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  1. Jax Husky

    Louisville atarting a pitcher tonight who threw 95 pitches friday

    "Starting" sorry I messed up the title. That's horrible.
  2. Jax Husky

    Jamar Summers is owning Christian Hackenburg

    Pass break up and a pick on 2 of Hackenburg's first 5 passes. Playing for Birmingham in the AAF on CBSS
  3. Jax Husky

    Remember when Roscoe threw up a last second shot with :09 left?

    That was funny. In my Top 5 moments of UConn hoops.
  4. Jax Husky

    On the bright side, George Springer is on his way to becoming MVP of the WS

    Playing great for the 'Stros
  5. Jax Husky

    Bryant Sheriff's best game ever, and the D was better

    Edsall's teams get better. Diaco's teams got worse through the season. Bryant was great today.
  6. Jax Husky

    There are 7 games left, maybe we can go over .500

    I still see progress in gameplan, scheme, management of the game, etc but there is a tremendous dearth of size, strength, and talent at UConn right now. We need to thank AD Dave forever and ever for taking one look and knowing we needed upgrades all over. We just need to recruit as much...
  7. Jax Husky

    It is a personal foul to jump over the up backs

    That is all.
  8. Jax Husky

    Tough loss, but the effort leaves room for hope

    Geez, that's tough way to lose. Gotta be some walk-on from Hand or something we can trot out there to make a 33 yard FG. Defense - Ido not like the zone in the secondary that allows teams to pick us apart. Every offense in this league thrives on doing just that. We did seem to improve scheme...
  9. Jax Husky

    Did Vontaze Burfict really try to decapitate a guy in a preseason game?

    He's a freakin menace. I'll find gif Edit: blindsind more than decapitate, but still a menace
  10. Jax Husky

    Gus Edwards (RB) from Miami may be looking to transfer

    Was reportedly looking at Syracuse and Pitt since they were close to his hometown (Staten Island) but Richt has denied because both schools are on the Canes' schedule UM: Edwards has not requested transfer yet, despite reports
  11. Jax Husky

    Diaco recruited all kinds of size over the last 2 years

    And now we get Randy Edsall to develop it. Diaco wasn't making anyone better, but we should all be able to agree that Edsall's biggest strength was developing players. Exciting times folks. I don't think 7 wins is out of the question for next year.
  12. Jax Husky

    ESPN to lose $100 million broadcasting the Texans/Raiders WC game

    ESPN Will Lose $75 Million Televising Raiders-Texans " Every other network that carries the NFL -- NBC, CBS, and Fox -- has their playoff games or the Super Bowl, which rotates between NBC, CBS and Fox each three years, included within their yearly rights fee. Except for ESPN, which pays an...
  13. Jax Husky

    At just $1mil for the HC, can we finally pay

    Our Coordinators at least in the top 3 of this league? I am guessing that's somewhere around $400,000 each. If this is the plan with Edsall, I am all for it.
  14. Jax Husky

    Is Tennessee going to be in the "Game of the week" every week

    This season? Crazy
  15. Jax Husky

    Sitting in line to get back to my house in Jax Beach

    Looks like I'm depending on you guys to keep me up to date on the game. Was hoping to catch some of it if my house doesnt have a tree in it, but I dount I'll be settled and have the generator running in time. Thousands of people trying to get back to their homes over 2 open bridges. Lets go...
  16. Jax Husky

    If you thought UConn's passing game has been bad (in the past)

    I just saw this on another board, related to Tulane: Tulane's defense has been playing well and keeping us in games. Our problem is we're getting nothing from our Quarterbacks in the passing game. Ranked dead last in the FBS at 55 Yards a game (21 last week smfh). Holy cow. That's awful.
  17. Jax Husky

    Who's ready to move on?

    We have a very good chance at beating UVA this week, (despite the Bob Diaco jokes). I hope the crowd shows up.
  18. Jax Husky

    Gunner Keil to transfer again

    Has been beaten out and will not start for Cincy The transfer part is a joke (sort of)
  19. Jax Husky

    Ollie on TBS Championship central

    They love talking to him, and he has been going on for 10 minutes. More great pub for UConn
  20. Jax Husky

    15-2, We taking the stairs

    Ollie's record in conference or NCAA tournaments. Buddy was texted me with disdain at halftime. I said, "buck up little guy, we got em right where we want em". That wa a damned fun escape from work.
  21. Jax Husky

    Sorry guys, we aren't getting a new stadium expansion next year

    I didn't win Powerball
  22. Jax Husky

    Todd Orlando may be moving on up

    Wisconsin message boards on their DC leaving for LSU, almost unanimously calling for Orlando to be their next DC. Pretty nice gig for a fine coach. I wouldn't mind one bit if he were ever back at UCONN in some capacity either.
  23. Jax Husky

    LSU vs Bama....Bama fans going all in

    Posted the following sign from an off-campus apt: Those of you in New Orleans, go celebrate the Huskies win at a bar full of LSU fans Will be fun.
  24. Jax Husky

    A nice article showing the hipocrisy of the NCAA

    They are allowing Leonard Fournette to auction off his jersey from the South Carolina game to donate to the SC flood victims. Sounds nice right? Well, this brings up a lot of interesting questions...
  25. Jax Husky

    I get to root for LSU as a Uconn and LSU fan this week

    I root for 2 teams having grown up in Baton Rouge with a grandfather that was the OC for LSU, but then moving to CT and watching UConn all these years. This week, my LSU Tigers will be invading the Carrier Dome to get after the Orange. Let's hope they think they can stop Fournette and move...
  26. Jax Husky

    looks like Malik Zaire may have just broke an ankle

    We'll see, but this could be brutal for him and their season.
  27. Jax Husky

    #6 Aburn in overtime vs. Jacksonville State

    On Sec network Crap, "Auburn"
  28. Jax Husky

    Pathetic effort by the coaches. gave up

    I get it you dont want to crush Boyle's confidence, but he can't be that damned fragile. To just run out the clock with 7 minutes left was just the saddest thing I've ever seen. So much for building towards nexnext week and next year. Good thing Diaco came here, because he clearly isn't...
  29. Jax Husky

    Jameis Winston accuser tried to extort him (allegedly)

    TMZ has obtained a copy of a letter from the accuser's lawyer saying they would settle the case for a $7 million payout. I didn't want to hear any more about this story, but this does put a twist on the story.
  30. Jax Husky

    Let's go ECU, up on VT in the 4th

    This is a good game. Hope the Pirates can pull it out. Getting the ball back here up 7 with 3:20 left in the game
  31. Jax Husky

    Admins: Can we please update the schedule on the Home page?

    It still shows the 2013 schedule and we are in week 3 of 2014. I hate having to go to ESPN or whatever.
  32. Jax Husky

    Robert McClain just picked Drew Brees in the endzone

    He's having a tough game, but just made a huge play for the Falcons to keep points off the board.
  33. Jax Husky

    Spurrier coach who cares about his players

    This is going the extra mile.... (cannot embed Vine I guess)
  34. Jax Husky

    "Schedules" page at The Boneyard home page...can we update the schedule

    to show the 2014 schedule? It's time, plus I want to never see that schedule or those games again. TIA :)
  35. Jax Husky

    "Somebody told me we was Cinderellas"

    Bug off Nelson. Ollie is my HERO