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  1. Vancat

    UCF's uniform adjustments

    So they are letting kids wear diapers instead of shorts now? Just as long as your shirt's tucked in, right?
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    Who has surprised you the most so far this year? Poll

    Who has surprised you the most so far this year?
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    Anthony piece on Gilbert
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    New guys article
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    Niels Giffey gets married

    tweeted by ALBA BERLIN‏ @albaberlin h3 hours ago Congratulations to Niels Giffey and his wife Erin on their wedding. The two got married in Connecticut over the weekend. We wish you all the best!
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    'Ten Changed Programs' article
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    Article about Bouknight Sorry if it has already been posted- I don't see anything.
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    Favorite pic

    It's boring around here. So here's a great picture to cheer us up.
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    Coach Samuelson

    Quote from Katie Lou Samuelson regarding her 'coaching' the team. Yeah, I know, it's women's BB but though it applied to the guys. "“You’ve got to be honest,” Samuelson said of what she’s learned from him (Geno). “You’ve got to have the right people on your team, or it’s not going to work out...
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    SI interview with Hurley

    Dan Hurley on rebuilding UConn, relationship with Calhoun hope it hasn't been posted already.
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    Outdoor Security cameras

    Hi all, I'm browsing for an outdoor security camera. So many options. Anyone have any recommendations? I understand there are wi-fi and hardwired. Not sure which is best, since they both need a power supply anyway, right? Don't really care too much about saving recordings, but don't want...
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    Anyone catch KO on TIC last night?

    Anyone catch KO on TIC last night? I missed it, just wondering if he had anything interesting to say.
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    The origins of Women's Basketball

    A Smith First: The New Game of Basketball | Smith College
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    A neighbor emailed me this today..... "today's NY Times crossword puzzle has this: NE basketball powerhouse. Right! UConn is the answer!"
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    new Gampel video

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    2018 Recruiting: Isaiah Mucius - update - Newcomer in Mucius' recruitment could make a big impact
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    The UConn Pod

    The UConn Pod: Who's Playing Basketball for Us? The UConn Pod A thoughtful discussion-
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    Checking here this morning to see if Joe D's suggestion that another transfer was going to take place yesterday was correct. Glad to see it wasn't.
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    the man behind the curtain

    Jeff Jacobs used the term "for the casual fan" in his WBB piece this morning. Coincidence??? ;)
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    a thought about the great game

    I may be way off base, but does anyone else think that maybe the Diallo thing was messing with the team's head(s)?
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    How long have you been a UCMBB fan?

    Just curious. Personally, my first games were during the end of Perno's run. It was so amazing seeing JC turn everything around.
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    Interesting piece on recruiting

    Go-Hard Recruiting
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    Online watch?

    Sorry if it's already been talked about but I can't find anything. Can we watch the game today online somewhere?
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    Earl Kelley

    Anyone else happen to catch that recent interview on TV with Earl Kelley? I guess now he is coaching kids in New Haven. Guy looks like an old man (he's 51) though. Missing a couple teeth. Talked about jail, UConn and whatnot. He was one of my favorites 'back in the day'. The kid could score.
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    Photos by Cloe Poisson

    If you haven't seen already- G'town game photos by Cloe Poisson. She is a wonderful photographer.
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    what, nobody reads the Courant any more? Jacobs talkin' 'bout the BY this morning. Or did I miss a thread?
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    Newport Folk Festival

    Anybody been? Trying to get a feel for how it's set up- and also if it's easy to find tickets (they are sold out).
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    Maybe I missed something...but after the twitter brouhaha, what's happened to John Altavilla?
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    midnight madness?

    anyone know if there is going to be one?
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    Chat going on with Dom right now.

    Chat going on with Dom right now.
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    BREAKING NEWS: University of Connecticut men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun will undergo a surgical procedure Monday to help alleviate the spinal stenosis that has forced him to take a medical leave of absence. Calhoun is expected to be hospitalized for one or two nights, followed by a...