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    Ben Gordon

    Ben is finally going on the wall at GP? Long overdue. Boatright next?
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    Change Now

    New starting lineup needed before So. FL. and big shake up in playing time. Only players who deserve pt after Cinn. and should be starting are Gafney (1) Bouknight (2) Adams (3) Vital (4) Akok (5). Know the numbers dont add up but its not time to be playing who you like but who will get you...
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    Combination Defense

    When I was coaching in some games where we had to contend with certain players going off we played part zone and part m-m. Play a one man or two man zone and play the others m-m. Take away the outside shot from Daly etc.and stop the drive to the rim rim with your zone men. Just a thought that...
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    Gaffney: The old coach in me says that this kid can play.

    Have the same feeling for JG that I had for Whaley and Adams. The old coach in me says that this kid can play. Hurley on Coaches Show said he is 85 to 90 % right now because of recovery from a bad sprained ankle. I look for him to start contributing vs St Joes and continue on an upward trend...
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    Baz and TWolves

    Hope every one is following the Min. T Wolves and our boy. Getting over 20 min. / game . Going to be 4-1 after tonite. Baz is lighting it up.Them and the Ct with KW - going to be a fun NBA.
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    Our Secret Weapon-Adams

    B A was the best player at open practice last year, had the most practice points this summer , told he was one of tlhe best in secret scrimmage,, had a strong showing in exhibition still gets no props. . A physical BEAST with a great attitude. Good at every phase of the game from what my 82...
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    Isaiah Whaley Appreciation Thread

    Without him today we would have been out of the tournament. Phil Nolan would have been proud of IW performance. We are a solid team when he is on the floor. He gives us a big lift with his defense and rebounding. He is the perfect contributor when JC has to be spelled for foul trouble. Great...
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    Pick and Roll

    Its simple if the pick and roll were executed correctly it can't be defensed in M-M. We pick a lot with the big going out to the perimiter. Most good teams play MM against us a lot.The pick man (big)after the switch has his teammates man on his back and should roll to the basket with his...
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    Spot Light @ XL

    When introducing the starting lineup why isn't there a spotlight put on each UCONN player as they are introduced? The whole place is dark from the scoreboard video and you can't see the players as they are introduced. Score board operator errors must stop. Clean things up so our guys have a...
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    New S & C Coach?

    This is vital if we expect to change the culture and start winning again. Do we have anyone on board at this time? What's happining on this front?
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    We now have a new Negative Defensive Stat Normal Neg.D Stats- PF, TO, etc. UConn D Stats- BB How to deal with this problem- Move your feet so dribbler can't get a step. Step in outside the arc square up and take the charge. Drills can be practiced to work on both fundamentals. Players get tough...
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    UCONN and M - M Defense

    M-M Defense should be the UConn Rock . It has been a large part of our successful teams. Individual Principles Bob Knight Ball You,Man-Intense pressure on the ball at all times. If your man has the ball you should be able to touch him at all times. If your man does not have the ball you...
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    UCONN BD of Trustes Responsibility for FB and MBB Demise?

    They hired Herbst and ADS under whose watch our programs suffered. Would this have happened under Lewis Rome? How do these people get off not being responsible?
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    Starters vs Monmouth

    It's about time we started the best 5 players. Adams,Vital,Anderson,Diara,and Larrier. Our starts have been bad one ft. in the grave. Show us you want to win KO.. These guys have earned it.
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    Jackson Tormentor

    At SMU a T was called on SMU player for taunting after blocking a V J shot. Who was the player? Are we ready to work this guy over when he comes up here on 2/25?
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    Former Season Ticket Holder...

    Have tried to contact coaches-Cummings e-mail and DB Coaches Show to no avail. This is not Des Conner report card, suck up to the coach and players stuff. What a joke!!! Was a season ticket holder till this year. No more watching SMU (worse team in college) at mid-night at the Rent -20...
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    Sabotage at UConn...

    This is my attempt to get around the coaches gatekeepers. I am an angry frustrated UConn men's basketball follower. Being a thirty-five year season ticket holder and loyal to the core I didn't deserve the humiliation at Louisville of the worse defeat in the history of UConn men's basketball. Joe...
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    ND Game Plan

    Put Smith and Daniels on their 3pt shooters-no turnovers- get the D bd. and run out when you can. This ND team(Fr. TV) isvery dangerous from 3- don't need much room for shot- like Jones of WV. We need this game to keep the momentum fr. Mon.- I was there and the crowd was electric. Going to...
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    Can UConn overcome the loss of Walker?

    It could be Shbaz or Jeremy at his time. Someone else like Andre may emerge. The team will have to take time to see who will be reliable. It will be fun to see what happens. New to Boneyard and just wanted to say hello-you won't find a bigger UConn fan.