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  1. 60'sfan

    So glad

    I'm so glad I didn't post something stupid after the St. Joseph loss. The Florida game was an eye-opener for me. The team played with an intensity that I haven't seen in a long while. We probably had less talent but we played harder. The future just looks a lot brighter.
  2. 60'sfan

    What are they doing???

    In the past several weeks the Red Sox have added to their roster three journey-men players, Gorkys Hernandez, Chris Owings and Juan Centeno, all in their late 20's or 30's. None of these has had any success so far in their careers and seemingly little potential down the road, yet they are...
  3. 60'sfan

    Dombrowski hits the bricks

    He was the architect of the very successful 2018 team (arguably the best in Red Sox history). But he also gets credit for the very disappointing 2019 team. He spent a lot of money and purged the Sox farm system to get to the top. His successor will have his work cut out for him. He did some...
  4. 60'sfan

    Frustrated in Connecticut

    This year is without question the most frustrating for me as a Red Sox fan. As delightful as last year was, this year is not even close and the Sox have virtually the same team. Yes, they lost their closer, Kimbrel and a very good set-up man in Joe Kelley but I was sure they would add some...
  5. 60'sfan

    Red Sox or Yankees

    Two very good team and it should be a great race. Perhaps for all-time. How do they match up? Offense - Even. The Yankees have more raw power but the Sox may have better hitting. Either team can light it up. Defense - Red Sox - best defensive outfield of all time. If Pedroia is healthy...
  6. 60'sfan

    Beginning to get annoyed with the Sox

    I know it is just spring training, but come on. They are dead last in the grape fruit league and have lost 7 in a row. There are only 3 teams with worse team ERA's. The guys who were candidates to replace Kimbrel have been absolutely terrible. Alex, you need to wake them up.
  7. 60'sfan

    The AAC impact

    Clearly Uconn does not have the talent it had when they were part of the Big East. When they joined the AAC, we knew that recruiting would be harder but figured the program's widely known appeal and Geno would be able to over come that. But as I look at this season: tough games against St...
  8. 60'sfan

    The Red Sox bullpen

    I am starting to get very nervous about the Sox bullpen. Although Dombrowski made some very good moves in acquiring Eovaldi, Kinsler and Pearce, he essentially left the bullpen alone. I admit there were times when I thought we'd be OK, but now I am beginning to wonder. Only Kimbrel, Brasier...
  9. 60'sfan

    Red Sox Acquisitions

    I have to tip my hat to Dombrowski for his recent work. Steve Pearce is a steal. He fits perfectly with the Sox who were struggling against left handers. Nathan Eovaldi has a great arm and could be another steal. His first outing was impressive. It will interesting to see what he does...
  10. 60'sfan

    Tony Renda aka Bob Hurricane Hazle

    Sixty-one years ago 26 year-old Bob Hazle came up with the Milwaukee Braves who were in the middle of a pennant race. Hazle had never done much in his career prior to that, but the player development people said that he was so hot in the minors that no one could get him out. For the last 41...
  11. 60'sfan

    The Sox are on Fire!!

    It is time for me to apologize. I have been very critical of Dave Dombrowski and Hanley Ramirez. But as of now, I have to tip my hat to each of them. Dombrowski has put together a very solid deep team and hired a very good manager. Hanley is playing like he cares. I know they cannot keep...
  12. 60'sfan

    Red Sox Spring Training

    I was getting excited when I noticed that the Sox won 7 out of 8 to start spring training. Now they have lost 8 out of 9 and I am getting annoyed. I know that we are not supposed to be concerned about win/loss records in spring training, but I hate to lose.
  13. 60'sfan

    Might Be Another Long Year for Sox fans

    Just after the Stanton acquisition by the Yankees there was some speculation that the Sox would be able to get get back into contention by signing Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez. Instead Dumbrowski resigned Mitch Moreland, a decent player but certainly a downgrade from Hosmer. Now the Sox seem...
  14. 60'sfan

    The Least Expendable?

    Who is the least expendable player for the Uconn women? A daunting question indeed. I think it is Gabby Williams. She is a great defensive player, probably our best rebounder, hands out a ton of assists and scores a lot too. Her energy probably inspires the whole team. In the beginning of...
  15. 60'sfan

    The Stanton Watch

    As much as I'd like to see the Sox get Stanton, there seems to be too much standing in the way. First, his salary is astronomical. Second, we would have to give up some really good young position players to interest the Marlins. Third, he has a no-trade clause and may not want to play in...
  16. 60'sfan

    So glad the Sox season is over

    This was a tough year for me to watch and I rarely did. I never trusted the team. I felt all season that they were a disaster waiting to happen. Here is the good, the bad and the ugly as I saw it. The good - They finally dumped Farrell. As a manager he was a good pitching coach. But they...
  17. 60'sfan

    Is Farrell losing the clubhouse

    I am seeing signs that John Farrell is beginning to lose the clubhouse. He has always been an uninspiring manager but lately the players don't seem to care. Price should have been ripped into by the manager for his big mouth and poor attitude. Hanley continues to jog to first on ground balls...
  18. 60'sfan

    Rafael Devers

    The Sox brought young (20 year old) Rafael Devers up from Pawtucket to fill the void at third base and add some pop to the line-up. For most of his young career he has played in the lower minors with just 77 games with AA Portland and 9 games with AAA Pawtucket. He has hit well where ever he...
  19. 60'sfan

    The Yankees Trade

    So the Yankees pull off a trade and obtain just what their rivals the Red Sox need. A power hitting third baseman and some bull pen help. Will Dumbrowski respond? He may say that they already have done something. After all, they signed Jhonny Peralta. But whoops, they already released him...
  20. 60'sfan

    Red Sox - Yankees

    Are they ready to rumble?! Could be a big series in determining momentum for the rest of the year. If the Yankees win 3 of 4 or sweep, the Sox might not recover. The Yankees already have won 4 of the first 5 and although trailing in the standings could get a great morale boost. Their big...
  21. 60'sfan

    The State of the Sox

    I, for one, am not optimistic about the prospects for the Sox this year. It may seem strange with them just having swept two from the Phillies that I would be feeling negative. However, winning two straight from the team with the worse record in baseball in extra innings at home is less than...
  22. 60'sfan


    Well, the Sox are apologizing to Adam Jones which is appropriate but they should be apologizing to their fans too given the way they are playing. They now lead MLB in errors and are dead last in home runs. After last night's game someone should be angry. But there is a huge leadership void...
  23. 60'sfan

    Missing Big Papi

    I know it's early but after 17 games the Sox are dead last in home runs with 7. Big Papi did everything he could to get the Sox to go after Edwin Encarnacion but they passed and he ended up in Cleveland. They have been shut out 3 times already. Their pitching has been mediocre except for...
  24. 60'sfan

    Red Sox Pitching

    The Sox pitching continues to disappoint. On the positive side, Stephen Wright has been outstanding, David Price has been solid, Rich Porcello OK. Kimbrel has been as advertised. But the rest of them have been pretty bad. Dombrowski is probably looking for some help and that is...
  25. 60'sfan

    David Ortiz

    I didn't want to start this thread because I know it will generate a lot of criticism. However, I am amazed at the season this man is having at the age of 40. He is hitting a career best .329 and if you project out over the full season what he has done so far he will hit 40 home runs, 70...
  26. 60'sfan

    Directions to Fenway

    I have tickets to the game on Saturday but haven't driven to Boston in years. Any suggestions on the most efficient way to get to the game. We're thinking about having dinner somewhere after the game. Thanks
  27. 60'sfan

    Andrew Benintendi

    This 21 year-old center fielder is tearing up the Advance A league for the Salem Red Sox. He's hitting .371 showing good power, stealing bases and walking more than he strikes out. Mookie Betts has similar stats when he was there. I've got to believe that he will be moved to AA Portland soon...
  28. 60'sfan

    Bye, bye Panda

    The Panda is being shelved for the year and I doubt he'll ever play another game for the Sox. Hopefully they can move him in the off-season when perhaps someone will think that his problems were his shoulder. I would love to see him in pin-stripes.
  29. 60'sfan

    Sox, Yanks - End of an Era?

    I know it very early in the season but seeing the Sox tied for next to last after a poor home stand and the Yankees in dead last after losing 7 of 8, I can't help but wonder if the glory days are over. The Yankees may have the best bullpen ever assembled but what happened to the bomb in the...
  30. 60'sfan

    Fenway Tickets

    I'd to get tickets for a few games this year. I'd prefer day games for May or later. I'm not sure who to contact to purchase them and once I have them, where to park. Any suggestions?
  31. 60'sfan

    Mookie Betts

    Mookie Betts is a natural athlete who is struggling In his first year. The Sox have him hitting leadoff which is a good spot for him given his speed and plate dicipline. However he is swinging from the heels at every pitch. He seems to have fallen in love with the home run. Unfortunately he...
  32. 60'sfan

    Coming home

    My wife and I have sold our home in San Diego after 30 years and are coming home to Connecticut. We are going to be looking for something either in the Mystic area or near Westerly. I know, I know about the weather but at the end of the day, family trumps weather. Any advice on where to live...
  33. 60'sfan

    The Yankees sign Stephen Drew

    Just a few years ago the Yankees had an all-star infield of Texiera, Cano, Jeter and Arod, and now they have Texiera II, Drew, Headley and Didi Gregorius. There has certainly been a change in philosophy. They have the potential to be very bad. Is this the fall-out of paying way too much for...
  34. 60'sfan

    Padres add to their collection

    The Padres have now picked up Matt Kemp, Wil Meyers, Justin Upton, Derek Norris and Will Middlebrooks. They should have some punch now. I wonder if Jenny Dell went along with Middlebrooks?
  35. 60'sfan

    Ugly Stats - positive impression

    Our rebounding, free throw shooting and three point shooting were all pretty bad. Phillip Nolan, Amida Brimah and Rakim Lubin combined for one rebound. Duke went to the line 34 times and hit 25 while we went to the line 13 times and hit only 7. Both teams were pretty bad from the perimeter...