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  1. MilliniumPrince

    Parking Pass (Navy)

    Anyone selling a Blue Parking Pass for Friday's game?
  2. MilliniumPrince

    Shady makes a sudden U-Turn

    Schiano abruptly resigns from Patriots' staff Translation: My wife found some pictures on my phone
  3. MilliniumPrince

    Best Tourney coaches (filling time until our tournament begins)

    Discuss...................... All-time top NCAA Tournament coaches
  4. MilliniumPrince

    Canelo test positive for banned substance.

    Clenbuterol to be exact. Don't worry, it entered his system because he has been eating Mexican beef........
  5. MilliniumPrince

    Proof reading at the Courant is lacking at times

    I wonder how many times during an average month Donovan Williams and Luke Carrezola are called the other's name? UConn Football Media Day Caption for picture #7
  6. MilliniumPrince

    Jerry Sandusky's son facing child sex abuse charges - Apologies if already posted.
  7. MilliniumPrince

    Maybe the entire tree is poisoned

    Apologies if already posted. Notre Dame must vacate wins after rules violations
  8. MilliniumPrince

    UNC back in the news.....

    UNC student Delaney Robinson says she was raped by a football player -
  9. MilliniumPrince

    Tickets for today

    Is anyone trying to unload 2 tickets for today's game? I have two late arriving hopefuls...
  10. MilliniumPrince

    Tourney Payday

    I wonder how much we get to pocket.
  11. MilliniumPrince

    Ranking of QBs in the American.....hey, it's Friday...why not?
  12. MilliniumPrince

    Big East Oral History Article on ESPN

    Reading this made me happy and sad at the same time. Great memories and moments. Now we will spend the next week watching the Real Big East eulogized over and over again.
  13. MilliniumPrince

    Matt Barone

    With the coaching change at Temple, I wonder if I our staff has reached out to Matt Barone.
  14. MilliniumPrince

    work in progress...

    For those with a program from the game....please turn to page 22 to see if you notice something a bit off...
  15. MilliniumPrince

    USA Today's Big East Stadium Rankings

    Not sure what the criteria was, but fininshing behind Rentschler Field North doesn't seem proper.
  16. MilliniumPrince

    PSU E-mail scandal

    I can't link from my phone, but I recommended taking a moment to visit CNN or ESPN to read the early release of excerpts from the PSU hard as it seems, this may actually get worse.
  17. MilliniumPrince

    I guess a village isn't a village until you find the idiot

    I try to avoid internet fights, so I didn't bother responding...but this guy is is something special.
  18. MilliniumPrince


    According to the article on the front page of Ruttys Rivals Site, he will make his decision next Wednesday. I can't link from here, but his father says he canceled his official to Miami and he is down to Uconn and Rutty. Bad news, he has an official scheduled at Rutty this weekend....
  19. MilliniumPrince

    Grey Lot Passes for USF Game

    Anyone looking to sell a Grey Lot Pass send me a note. I have several first-time visitors coming in to tailgate for Homecoming. I can drive to you to buy them.
  20. MilliniumPrince

    Slightly Random

    Last night I was on a red-eye from Vegas to Hartford with a connection in Minny. I met several Iowa State fans on that plane and they were cool people....very big fans of their program. As I was walking to my seat in a haze of fatigue I noticed a familiar face but I was too tired to figure out...