (bottom) spot after loss to UMass. And chances of a win are not high. UMass 2nd worst. Then UTEP, BGSU, NMSU, USA, UTSA UConn 8th. On the other side, Ohio St #1, Clemson 3rd, and Aub 4th (Bama #2). Among conferences: B12 39.9 SEC 43.0 -- 8% below line above P12 45.1 --...
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    GT transfers eligible at Lou

    Posted here since transfer eligibility is of particular interest.
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    45 days !!

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    Is this Sue Bird? Caption says it is, but not what I wouldve guessed. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing her without her hair tied up in a an elastic. :)
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    G5 winner?

    With UCF's loss, Boise is probably in the driver's seat, but they have some challenges ahead. AppSt can go undefeated if they win at SC Army has a winnable schedule, and their only loss is the 2ot game at Michigan
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    Not a bad pic

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    NC governor pushing for greater ACCN coverage
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    Is Gino Torretta the greatest Gino/Geno of all time?

    He did win the Heisman.
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    Rank UConn's NC Guards

    Just for fun. The lead guard on each of the NC teams: 1995 - Rizzotti (Jr) 2000 - Bird (So) 2002 - Bird (Sr)/Taurasi (So) 2003 - Taurasi (Jr) 2004 - Taurasi (Sr) 2009 - Renee (Sr) 2010 - Doty (So) 2013 - Hartley (Jr) 2014 - Hartley (Sr)/MoJ (So) 2015 - MoJ (Jr) 2016 - MoJ (Sr)...
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    LSU athletic $ will no longer support university

    Report: LSU Athletics to end fund-transfer policy with school While I'd agree there is danger in the U being dependent on relying on athletic money, it would be even more problematic to have toilets of gold in the athletic building while professors/courses are being cut. The school should...
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    Battle of New England

    UConn vs the World UCONN Starters: Rizzotti (CT), Sales (CT), Bascom (NH), Lobo (MA), Wolters (MA) Bench: R Williams (CT), Conlon (CT), W Davis (CT), Berube (MA), Najarian (MA) +: Lishness (CT), A Valley (VT), M Valley (VT), Buck (CT) WORLD Starters: J Wideman (MA/Stanf), Domond (CT/Iowa)...
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    OT: Best TV Dad (comedy)

    Rules: Comedy Being a Dad had to be a key part of the show Main character
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    Gottlieb to Cavs

    Cal's Lindsay Gottlieb hired by John Beilein as an asst coach at Cleveland Cavs ! And a P5 job opens up VERRRRRRRY late!
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    2020-1 roster

    I feel like I’m missing someone? Walker Westbrook CW ONO Griffin Ania Bueckers
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    Gusters to Baylor

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    OT:  Best TV Mom

    Should've done this last week, but here goes ... Limiting it to TV comedies where the Mom is a major character. To be clear, I'm not talking about best actress or performance, but the "Best Mom" (however you define that).
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    U16 Trials

    A bunch of northeasterners! Is UConn interested in any of them? Thirty-Three Athletes Accept Invitations to USA Women’s U16 National Team Trials Fourteen athletes are from the high school class of 2021, including (HG/PN ranks): 2 / 3 - Olivia Miles (Blair Academy/Phillipsburg NJ) 6 / 2 -...
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    Mimi Collins transferring from TN

    Highly regarded F from the DC area. TN's front line gets even thinner. Lady Vols lose another transfer with Collins' exit
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    Voepel questions UNC/Banghart

    I almost was gonna say "trashes." It's not quite that harsh, but given how tepid WCBB analysis tends to be, this would qualify as trashing on a curve. Which is not to say it's completely unfair. The lack of hoopla by UNC for a new coach is deplorable. But the questions about Banghart seem a...
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    NCAA WCBB strategic plan

    slide show NCAA releases an “aspirational” five-year strategic framework for women’s basketball pdf form NCAA releases an “aspirational” five-year strategic framework for women’s...
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    Sherri adds Coquese

    Big pickup! And Coale has definitely committed herself to offseason changes after last year's dismal performance. Coquese Washington Named WBB Assistant Coach
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    Wooden Award = Ionescu

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    NCAA Records

    MOST FINAL FOURS UConn 20 Tenn 18 Stanf 13 LaTech 10 NDame 9 Maryland, Georgia, LSU 5 MOST CONSECUTIVE FINAL FOURS 12 - UConn* 12 5 - Stanford, NDame, LSU, UConn (00-04) 4 - Tenn (02-05), LaTech, Tenn (95-98), Tenn (86-89) CURRENT FINAL 4 STREAKS 12 - UConn 2 - N Dame MOST SWEET 16s 34 -...
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    nd 2019-20

    Wow. Do they go after grad transfers? Sniezek? Olson/ESPN ranking below SR G Cole (walk on) JR G Benz (walk on) F Patterson (#30, 8 mpg) RS SO C Vaughn (#56, 9 mpg) SO G Gilbert (#27, 15 mpg before injury) G Prohaska (#73, 14 mpg) F Cosgrove (#68, 3 mpg) G Nixon (#38, 10 mpg) FR G...
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    Final top 25

    My picks based on tournament AND season. And for those who think final 25s are pointless, I agree and your objection is noted. Baylor ND Oregon -- if Cox didnt get injured the Ducks wouldve been the team that came closest to Bay down the stretch UConn Louisville Miss St Stanford Iowa NC St Tx...
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    Still proud of this team

    I'm definitely not want of those sentimental types for sports, but this team really did surprise and impress me. After Azura left I figured this would be the year the final 4 streak ended, and that ND would kill us both times. But they showed a lot of heart and tenacity and I'm grateful for...
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    2018 F4 coverage nominated for a Sports Emmy

    Outstanding Playoff Coverage NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - tbs/CBS/TNT/truTV AFC Championship New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs - CBS SEC Championship Game Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Georgia Bulldogs - CBS 2018 FIFA World Cup on FOX - FOX/FS1/FOXSPORTS.COM NCAA Women's Basketball...
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    Detroit Free Press trolls Duke

    A day late, but thought you might enjoy this:
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    active coaches who have beaten Geno

    Ever. A remarkably small list: Hatchell McCallie (at Mich St) McGraw* Walz CVS* Barnes-Arico Schaefer Mulkey* Fennelly Tara* Turner-Thorne Perretta* And the 5 starred who are the only ones to have done it more than once.