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  1. phil sampieri

    Michael Auriemma

    Where is Michael Auriemma these days?
  2. phil sampieri

    UConn/ Seton Hall

    Is this another game not on TV !
  3. phil sampieri

    Temple game replay

    No TV of game in Florida Comcast. Does someone have replay available on computer . Thsnks
  4. phil sampieri

    Today’s game link

    For the computer challenged, can someone post a link, Thank you
  5. phil sampieri

    Tv first night

    Will the ceremony be televised and by when ? Thanks
  6. phil sampieri


    He many points did Lou have in t he 3rd quarter
  7. phil sampieri

    Uconn Zone

    Sucks, sucks, sucks did I say it sucks.
  8. phil sampieri


    After reading all the naysayers about our offensive problems as they see it, I have an opinion, If our defense could get half as good as the last few years, we would be a lock. I n my opinion, we are giving up 12-14 points more with no lockdown defenders. Once we get that corrected, we celebrate.
  9. phil sampieri

    the missing link

    The only thing IMHO we need is a center/shot blocked/rebounder to go all the way.If she gets 6-8 a game that is enough as what we need is that person who can negate some of the penetration with blocks or shot selection. we need our freshmen to contribute.
  10. phil sampieri

    Thursdays game S ?outhern CT

    Is there a chance for TV coverage?
  11. phil sampieri

    Kia nurse

    just watched replay of S.C. game and wonder if anyone else notice that Kia's face seemed to be covered with some kind of a white cream.
  12. phil sampieri

    post game pressers

    are they available ?
  13. phil sampieri

    katielou update?

    Any news re KLS foot/ankle
  14. phil sampieri

    Did anyone notice

    just watched replay and Kia in late first quarter appears to shoot two free throws left handed. weird
  15. phil sampieri


    thought I recorded today's Maryland game but blank. Anyone able to send it? Thank you
  16. phil sampieri

    My girls

    I know you are not supposed to call them girls but that is what this old guy does.I don't care if you lost 10 games. I am so proud of how you conduct yourselves win or loose. Enjoy your selves and stay safe.
  17. phil sampieri


    Didn't Brenda say something like , if I were Uconn I would be worried to meet us. How's that for looking too far ahead.
  18. phil sampieri


    I really had little trust in the Uconn zone until this year. It seems better than ever. Am I seeing things?
  19. phil sampieri

    please stop

    I was chastized for critisizing some posters for their opinion Kaleen her wieght etc . Now , I am trying to stay calm and suggest that some of these all of a sudden uninformed posters hold on. Stewie disappears !!!!, that statement only suggests that is was made by peolpe who only look at stats...
  20. phil sampieri

    Kaleena Stats

    How about this- Kaleena tied for the team lead with 13 steals-shooting 61.5% from 3- 46% from 2 Read this- you know who you are.
  21. phil sampieri

    todays game replay

    Sny 8 P.M. tonight
  22. phil sampieri

    webster bank arena

    Where is the best site to purchase 4 tickets for Uconn/Depaul ?
  23. phil sampieri

    this sunday's game

    UC womens gameIs it being streamed or on the radio ?
  24. phil sampieri


    Any news about ticket costs reserved for Boneyard ?
  25. phil sampieri

    oct 3 fridays usa game

    Does someone have game time for Fridayand what channel will stream or televise ? Thanks
  26. phil sampieri

    fridays game and channel

    Do we have a time for fridays game and what channnels will stream and or televise thanks
  27. phil sampieri


    Where can I find a video replay of game 3 on my computer ?
  28. phil sampieri


    At 11:25 of Championship game, who is the grey haired women behind the scorers table ?
  29. phil sampieri


    Just the fact that there aren't 20 threads about all the bad calls, says a well officiated game. No ?
  30. phil sampieri

    bria and rebounds

    did Bria get her 3 rebounds ? What an accomplishment to join D and Maya- WOW
  31. phil sampieri

    bria's rebounds

    Lost count, did Bria get her 3 rebounds to join a very, very exclusive club- D and Maya wow
  32. phil sampieri


    On last nights Geno show Bria and Stef talked about how they came in together and have been roomies for 4 years. I curious who the rest of the p[ayers room with.
  33. phil sampieri

    post game press ?

    Anyone have a link ?
  34. phil sampieri


    You are down 30, the leading team puts in all the subs and you press ??? Now I wish we laid 100 on them
  35. phil sampieri

    louisville down

    SMU 35-33 at the half ESPNU