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  1. geordi

    Bring back the white dog

    At would seem that we have all the evidence we now need. Since the University made the decision to retire the old friendly, white Jonathan as our mascot, all we've had is pain. It's clear that moving to the new wolf-like Husky has resulted in losing seasons for at least men's basketball...
  2. geordi

    What! No morality at Puke? We shoulda known.

    Well this is interesting. Ever wonder why so many burger boys end up at Puke? Gilbert Arenas: Duke has paid players $200,000 to play there
  3. geordi

    Another UConn alum makes it big.

    Not only did we find out that Rebecca Howe - Back Seat Becky - of CHEERS fame was a UConn alumni, but last night it came to light that Jason Bull, the eminent trial consultant and jury selector, was also a UConn student. We're really hitting the big time.
  4. geordi

    Chong vs Stewie, Tuck, Mo

    We just lost perhaps the greatest class in WBB history. Over their collegiate career, Stewie, Tuck, and Moriah won 4 National Championships, had 2 undefeated seasons, and their career record was 151-6. Almost unbelievable. Like Burke last night, I didn't expect them to have left South Bend...
  5. geordi

    This is clearly the fault of Calhoun, Auriemma, Edsel, etc

    If those clowns had not gotten us into the Big East, created a basketball machine that brought us to the top of the men's and women's collegiate game, won 4 men's championships and 11 women's championships, moved us into D1 respectability, and gone to all those bowl games including the Fiesta...
  6. geordi

    We're #1

    According to the NCAA stats at this moment, Connecticut leads the nation in team free throw percentage at 78.4%. Now we just have to get to the line more often. Remember under the JC teams we'd make more free thrrows than the other team took. We need to do that again to make wins come more...
  7. geordi

    Congrats to BCU

    The Ultimate Double achieved. A complete Oh-fer in both football and basketball. And you guys said they weren't P-5 material.
  8. geordi

    Here's another thing I don't quite understand

    Late in the game - several games lately - the game is close but we are up by a few points. Everyone in the building knows that the opponent is going to foul someone hoping we'll miss a free throw. And we have Purvis out there who is shooting 60%. We are a great free throw shooting team; top 5...
  9. geordi

    South Carolina game

    Does anyone know which hotel the team will be staying at for the South Carolina game in Columbia?
  10. geordi

    Anyone have 2 tickets to the South Carolina game

    in Columbia the lower bowl?
  11. geordi

    Purvis - foul shots

    At the risk of incurring the 'announcer's curse' on Rodney, have you noticed that his foul shooting has been better lately? Since the Tulane game, the last 6 games, he's shooting 18-23, 78%. Do I remember correctly that, a couple of years ago, KO put in some work on foul shooting for the team...
  12. geordi

    Abbott & Costello were right

  13. geordi

    Headed toward a million....

    Congratulations to all of us. In another few hours or so, the Boneyard will hit 1,000,000 messages. The poster who posts the 1,000,000 message on the nose will receive two all expense paid tickets to Diana's Pool and a cup of weak coffee at Ted's, compliments of Fishy, Nan, and Tom.
  14. geordi

    Shabazz on the wall

    Just heard an interview with Boat saying that Shabazz was put on the wall tonight at the celebration of the women's championship. Well deserved!
  15. geordi

    Shabazz passes Jesus Shuttlesworth

    With 25 today, he now has 1925 points passing Ray Ray for 4th place on the list. How about two more games of 33 and 33 to more to #3?
  16. geordi

    Shabazz - 1900

    Shabazz' last point tonight was his 1900th in a UConn uniform. He's the fifth leading scorer in UConn history and - and I don't believe this myself - with 23 points in the Sunday game, he'll pass Ray Allen for #4. Congrats, Bazz. The only question now is when does his number go up on the wall?
  17. geordi

    Raleigh vs Charleston

    My wife and I are thinking about retiring to one of those two cities. We know Charleston reasonably well. Is there anyone out there that lives in the Raleigh area that can give me some feedback on living there? Things to do? Arts/Culture? Entertainment? Good golf courses? Good golf...
  18. geordi

    Dukes's Chances

    So I figure that if the Pukies lose another 2 games or more and squeak by a couple more against competition that is in the bottom half of the conference, they will likely be ranked in the top 1 or 2 in the AP poll, don't you think? I guess we'd have to beat 3 top 25 teams by 30 points to move...
  19. geordi

    Ranked Teams - AAC v ACC

    Amazing, isn't it? Even in a new league that's not supposed to be very good, even with the All Cash Conference poaching most of the Big East, the American still has more teams ranked in the top 25 right now than they do. Go figure.
  20. geordi


    Just watching Navy -Notre Dame. Seems to me that recruiting for Navy - for any service academy - has got to be about as hard as any. Just don't get 5 stars and few, if any 4 stars. But Ken Niumatulolo seems to always get good players and, more importantly, crafts them into a team that can...
  21. geordi

    Making History??

    So this fall, Michigan plays at Connecticut. The Michigan helmets are distinctive since they have the wolverine logo on the front of the helmet from the eyes back. The Connecticut helmets are distinctive since they have the husky eyes logo on the fron of the helmet from the eyes back. Is...
  22. geordi

    Uniform Prediction

    Tomorrow, the University is scheduled to unveil the football team's new uniforms. After all of the bitching and negativity about the incompetence of Herbst and Manuel, the lack of an 80,000 seat stadium, and the screaming about the new logo, here's the question. Exactly which posters on this...
  23. geordi

    Maryland Lawsuit

    Does anyone have any idea what the time frame is for settlement on the Maryland lawsuit is at this point? Obviously, it could be settled out of court at any time, but if the ACC is going to play hardball as many here are anticipating, when could this come to trial and be settled?
  24. geordi

    Game on TV in Tucson???

    Does anyone know of a place that might be able to get tonite's game on TV in Tucson?
  25. geordi

    What if...

    We're 18-7. Honestly, at the beginning of the season, I thought if we won 18 it would be a great season. Probably should have won the Marquette game at least. Maybe a few more. 34 in RPI. 22 in SOS. We've been out rebounded by an average of 5 per game and in some games (PC) destroyed on...
  26. geordi

    I honestly don't understand all the angst

    The two main themes on this board for the past 24 hours is 1) how dare they not invite Connecticut and 2) the ACC is on the verge of imploding and will become less relevant. If that's true, why do we want to go from an irrelevant conference to an irrelevant conference. Ok! I understand the...
  27. geordi

    If your heads are exploding now, what about another BE expanssion

    At this point, the BE sits at 13 teams without Lville. We are going to have to add one more. I can't wait to see the angst on this board when we add another CUSA type team. Maybe Air Force, and likely in the west, but what other options might be out there? Nevada? Tulsa? Hell, I'd like a...
  28. geordi

    Come in off the ledge, guys!

    Looking at how the rumors may shake out, it's somewhat likely we'll be playing in the old Big East before long anyway. The B1G, SEC, and Big 12 are going to have to act at some point. Unless they canabalize each other, which is certainly possible (i.e., the B1G taking Kansas), their targets...
  29. geordi

    Good article on KO taking charge.
  30. geordi

    People who can suck our nuts...

    This one's for you, Fishy. ( For those not other wise initiated, see the 'Kornheiser vs. Simmons' thread.) I'll start us off. Mark Emmert
  31. geordi

    Notre Dame leaving is a 'negative?'. Don't understand it.

    For the last several years, it seemed like 60 per cent of posters or more were highly up in arms about NDs status of football independence. They have advocated everything from just kicking them out to formally stringing the whole buch in South Bend up. The level of vitriol was off the scale...
  32. geordi

    It is possible that the NCAAs actions may be their undoing??? Reading between the lines of this article, there are certainly some of the folks involved that seem to have significant problem with the NCAA taking on an issue that...
  33. geordi

    Naming rights

    So, it would appear that, since we are between seasons, there is little on the board as far as news or anything else to get excited about. Unless something comes up soon, I'm going to have to go back to work and get something done here. And we all know that we can't have that now, can we...
  34. geordi

    Puke is toast...but

    for the last 24 hours, I've been reading the rants and mindless crap that these illiterate sports writers have been spewing about how bad the Connecticut program has become. The program (after two final fours in the past four years and a national championship last year, bu the way) has peaked...
  35. geordi

    'Splain sothin' to me, Lucy...

    How do you get outrebounded by 40 - 24, commit 13 turnovers, shoot 65% from the line, and still win? Spectacular win given all that. Wanna bet that JC has them doing the box out drill for hours a day for the next year til their tongues hang out? Lot's of guts...