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  1. 60'sfan

    Astros Punishment Handed Down

    IMHO what Cora did was much worse than what Pete Rose did. He should be banned for life.
  2. 60'sfan

    Gaffney took a big step forward tonight

    Gilbert seems to lack basketball sense. He continually dribbles into crowds and loses the ball. He does not seem to be a very good shooter and he should be hittng a higher percentage of his free throws. I do like his defense though. Maybe he's our next Taliek Brown and will break out soon...
  3. 60'sfan

    So glad

    I'm so glad I didn't post something stupid after the St. Joseph loss. The Florida game was an eye-opener for me. The team played with an intensity that I haven't seen in a long while. We probably had less talent but we played harder. The future just looks a lot brighter.
  4. 60'sfan

    Minus 34 to Tulane

    There is another way but you probably don't want to hear and that is "out". How bad do things have to get before we decide that enough is enough and we either drop football and go back to a lesser conference? As I understand it next year we will be independent and will probably have trouble...
  5. 60'sfan

    OT: Yankee Injuries

    Those Yankee teams hydrated on beer. ;)
  6. 60'sfan

    What are they doing???

    In the past several weeks the Red Sox have added to their roster three journey-men players, Gorkys Hernandez, Chris Owings and Juan Centeno, all in their late 20's or 30's. None of these has had any success so far in their careers and seemingly little potential down the road, yet they are...
  7. 60'sfan

    Dombrowski hits the bricks

    So now what happens with Cora. Although I like Cora, i would say that given the talent and the payroll, he has underachieved this year. The team seems to be just going through the motions now with no enthusiasm. The new GM may very well bring in his own manager. Cora was perfect for last...
  8. 60'sfan

    Dombrowski hits the bricks

    He was the architect of the very successful 2018 team (arguably the best in Red Sox history). But he also gets credit for the very disappointing 2019 team. He spent a lot of money and purged the Sox farm system to get to the top. His successor will have his work cut out for him. He did some...
  9. 60'sfan

    I don't follow recruiting like some of you, but..

    I think that you are missing the point. It is easy to report facts in a way that distort or obscure the truth. Early in my career when I was a financial analyst I did that all the time. No matter how poorly our organization was doing, I could generate a report that made us look successful...
  10. 60'sfan

    I don't follow recruiting like some of you, but..

    "Facts are the enemy of truth." Source unknown.
  11. 60'sfan

    Frustrated in Connecticut

    I rest my case.Head bang
  12. 60'sfan

    Frustrated in Connecticut

    This year is without question the most frustrating for me as a Red Sox fan. As delightful as last year was, this year is not even close and the Sox have virtually the same team. Yes, they lost their closer, Kimbrel and a very good set-up man in Joe Kelley but I was sure they would add some...
  13. 60'sfan

    Red Sox

    I've like almost everything Dombrowski has done lately - signing Eovaldi and Pearce, extending Sale and Bogaerts. The things I am not happy about are not signing a reliever (there were plenty out there in the off-season) and trading Blake Swihart. Swihart was one of the most athletic players...
  14. 60'sfan

    Red Sox

    Totally agree. In spring training, not only do you get into game shape but you teach the team how to win. Some of you may remember Khalid El Amin and Richard Hamilton talking about winning time. For them, there was a critical time in each game when you had to knuckle down and win the game...
  15. 60'sfan

    Beginning to get annoyed with the Sox

    So now spring training is over and the regular season has started. See any difference? I don't. Maybe they need to bring Sandy Leon back.. He can't hit but he seems to have an impact on the pitching.
  16. 60'sfan

    Red Sox or Yankees

    Two very good team and it should be a great race. Perhaps for all-time. How do they match up? Offense - Even. The Yankees have more raw power but the Sox may have better hitting. Either team can light it up. Defense - Red Sox - best defensive outfield of all time. If Pedroia is healthy...
  17. 60'sfan

    Beginning to get annoyed with the Sox

    If I were Dombrowski I'd offer Kimbrell a contract for 2 to 3 years with a team option to get out of it after the first year. He does not turn 31 until late May. Unless he has an injury that we are not hearing about, it would be worth the gamble. I think he liked playing for the Sox. Still...
  18. 60'sfan

    Beginning to get annoyed with the Sox

    I know it is just spring training, but come on. They are dead last in the grape fruit league and have lost 7 in a row. There are only 3 teams with worse team ERA's. The guys who were candidates to replace Kimbrel have been absolutely terrible. Alex, you need to wake them up.
  19. 60'sfan

    Cincinnati -5

    Sorry, but it's hard to get excited about losses. I'd rather have a bad win than a good loss.
  20. 60'sfan

    Cincinnati -5

    I think Uconn's chances of winning are pretty slight despite the point spread. As for me, I will record the game. If they win, I will happily watch. If they lose, I will sadly erase. They have become very hard to watch. In the old Jim Calhoun days, they almost always played hard and most of...
  21. 60'sfan

    My little UConn fan could use some prayers

    My wife and I are praying for Kendall and your family.
  22. 60'sfan

    Chief’s Briefs - Memphis Edition

    I thought it was a gutsy performance. Polley shot it well and Sidney Wilson showed what he could do on both ends of the court. Tarin Smith must have been exhausted with all the ball handling he did. After the first five minutes I thought we might lose by thirty. But Memphis got sloppy and we...
  23. 60'sfan

    We need to face reality

    Well, they've added Alterique, Sidney, Tarin Smith and Brendon Adam's. Two of these are top 100 I think?
  24. 60'sfan

    We need to face reality

    I agree on defense. It is certainly not a strong point for us. Here are some stats and our rankings within the conference As of now we rank in the following categories within the conference as follows(out of 12 teams): Field Goal Pct 10 Field Goal Pct Defense 9 Blocked Shots 8 Assists 12...
  25. 60'sfan

    I love UConn but I also

    I have a BA and an MBA from Uconn. I have rooted for them since my high school days. Especially love basketball - men's and women's. I lived in San Diego for 30 years and thought I was becoming an SDSU fan until they met in the NCAA tournament. I despised SDSU that day. I remember the...
  26. 60'sfan

    Jalen Adams as a Freshman

    I agree. You can't blame Ollie for everything. I'll admit that he could not recruit but part of that was the AAC influence. How quickly we forget that Ollie won an NC. There are a lot of really great coaches out there who have never done that. Yes, he inherited some good players but for...
  27. 60'sfan

    The AAC impact

    Clearly Uconn does not have the talent it had when they were part of the Big East. When they joined the AAC, we knew that recruiting would be harder but figured the program's widely known appeal and Geno would be able to over come that. But as I look at this season: tough games against St...
  28. 60'sfan

    Sox Hot Stove

    According to NESN, it is a done deal on Eovaldi and the Sox. To me that was the big one. If we had lost him to the Yankees it would have been doubly painful. Not sure they are in the hunt for a catcher. With their lineup they can easily hide a weak hitter and Vazquez will probably get...
  29. 60'sfan

    Greatest HS players in Connecticut state history

    Small world. Went to the Ansonia Naugy game with Fran.
  30. 60'sfan

    the Wussification of CT. High School football

    I went to the Ansonia - Naugatuck game yesterday. It was very cold but I dressed for it and it was one of the best games I've seen in this series. This was the 119th game between the two teams. There was a very good crowd at the game and the score was tied in the 4th quarter. Ansonia won but...
  31. 60'sfan

    Greatest HS players in Connecticut state history

    Did you know Fran Cook?
  32. 60'sfan

    Sox Hot Stove

    If the Red Sox do only two more things for next season, I like their chance. If they can sign Eovaldi (and he wants to stay) and add Robertson or Andrew Miller, that might be enough. The team is already very good and their focus needs to be on extensions.
  33. 60'sfan

    Curious about Lou

    I went to the game on Saturday night and for the first time in a long time was unimpressed. I didn't see the enthusiasm that i have gotten used to. Kia and Gabby seemed to play every game like it was their last and had a lot of fun doing it. I like the way they interfaced with the crowd after...
  34. 60'sfan

    Greatest HS players in Connecticut state history

    Although he didn't play for Ansonia, Nick Pietrosante was one of the best to come out of Ansonia and the state. He was a two-time all pro running back for the Detroit Lions. Do any of you remember Pietrosante's grocery store in Ansonia?
  35. 60'sfan

    Chief’s Briefs - Cuse Edition

    Recruiting just got a lot easier.:)