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  1. Dove

    Game Day Haiku UConn vs Temple

    Remove heart...Ka-lee-ma!! We're at a Temple of Doom!! This Bouk ends real well.
  2. Dove

    Akok Akok Update

    Post/His Handle @August_West BOOM!!!
  3. Dove

    Akok Akok Update

    My coworkers are streaming into my office asking why I am crying.
  4. Dove

    Unbelievable on Netflix

    8 episodes My wife and I powered through 4 episodes yesterday and were hungry to keep going but it was after 11. Excellent miniseries. The premise is two detectives from different districts hunting down a serial rapist. Episode 1 sees an 18 year old who struggled through the foster system...
  5. Dove

    Most "spectacular" plays in UConn histiory

    The Dove beats Rick Barnes' PC team with a rare trey... I still hear the clank of the rim in my sleep. And then I cry cuz he didn't come back the following season. Then keep watching.
  6. Dove

    Farley or Candy?

    Farley died 22 years ago?
  7. Dove

    So... Site revenue is down 50%

    He thought freedom had a price.
  8. Dove

    Post game locker room video from UConn

    10 toes in!!
  9. Dove

    So... Site revenue is down 50%

    The first attempt failed. Tom will need to re-post and add Paige Bueckers' name in the thread title.
  10. Dove

    Akok achilles

    I am holding out that his slender frame, his non-high flyer game, and his passion for wanting to play will mean a miraculous comeback to the court NEXT MARCH!!!! At least for a game or two.
  11. Dove

    Highlights v. Memphis

    Thank you @Storrs South . I missed most of the game and this scratched the itch. Bug first half from Carlton. Wow. And best game ever from Vital Idol? And Bouk during Winning Time. Whew.
  12. Dove

    So... Site revenue is down 50%

  13. Dove

    So... Site revenue is down 50%

    Interesting...that May 2018 dip is the usual end of season down surge. But that huge spike in the fall was the Hurley Effect.
  14. Dove

    Play Of The Game

    Just go with it, Chinny.
  15. Dove

    Play Of The Game

    I only just got to our TV a few seconds before that. I shrieked like a school girl when Bouk jammed thatshit!!
  16. Dove

    Pregame in Hartford

    Scarlet O'Hara's!!!
  17. Dove

    Game Day Haiku UConn vs Memphis

    No football today but hoops is Sunday at 3? Good bye AAC.
  18. Dove

    Recruits for Memphis Game

    Any chance you can rephrase that? :cool:
  19. Dove

    Recruits for Memphis Game

    Reel in that tuna!!
  20. Dove

    OT: Worst Pizza

    Dude...stay on track.
  21. Dove

    Movie Hindsight 2020

    El Camino - I am not a Breaking Bad expert. But have seen enough episodes to know the jist. This movie follows a freshly-escaped Jesse as he scrapes up $$$ to pay The Disappearer. Entertaining. Not a let-down in any way.
  22. Dove

    Movie Hindsight 2020

    I saw it during the end of the UConn-SMU game. I was reeled in.
  23. Dove


    Once they went Peach fuzz on the maid they were going above and beyond just looking for jobs.
  24. Dove

    OT: Worst Pizza

    Great post! It is said that Buffalo chicken pizza features chicken that is re-purposed giving a restaurant a final reason to not throw out old chicken. I never really bought into this until that night I needed a pie and ordered from Pizza Pub in Centerbrook (noted earlier in thread). That first...
  25. Dove

    OT: Worst Pizza

    Pizza Pub in Centerbrook, CT. Hideous. Also in Centerbrook is Centerbrook Pizza. Greek pizza straight from the 70s.
  26. Dove

    Fear not my Husky Brethren

    See? This was what I was thinking. Without typing it. :)
  27. Dove

    Game Day Haiku...SMU

    I really love 'stangs. Used to drive a Mustang II. Tonight, I hate 'stangs. Huskies showing grit and not cowering no more. I feel a run, boyz!
  28. Dove

    Fear not my Husky Brethren

  29. Dove

    John Brannen post game Uconn 2/9/20

    The Angry Elf.
  30. Dove


    'bass, you scored a knockout. Now you're just taking an unconscious dude and smashing their head repeatedly into the turn buckle. Please stop!! It's a horrific scene.
  31. Dove

    SC Postgame Thread

    I missed the game. And I can't imagine what most fans were going through watching it.
  32. Dove

    SC Postgame Thread

    2 points in the first quarter?!?!? Like, just one basket? Seriously??? #firegeno #uconnpuneet
  33. Dove


    BADass =
  34. Dove

    Just ran into the Team