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  1. Jax Husky

    Aaron Hernandez and UConn/Connecticut

    Perhaps, but it seems apparent that Aaron was a sociopath (or maybe even psychopath), so its hard to say there wouldn't have been a bad ending regardless. That said, Urban Meyer was running an absolute trash program. They had guys shooting off AK47s at parties, and another player just murdered...
  2. Jax Husky

    This is how the SEC maintains its competitive advantage.

    LSU people are pissed at OBJ and he will likely be excluded from sidelines and whatnot in the future. That said, the players remaining at LSU will likely just have to give the money back, but Jefferson is going to the NFL anyway so eligibility is not an issue. OBJ is an ass for making stories...
  3. Jax Husky

    2019-2020 Bowl Game Thread

    LSU has played 6 teams that were ranked in the top 10 at the time of the game, including 1 on the road out of conference. Auburn played Oregon. Texas A&M played Clemson. It is only Bama that pads their record mostly.
  4. Jax Husky

    UConn NLI Early Signing Day Thread/Info for 12/18/19-12/20/19

    These private schools in CT aren't like the Christian schools (or even the Country Days and "Prep" schools) down south. They dont play in the CIAC (Catholic schools like Xavier and Northwest Catholic do) and they often have 5th year HS players doing a "post graduate" year playing. Many of...
  5. Jax Husky

    Vital and Gilbert

    Not one single poster in here has questioned Vital's toughness, character, or hustle. You are making that up.
  6. Jax Husky

    Vital and Gilbert

    I can stand to be disappointed with freshman. A senior making the plays Vital makes is unwatchable.
  7. Jax Husky

    Vital and Gilbert

    Every single positive thing Christian Vital ever does is negated by a stupid out of control play or a horrible shot selection. So tired of watching him. Gilbert is terrible too. At least Vital rebounds.
  8. Jax Husky

    FCS Jacksonville University Discontinuing Football...

    This is smart. They play almost all road games, and their home games are played in front of about 900 people in a stadium that makes Trinity's look like the Big House
  9. Jax Husky

    2020 UConn Commit #12 Jhaylin Embry (Jacksonville Florida) > Decommitted 12/11/19

    We now have 2 or 3 recruits from Jacksonville. As I said in another post, it is an underrated area for talent. Everyone scours south Fla, but the Jax area has a bunch of really really good football programs. First Coast, Bartram Trail, Mandarin, Bolles, University Christian, and Bishop Kenny...
  10. Jax Husky

    Egg Bowl Debacle(Rant)

    The Egg Bowl never dissapoints. Whether it is a bench clearing brawl or some idiot player prancing down the sidelines with a WWE touchdown belt after costing his team the game with a dog pissing penalty. He doesn't care, he got his touchdown and got to hold the belt.
  11. Jax Husky

    There is life beyond FBS.

    Wish I had more downvotes for the OP. D2 football for a major state university is embarrassing. Even moreso than 2-10. Edit: i missed the part about this having no relevance to UConn. Yes, fun can be had at the lower levels, but I don't think that is the path the Huskies should take.
  12. Jax Husky

    Mike Anthony: UConn football team might have a weapon in freshman Matt Drayton, one of many with an opportunity to lead the Huskies’ depleted receiver

    Nice to see UConn recruit the first coast. There are some really good football programs and recruits here in the Jax area. It is quite underrated IMO.
  13. Jax Husky

    UConn and the Big East

    Brutal. St. John's and Seton Hall are halfway decent programs, but the Big East is a completely garbage baseball league. This sucks. Houston, Tulane, ECU....the AAC was a very good baseball conference.
  14. Jax Husky

    2020 UConn Commit #2 - Alfred Chea (Jacksonville Florida)

    First Coast is a really good program in Jax. One of the best public school programs in the area. The QB for Auburn (Joey Gatewood) went there a couple years ago. Good school to have a connection with.
  15. Jax Husky

    Mason Feole to San Diego Padres (11th Round #323)

    Yeah, but if the team goes over slot , they are penalized This is why Juniors' bargaining power is minimized: Should a team exceed its alloted slot money, it incurs a penalty. A team is taxed 75 percent on overages between 0 and 5 percent. No team has ever exceeded more than 5 percent on its...
  16. Jax Husky

    Mason Feole to San Diego Padres (11th Round #323)

    Yes, but until they implemented these slot values, a Junior in the 11th might still get a million $ to sign. Now, double slot value is just $250k. Teams get penalized if they go over slot value too, so they are less inclined to do so.
  17. Jax Husky

    Mason Feole to San Diego Padres (11th Round #323)

    I know that, I should have said "the values are somewhat fixed". You can still improve your slot position, and not risk nearly as much as in the past when they would offer Juniors a lot more if they really wanted to sign the. It's not that you gain leverage as a Senior now, but rather, that...
  18. Jax Husky

    Mason Feole to San Diego Padres (11th Round #323)

    With slot values, there isn't the same amount of "bargaining" as there was a few years ago. It has changed everything. The values are fixed now, so you can guarantee yourself more money by moving up. That wasnt the case in the past.
  19. Jax Husky

    Louisville atarting a pitcher tonight who threw 95 pitches friday

    "Starting" sorry I messed up the title. That's horrible.
  20. Jax Husky

    2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament Oklahoma City Regional Elimination Game: #1 Oklahoma State v. #2 UConn (6/2/19 @6p ET > WatchESPN/ESPN3)

    Wallace was as impressive as any pitcher I've ever seen. I played against Carl Pavano and Joe Nathan. Just dominant.
  21. Jax Husky

    2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament Oklahoma City Regional Elimination Game: #2 UConn v. #3 Nebraska (6/2/19 @1p ET > WatchESPN/ESPN3)

    As long as he is around 20 pitches, he can likely pitch in the second game today as well. ETA: and now he gets to pitch with a little confidence
  22. Jax Husky

    UConn at Indiana University - September 21, 2019

    Is Terry Caulley playing?
  23. Jax Husky

    Duke recruiting machine

    They are the "Alabama" of college basketball, and I mean that in every which way. They are very very "organized and controlled" in everything they do, on and off the court.
  24. Jax Husky

    Will Wade done?

    If he says he did or didn't do anything (either way), he is going to get a subpeona from the FBI. That is why his lawyer won't let him speak. It's the same thing anyone with a competent lawyer would be doing. Not a great look though.
  25. Jax Husky

    Will Wade done?

    One of the writers bashing Wade (Dan Wolken), also wrote this in an article from last October: Sorry, but the head-in-the-sand routine being performed by Krzyzewski and North Carolina’s Roy Williams isn’t going to work anymore. The credibility of the sport is under withering assault in that...
  26. Jax Husky

    Will Wade done?

    It's a $900k mansion.
  27. Jax Husky

    Will Wade done?

    Actually, it's the opposite. In football, fans would be pissed. For bball, the LSU fans just think this is the way the game is played. And they are right. Anyone seen the new Zion Williamson residence in Durham?
  28. Jax Husky

    Daniel Hamilton

    There would be taxes on anything though. $140k a year before taxes is still a lot of money.
  29. Jax Husky

    Daniel Hamilton

    He's made $1.4 million. That's like getting out of college and getting a job worth $140k a year for 10 years. He should be set up for a pretty good life.
  30. Jax Husky

    Jamar Summers is owning Christian Hackenburg

    Pass break up and a pick on 2 of Hackenburg's first 5 passes. Playing for Birmingham in the AAF on CBSS
  31. Jax Husky

    Jalen Hurts Landing spot

    The SEC got rid of the rule allowing schools to block kids.
  32. Jax Husky

    Bowl season game thread

    LSU was down 3 out of their top 4 DL rotation. Fehoko, Farrell, and Ed Alexander (NFL entry) were all out. That was LSU's 3rd and 4th string DL except for Rashard Lawrence, who was a beast today.
  33. Jax Husky

    Bowl season game thread

    That's a fair point. Truth is though, this year's UCF team wasn't nearly as good as last year's was. That team deserved a shot. This one is just a very good team.
  34. Jax Husky

    Bowl season game thread

    That was weak, but they literally were dominated statistically by a severely depleted LSU team.