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  1. husky429

    Somebody is getting fired

    I read somewhere that she was starting to say Knicks and finished with Lakers... So it came out sounding like the slur. Still not a great look, but better than anything malicious
  2. husky429

    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    Because it was unimaginably creepy.
  3. husky429

    OT: Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

    I recommend "Kobe Doin Work" to anyone with an hour of free time. Spike lee movie of a kobe game, with him discussing all his decisions over the film after the game. Brilliant snapshot into the mind of a great
  4. husky429

    OT: Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

    Seeing it reported in a few places. RIP Kobe. A legend forever
  5. husky429

    58-55 Hero Ball

    Make that 5/22 and 1/13 from deep.
  6. husky429

    58-55 Hero Ball

    The play of the game is 3/18 from our starting backcourt. I do not understand why these guys continue to jack up shots. Do what you do well--rebound, steals, press break, FTs--and let the underclassmen score from deep. It's obvious that's the kind of night this is going to be but they wont adapt.
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    AG criticizing

    Say whatever you want on the yard. Criticism is part of what comes with this sport, even at lower levels. Leave him alone on social media. It's pretty simple.
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    So who is our best player so far?

    Probably vital in terms of production and consistency. Akok if we think of the flashes of brilliance. No one has been great though.
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    1-7 and 6

    3/11 from the field too. At a certain point, he needs to stop dribbling through double teams. I know physically he isn't what he used to be. But these mental errors ALL SEASON are correctable. He doesn't seem to care about fixing it though.
  10. husky429

    TRCMBB vs Thornlea SS(Javonte Brown-Fergeson)

    Canada plays FIBA rules, so no offensive interference. Just an fyi
  11. husky429

    RJ Cole Expectations

    Because he averaged 24/4/6 on fantastic 3 pt shooting. And he was on a bad team in a bad conference. If he wants to play professionally at the highest level he needed to transfer
  12. husky429

    RJ Cole Expectations

    12/2/5 37% from 3. 40% from the field. 4 TOs per game early, but he settles down by mid-season as he adjusts to the pace of the high major game. Defense just okay--not sure the athleticism is there. 2pt%, TOs and defense will be important for him. He was a really had finisher at Howard. The...
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    RB Poll Question

    Great player and person. Not huskies of honor great
  14. husky429

    2022 Recruiting: Justice Williams Offered

    Tbh not really. These guys are on campus for every session all year. Getting the 124 credits for any normal degree or something is a piece of cake. If they go the science route, the labs can male it tougher--one of the reasons Emeka was so abnormal. Especially considering the amount of academic...
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    I am going into this game knowing we will lose. Nova is too skilled for us. a WIN for the program is if we battle for 40 minutes, show some execution on offense, and string together decent defensive stops.
  16. husky429

    Polley has successful surgery

    Unrelated to Polley, but we don't do the Husky Run any more. The real question will be getting cleared for full contact practices.
  17. husky429

    Ricker or Husky429?

    I'd do the same thing, don't worry about it. Ricker's way nicer than me
  18. husky429

    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    It's still impressive--just a different kind of recruiting. Way easier to recruit a kid you can watch 3x a week
  19. husky429

    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    Jackson was a uconn lock for 9 months. Coaches in his AAU program were insistent on that with me. Not sure Hurley has reeled in the big recruit that he had to battle for yet. Bouk we had the in by staying on him for so long when he was injured, and Akok was obviously local. Would say a lot...
  20. husky429

    Ricker or Husky429?

    We don't play them so I haven't seen him. Heard he's a d1 kid for sure. Maybe a 2021 reclass. If he has size (idk what positionn even) like peoplecare saying, decent shot he could blow up this summer
  21. husky429

    UConn-bound Andre Jackson’s dunks are mesmerizing displays and signs of his potential

    Really bad comparison. Zach Lavine is the correct answer
  22. husky429

    The changing game of basketball

    I can agree with that. Later 90s early 2000s was the nadir of NBA basketball. In my mind the 80s and early/mid- 90s was different because of the intense rivalries and some individual incredible talents, less than the beauty of the offense/defense.
  23. husky429

    Hoophall This Weekend

    I have never bought tickets ahead of time. Been 3x. Not sure it'll be an issue. Might want to call ahead though.
  24. husky429

    The changing game of basketball

    NBA is bigger, stronger, faster, and more efficient than it has ever been. I watch college--especially the low and mid-majors--because I enjoy watching amateurs do what they love. But if you think the NBA is an inferior product you just don't know what you're looking at. The spacing, motion...
  25. husky429

    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    You are reading between the lines but there's not actually anything there dude. Of course kids are concerned about PT. Hurley should, and probably is, telling Cliff you will play as many minutes as you can, because the rest of our centers are playing like mid-major scrubs right now.
  26. husky429

    2022 Recruiting: Donovan Clingan

    What goes around comes around!
  27. husky429

    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    Cliff should have no concern with Javonte Brown Ferguson. You haven't seen them both play if you do. Cliff is better than Carlton. He needs a summer to learn the system and he will fit in 100x better. You're not looking at 2019-2020 Carlton if you think otherwise.
  28. husky429

    2022 Recruiting: Donovan Clingan

    Plenty of good coaches in the CIAC of course. Less and less coaches ARE teachers. That I know for sure. That's a big part of the problem imo. Guys that don't know how to control kids, create good relationships with them, break down skills, etc. can't teach ball. Bball knowledge is useless if you...
  29. husky429

    2022 Recruiting: Donovan Clingan

    CIAC is a disaster. I'll stay out of the prep debate. But the coaching does legitimately stink. I have scouted easily 60 teams in the state. Many multiple times. I watch about 30 games a year excluding fresh/jv/varsity for my own teams. There are many, many coaches in BIG towns who spend 0...
  30. husky429

    UConn recruit Javonte Brown-Ferguson is a Canadian big man and all-around sports fan

    Starting line up of Springs, Akok, Javonte Brown Ferguson, Cliff, and Seth Towns. We'll lead the NCAA in rebounding and 3 pt misses. Winning combination
  31. husky429

    Can we stop with the left right left chant

    I find it dumb. I also don't care. The morality police on here are getting over the top. I like it when Chief posted 100x a day better--at least he's funny.
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    I know HS better than NCAA rules, but I'm pretty sure the refs can't.overturn that. They can check to see if WSU hit it out, but not if CV was actually in when he tapped it in. If I'm that blatantly wrong, I'd probably just say WSU hit it. That old short ref was AWFUL.
  33. husky429

    XL Floor Embarrassing

    Wow. You should really rell the XL management. I bet no one has thought of this before ever
  34. husky429

    Polley Tears ACL

    They practice at XL before XL games
  35. husky429

    Athlete Institute vs. Thornlea S.S.(Javonte Brown-Ferguson)

    I think he'd be best off with a traditional PG year and a redshirt even after that. Hell get eaten alive how he plays now. College teams will just execute on offense and he won't keep up, even if they have no 7 footers. Need Cliff.