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  1. SirHypeAlot

    Who is this guy?

    I’ve always wondered who the big guy is with the beard that sits directly behind Hurley at almost every home game
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    Hurley’s next move

    Bench Vital Gilbert and Polley til the first media timeout Sunday. IDGAF that it’s Florida. The team as it’s constructed now isn’t going anywhere. We’re building for next year two games in. The younger guys need to see this. Run the kid from Southington, Adams and sid. Hurley hems and haws like...
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    voldemort Two Deep 8-18-19

  4. SirHypeAlot

    Andrew Hurley

    Noticed a number of players saying get well soon on Instagram to Hurley’s son Andrew. Hopefully he is ok.
  5. SirHypeAlot

    2019 CT Gatorade Player of the Year: Chad Knight

    Congrats to Chad. Very impressive stat line for the young man. He has been a stud since his little league days.
  6. SirHypeAlot

    Thursday Degen Action

    Auburn -6 Belmont ML Murray State +4 Northeastern +8 I missed on Saint Mary's. Shoulda hit that earlier this week at +6.5/7 or however high it was. Down to 4 now
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    Power 6

    ACC Big 12 Big East Big Ten PAC-12 SEC Mike Aresco can go light himself on fire.
  8. SirHypeAlot

    Sydney Johnson out at Fairfield

    Thank god. His overall was 116-147 over 8 years at Fairfield. This was step 1. Step 2 should be to bring all the games back on campus. No one goes to Harbor Yard.
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    UConn -3.5

    Let’s get this W Been knocking on the door for awhile now. I think we break through today.
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    Help remembering a recruits name

    What’s the name of the bouncy point guard who was living in Waterbury and then I think his family moved to Springfield? I think he’s class of 2020...can’t remember his name and I can’t find him on any of the recruiting sites. Thanks
  11. SirHypeAlot

    Papa John

    He is sitting right behind the Kentucky bench decked out in Kentucky gear. Almost have to respect this move.
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    The Storrs Address

    97 Scores and 2 coaches later we are once again the talk of the college football world. Not such a good look these days. It used to be good stories of the Cinderella and fastest rising football program. For good and bad. Not even a decade in! They didn't sell out the Fiesta bowl? A lot of guys...
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    Our AAC record over the last three years. This period will forever be known as The 4Hunnid Age of UConn Basketball. Scoot Scoot playa!
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    Offensive Boards off Missed Free Throws

    I watch too much basketball. All different conferences from the ACC to the Summit League. Never in my life have I seen a team struggle to rebound the ball off the opposing team's free throws like I saw last night. That was the most pathetic display of rebounding I have ever seen. USF missed 17...
  15. SirHypeAlot

    Mark Few and what a real program looks like

    Gonzaga OOC Tue, Nov 6 Idaho State Texas Southern Texas A&M Illinois Arizona Duke North Dakota State Creighton Washington Tennessee North Carolina UT Arlington Denver North Alabama CSU Bakersfield UConn OOC Morehead St UMKC Cuse Iowa Cornell UNH UMass Lowell Arizona Lafayette FSU Manhattan...
  16. SirHypeAlot

    Obi to the Pats

    Happy for him. They have the resources to coach him up and they could use depth in their secondary. Great landing spot for him.
  17. SirHypeAlot

    Tom Moore

    With Akok Akok announcing soon and Tom acting as the lead recruiter for his services it had me thinking back to the premier recruits he landed during his first stint with UConn. Please help me in compiling a list of his successes. Very happy to have Tom and his bulldog recruiting style back...
  18. SirHypeAlot

    Cancel the program

    2018 season will end with 1 win. we continue to regress. we have 7 FCS level recruits signed for next year with 20+ roster spots opening. Our best player is graduating. Outlook is horrendous. there is no way to spin this positively. just end it
  19. SirHypeAlot

    Nathan Hale

    UConn sells on-campus hotel to private owner Improvements funded by someone other than UConn are welcomed
  20. SirHypeAlot

    Husky Up

    There's a million things wrong with the program, the athletic department, and the state. These are dark days for sure. Block C glory feels so far removed like it was the success of a different school. I don't know that RE is a football savior but he is doing a rebuild the right way. Tear the...
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    1.2mm views and counting. I don’t care if he finishes his career with 10 total points, Kwintin brings eyeballs to the program. Lots of NBA guys commenting on it as well
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    Apple Airpods

    Looking to get my brother a high school graduation gift - considering how much time college kids spend in libraries these days I figured headphones would be a good idea. Any experience with the Apple airpods? How is the sound quality? They seem more versatile than buying a pair of beats. Thanks...
  23. SirHypeAlot

    Leo Redgate out at Fairfield Prep

    Just saw Prep is not renewing his contract. He went 162-48 in 8 years there and made the LL finals 4 times winning it once. Past two years have been down years, but very surprised to see them let him go. Prep was irrelevant in hoops for years before Leo got there. Anyone know if there is more...
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    Does he head back to H-town to drive limos around full-time now? thoughts and prayers to the fake one
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    UConn Moneyline

    Just hammered it @ +105. Let's Go! One time
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    Charlotte Veitner

    Leading scorer in the country arrested for stealing makeup from the campus store Police arrest star UConn women's field hockey player As penance please make her spend sometime with the basketball team - maybe some of her basdass will rub off on these snowflakes. The athlete with the biggest...
  27. SirHypeAlot

    Another reason to

    I just did a triple take when I saw this picture of Brimah. "No....that can't be him can it?" 7 months removed from the UConn strength and conditioning program for fairies and our string bean 7 footer has blossomed into the mountain. Fuq Ollie's infatuation with a roster full of gumby's that...
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    UConn +2.5

    We're playing well as dogs....does the streak ATS continue tonight??
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    Vital exchanged words and some pushing at mid-court pre-game with a UCF player. WOW some attitude i like it
  30. SirHypeAlot

    Foul up 3

    The way they were shooting the 3 ball tonight you just knew they'd hit one given the opportunity to force OT. I guess it's too much to ask Ollie & co to try something bold and daring. Quite honestly wanted to pull my hair out. Ugh - such a deflating loss. We really only have three scorers on the...
  31. SirHypeAlot

    Stark Contrast

    BC won at home today in front of a sellout crowd over #1 Duke. We're struggling against kenpom #3000 coppin state in front of 2.8k. Good times
  32. SirHypeAlot

    Jamar Summers

    Randy just told him to get off his field and go to the lockerroom. REstorred
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    Jay Rose

    Outside of his disastrous effort on that nearly botched kick return last night I've hardly seen him involved. For a guy with his list of offers and talent I hope we can find an appropriate spot for him on this team to contribute considering the level of talent around him. Where do people see him...
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    Might as well keep these all in one place as the news unfolds. First one I've seen is EJ Montgomery class of 2018 has decommitted from Auburn. #31 recruit per ESPN
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    UConn Football Instagram

    Saw this post from @dl277135 on the most recent post and I got a warm fuzzy feeling. He's out there folks still bleeding blue: "The bobble head would be awesome if it was the C on the hoodie like a couple classic RE pics from good times in the past. But liberal Susan would rather have a...