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  1. jibsey

    Channel 3 UCONN Fan Poll

    So last night I’m watching sports on the news and they were running a poll. It was which team do fans watch when both the UCONN men’s and women’s basketball teams are on tv at the same time? The results they had on were men 12%, women 88%. I was surprised at that lopsided number I must say...
  2. jibsey


    Started the season looking like he was a different player, what has happened? His shooting is off and he's not having the impact I thought he would.
  3. jibsey

    Betts and Price To Dodgers

    They cleared the salary but just went into the tank. Rebuild huh?
  4. jibsey

    Polley Today = Win

    We’re not deep enough without a shooter. We have him back next year but we need another for insurance.
  5. jibsey

    Akok and Carlton

    First off, Whalley played great, so he gets props but the weakness offensively around the rim from Carlton is unreal, broken record. Now Akok blocked 2 shots but his inability to score from point blank to outside is worrisome. We got 5 points from them both. Unacceptable. Rebounds we were fine...
  6. jibsey

    Our 3 Point Shooting

    I did some checking and we’re at 33% but don’t forget that was with Polley. We compare favorably to many decent teams. Vandy just went 0 for 25 in a game and still shoots over 30%. I have to admit we are better than I thought but I’m concerned going forward without Polley. Need AG and Vital to...
  7. jibsey

    Bouknight Ain’t Goin Anywhere

    After 2 years. He’s going to need 3 minimum to work on his body and outside shooting if he wants to play in the NBA. And it would be a shame to see him end up in G league or Europe. He needs to chat with Ray and Rip and then put the work in.
  8. jibsey

    Astros/Red Sox Cheating Scandal

    Yes I’m a Yankee fan but OK here goes. Hinsch and his GM suspended then fired. Lost top 4 draft picks over next 2 years which ain’t much. Beltran the Mets manager and Red Sox Cora was a MAJOR PARTICIPANT in 2017. and involved but nothing has come down yet. 2018 Red Sox WS under Cora being looked...
  9. jibsey

    Team Can Make Statement Today

    OK, so Tyler is out but the team can reset it's season today. We have enough experience and talent to do this. We've played good teams tough and if Gilbert and Carlton come to play and Bouknight asserts himself we can win today. That would be the start to save this season. I say it's possible...
  10. jibsey

    Too Many Deficiencies- NIT

    There are some good moments coming as we have seen in recent past games against decent teams but even though this team has more talent than the last couple of years our key players have too many faults and limitations. True we won’t have the blowout losses we saw at 1 year ago but when you see...
  11. jibsey

    Akok Only 25 Minutes

    I understand trying to not get the 3rd foul in the first half but with the game slipping away you take a risk, and he was on the bench plenty in the second half. Hurley played him like he had 4 fouls. The other thing was where was the new Adams yesterday?
  12. jibsey

    St. Joe’s: How did that Happen?

    We lost to St. Joe’s who is losing to Temple now 85-38. Is Temple a final 4 team or did we just suck that day?
  13. jibsey

    Steak and Cheese

    I thought I'm going to D'Angelo's for steak and cheese only to find out there doesn't seem to be any of them that are open. So once I had the idea in my mind I had to find one yesterday and I ended up at G's Steak and Grinders on Park St. I'm sure this was discussed in a separate topic but...
  14. jibsey

    Va Lost By 29 to Purdue 69-40

  15. jibsey

    Starting Lineup

    It ain’t changin’ is it? And the youngins got thrown to the bench all at once yesterday. Akok with his length part of that group but the defensive intensity that Hurley wanted wasn’t there with the second team Bouk included.
  16. jibsey


    Louisville is ranked #1 in the country right now and it appears that Enoch is contributing to that. last night beating previously unbeaten Michigan 26 minutes, 13 points, 10 rebounds, 1 block, 2-5 from 3. But he couldn’t get past Brimah in KO’s lineup and was called a stiff by many. His father...
  17. jibsey

    Josh Carlton Needs “The Jimmy”

    Seinfeld episode 105. Jerry and George encounter Jimmy in the locker room after basketball. If you remember Jimmy sells sneakers(very weird looking) that improve vertical leap. Josh needs to spend his life in a pair of those. At the game it looked worse than it normally does on tv I have to say...
  18. jibsey


    What are we expecting from them? I bet it's empty at the XL. I think the snow is holding up till maybe 3pm which would be OK.
  19. jibsey

    Clock Winding Down

    AG creating for Bouk or Bouk with the ball doing his thing. I think both scenarios.
  20. jibsey

    Could The Xavier loss Help Us?

    If they are very very good this season that double overtime with us down 10 at the half says we can play with anyone, and the committee might view it as an asset. Crushing Miami, beating Florida with no Bouk. Just imagine.
  21. jibsey

    Blue Blood Recruiting

    It’s a different universe isn’t it. Nothing to be done about it but it rankles nonetheless. Storylines to watch 1. Blue bloods getting work done early We've become accustomed to seeing Duke and Kentucky rebuild their rosters in the spring, after players declare for the NBA draft. And last...
  22. jibsey

    No Way to Stream Giants For Free on CBS out of Area?

    Without buying some kind of package?
  23. jibsey

    OT: Yankee Injuries

    Was talking to a fellow Yankee fan who asked how it is possible for so many players to go out with injuries this year? We both remember that in 1961 the Yankees had Moose Skowron on first, Richardson on second, Kubek short, Boyer 3rd, Maris, Mantle and Hector Lopez or Bob Cerv outfield and Yogi...
  24. jibsey

    My Well!

    No pressure on the tank. My plumber is on the way over to see what it is, controller box, pump whatever. Only 10 years old. Waiting for the verdict. Please direct positive mental energy and vibe to my well pump. Thanks.
  25. jibsey

    OT: Propane Gas Fireplace Insert

    I’m looking for someone who can do the gas line through a brick fireplace from just outside and hookup to a 100 gal tank, and install it in the fireplace inside the box. A license is needed for the gas hookup with inspection by town. Also the sealed tubes have to be done up through the flue. In...
  26. jibsey

    We Were Painted Into A Corner Every Year

    Last year we went 1-4 major non conference with our only win against Cuse prior to December’s end and that was a recurring theme year in and out in the AAC. We had to schedule strong early and get it done or else. Even though the pressure to win is not reduced the perception of having a decent...
  27. jibsey

    Appreciating Our Future New Schedule

    I remember a time back in 2011 going to the Civic Center to watch Kemba play Marquette ( I think we lost), and saying to my wife it’s a shame it’s just Marquette and not Cuse or Georgetown. Now I will slurp up Marquette like a chocolate milkshake! My son lives in Arlington and I used to love...
  28. jibsey

    Mets Alonzo breaks Strawberry’s rookie record

    27 homers breaks Strawberry’s rookie record and it’s June! This is quite a story on a disfunctional and snakebitten team. The kid is amazing. And this from a Yankee fan.
  29. jibsey

    Is The B.E. The Likely Final Landing Spot?

    Hate to speculate but since that’s all we do anyway it seems to be the popular opinion here that we are realistically locked out of a P5 slot because our football is doomed to mediocrity for all purposes and is not worthy or competitive for a spot. That is the sense I am getting. Don’t get me...
  30. jibsey

    TV Comparison BE vs AAC

    Who covers what? Where are ratings and exposure better and are they both doing the ESPN + thing where you have to stream? This is actually a key factor because kids like their tv exposure. I’m not as worried about monetary compensation at first.
  31. jibsey

    Anyone Else getting an Invite to the Big East or Who should?

    Maybe it opens the gate for other non Catholic schools and an opportunity to further upgrade the BE. I understand the football is limiting to some schools like Cincy but what if the American allows them and us to stay in football?
  32. jibsey

    Impact on Recruiting for Move to Big East

    The immediate upgrade in opponents from old rivalry's like Nova, Gtown , St. johns is great. That with a strong OOC ticks up our fan home attendance. Now Hurley has something to sell. He's done well so far but I expect even better results. Remember kids wanted to come here but the conference...
  33. jibsey

    ESPN List top 100 transfers eligible for 2019

    Just went through the list and unless I’ve missed something there is no one still left who could be a Carlton backup. Is that correct? Are we working off a top 200 transfer list? I don’t understand how we did not get someone. A lot of the players committed to schoolsthat never won a thing and...
  34. jibsey


    Hike. That’s Dukes #1 recruiting class for the 3rd straight year. Yes I know they didn’t win it but it’s still sickening to me.
  35. jibsey

    Is This Our Team Pretty Much?

    Are we likely to add really good players at this poont or are we whistling in the wind? I know we are pursuing grad transfers but haven’t most of the 4 and 5 star freshman big men talents already committted? So this is the team with 3 new additions good though they may be? Does not seem like...