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  1. geordi

    Generational Players-when can you tell?

    So if a “generational” player is based on championships, Dan Marino and Barry Bonds are not ‘generational’ despite their career accomplishments! Tyler Olander is???
  2. geordi

    Calhoun and Company

    I'll always love Rod Sellars for his defense on Chrissy Laettner.
  3. geordi

    Matt Peart to NFL Combine (2/23 -> 3/2)...

    And if fecal matter were gold, we'd all be rich. Really?????
  4. geordi


    Maybe we shouldn't foul so much!!!
  5. geordi

    2020 Season Tickets? Renewing or not?

    I live in South Carolina, so I haven't been to many games for years. I've bought tickets for the past 5 years, just to show some support, with the proviso that they are used to get asses in seats, i.e. families of recruits, donors or potential donors, kids from the area, etc. Even went to the...
  6. geordi

    This is not good.

    Not to be a stickler, but the line comes from The Secret of the Sierra Madre, not Blazing Saddles. Although Blazing Saddles may be one of the top 3 movies ever made. They just couldn't make that one today.
  7. geordi

    Worse game ever?

    Tu (freaking) lane -- 63-60.
  8. geordi

    Unexcused Absence: Why Is College Football Attendance Tanking? (SI)

    I believe there is a more insidious reason for dwindling attendance, not only for college football, but all sports. Much of what hardcore said is likely true. But over time, money has attacked and diminished the integrity of all games and that leads to people blowing off actual attendance. If...
  9. geordi

    Bring back the white dog

    At would seem that we have all the evidence we now need. Since the University made the decision to retire the old friendly, white Jonathan as our mascot, all we've had is pain. It's clear that moving to the new wolf-like Husky has resulted in losing seasons for at least men's basketball...
  10. geordi

    Giants next head coach?

    Anyone who can get them to 0-16. I hate the Giants. At least until they play the Plowboys.
  11. geordi

    Keeping Randy Edsall

    You guys are clearly wack jobs. Edsall isn’t going anywhere for at least a year and maybe two. Then you can get a read on whether he’s going in the right direction. By right direction, I mean winning seasons...7-6; 8-5; we’re never going to be a lot better than that, maybe an occasional 9-3...
  12. geordi

    Of Course This Diet Came From A UConn Baller

    Hey! Cut him some slack. This diet works. Every time I put my beer can down, it weights less than when I picked it up.
  13. geordi

    So What's Next?

    Yeah. But we no longer have a conference
  14. geordi

    So What's Next?

    So, what’s next? Well, I’d say that half of us eejits on this board want Edsall fired, half want to give him at least one more year, half really don’t care as long as the entertainment value of reading the competing posts of the first two groups maintains a high level. News flash folks. It’s...
  15. geordi

    Hardcore out

    Ok, I think I’ve got it. If a UConn coach tells a recruit - even a 4 or 5 star recruit - that he should play at UConn, that should be enough to get him here. If he chooses to go to Alabama, or Clemson, or Ohio State, or Notre Dame, it’s the coaches fault. He just can’t recruit and he should be...
  16. geordi

    Good Feelings Again

    Damn!!!! Now it will be another week before we get a 'fire Randy' thread. How can I live like this?????
  17. geordi

    What! No morality at Puke? We shoulda known.

    Well this is interesting. Ever wonder why so many burger boys end up at Puke? Gilbert Arenas: Duke has paid players $200,000 to play there
  18. geordi


    I dunno. He couldn't recruit in year one because he came in too late. His recruits in year 2 and 3 are redshirt freshmen and true freshmen respectively. They were saying that 43% of the roster are redshirts and true freshmen. I figure that, without the turnovers, we score at least 10 more...
  19. geordi

    Dog or cat?

    Get a pet rock and name it Fido. A dog or cat are basically equal. They both taste like chicken.
  20. geordi

    No New Jerseys, No Block C Gear Available

    The block ‘C’ is dull, unimaginative, and mundane. (Oh, wait! That means it’s probably perfect for our fan base.). A logo should be immediately recognizable and related to the University. A block ‘C’ could make us California, Colorado, Cincinnati, hell we could be Carver High School (for...
  21. geordi

    No New Jerseys, No Block C Gear Available

    Once again. Block C sucks.
  22. geordi

    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi unofficial visit today

    The damn breaks every time I open my mouth. The dam is still fully intact and holding back the river.
  23. geordi

    Charleston Classic

    Well, I can set up golf at my club if you are interested. But there's tons of Civil War stuff here...Ft. Sumter, the Hunley (CSA submarine - first to sink a ship). Tours of Old Charleston, ghost tours and the like. Boone Hall Plantation is a nice side trip. South Carolina Aquarium...
  24. geordi

    Charleston Classic

    I live down here now. TD Arena holds about 5100 and seats are generally general admission. This is a good walking city, lots of bars and restaurants in the area. Parking shouldn't be much of a problem... either availability or cost. (Drink costs are nominal too, compared to bigger cities.)...
  25. geordi

    OT: PB&J

    Forget the jelly. It's all about Peanut Butter and Banana. And throw a slice of cheese on it for good measure.
  26. geordi

    UConn Should Install the Triple Option

    This could not have been written by 'guapo.' Sounds more like guano.
  27. geordi

    Golf Lessons

    You don’t need golf lessons. I can give you one tip that will take 7 strokes off your score. Skip a par three.
  28. geordi

    OT: Sun Glasses Recommendations

    Serengeti Aviators. Whether they work or not is not important. But you'll look pretty sexy.
  29. geordi

    Eric Torkelson - '74

    For the record, our first win over Yale was in 1966. I was there on my birthday. Tork wasn't at UConn then. Might have been confused with Vin Clements, another incredible back that played for the Giants for a couple years.
  30. geordi

    Reality set sin for Pitino.

    Daltrey probably wasn't complaining about the smoke in the 70s because much of it was coming from his own blunt.
  31. geordi

    gym etiquette

    What pisses me off completely is someone telling me I ought to go the the gym!!!! How is that helpful.
  32. geordi

    Boneyard Off Season Dad Jokes

    The wives of three Indians were pregnant. The first Indian was so proud that he shot an antelope and brought his wife a genuine antelope hide robe. The second was so proud that he shot a buffalo and brought his wife a genuine buffalo hide robe. The third was immensely proud because his wife...
  33. geordi

    Better Job: St Johns or UC?

    'plumb' job???? Does that mean that it comes our of a sewer????