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    Through games 12/1. (number of wins and alphabetical) School Wins Binghamton 8 Louisville 8 NC State 8 Stanford 8 Arizona 7 Florica St 7 Kentucky...
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    If my math is right

    Katie Lou is now with tied KML at 2176 points. Napheesa has 2085 (48 points more to pass Lobo).
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    Did I miss this on Lou?

    On the AAC YOUTUBE channel, there is this video from a week ago
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    Don't look now but

    UCONN is back in position number 1 in Massey. Understand that it is the "RATING" (what has already happened) - NOT the "POWER" (projection of future) where UCONN is still #3. Also, understand Massey has zero "emotion" in the ranking system - it's ONLY based on mathematical functions minimizing...
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    Massey and losing

    A wee bit amusing this morning to notice in Massey that all of the top 4 teams have all lost to somebody ranked lower than themselves. The mathematics don't lie (aren't emotional or feeling based) so the conclusion is that the top group of teams are all pretty evenly matched.
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    As long as we're being simplistic....

    @psconn posted bout the CT Sun. That made it all obvious. Since Rosie left UCONN, they haven't been able to win a Final Four matchup. 100% statistical correlation. Bring back Rosie!!!
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    Rules Question

    As I saw Z's first two shots, it appeared to me she completely missed the rim, managed to catch her own "pass" on the other side of the basket and was not called for anything. Did I miss the ball touching the rim? Or is there some rule that you can pass the ball to yourself? If it's valid...
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    Lou: First Double Double?

    Is this Lou's first double double?
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    Boneyard medical plan

    I've noticed that The Boneyard medical community is able to diagnose and develop a treatment plan with only the slightest piece of information and without a physical examination. I have many questions on this medical plan: How much is the deductible? Is it single person only or is there a...
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    Napheesa can't pass. Katie Lou has no heart. Maya can't guard a chair. Stephanie was able to get a vertical jump all the way to the thickness of a piece of paper. Rebecca was the worst center in all of America. Others? (Yes, this thread is for the benefit of a poster who just cited Geno as the...
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    When are we going to get a coach who can sustain excellence?

    My wife asked this question yesterday. In one of the Courant articles yesterday on Geno's start at UCONN, it stated that Geno's record after his first game was 1-0. That is a 100% win percentage. It's been all downhill from there. He hasn't sustained that 100%!!!
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    Unbeatens Falling

    A little tracking of number of unbeaten teams remaining:
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    AAC in the WNIT

    Tulane took care of business last night winning 53-52 over Alabama. A game which should NOT have been that close
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    Very concerning trend

    The scores for the first 4 UCONN games are as follows: 100 - 56 97 - 57 88 - 46 79 - 31 If we project these trends into the future, we see that the opponents will reach an output of zero points per game in only 4 or 5 more games. UCONN will reach zero points per game in 8 or 9 games more...
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    World Championship Announcers

    I much enjoyed the announcing of all of the games except the finals. The announcers actually called the game - we knew who was in the game, who came out, who fouled, and other GAME action commentary. During the finals game, we got discussion of the word "indicative". Players checked...
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    For those who pooh-pooh Sagarin

    His purely score based mathematical model (predictor) said this should be a 10.5 point game. 11 is pretty close to 10.5. If you watch over time, it's both amazing and comforting that a completely unemotional mathematical model can pretty consistently get it very close to correct. And as we...
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    What's the matter with The Boneyard? Wait - other than Geno says we're crazy, obviously NOTHING is wrong with us. It's the other guys.
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    Just saw the following on the main yahoo page. Nice WCBB is getting recognized even there. Griner, Delle Donne, Wiggins lead WNBA draft class Brittney Griner, Elena Delle Donne and Skylar Diggins are expected to be the top three selections in this year's highly touted WNBA draft. After...
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    Practice Players & Team Managers

    Since some posters on The Boneyard have thrown anybody and everything under the bus, in the interest of completeness, I feel we must throw the practice players and team managers under the bus too. It's quite obvious the team managers did not have everything prepared correctly for a win. It's...