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  1. huskiesNhoos

    Way too early thoughts on AAC rerank

    Was just looking back at the ESPN preseason predictions for AAC order of finish. Memphis should still be #1, but will probably see some up and down results while wiseman is out. 2 and 3 though with Cinci and Houston look like they could both just as easily be somewhere in the 5-8 range...
  2. huskiesNhoos

    favorite "craft" coffee

    Just curious if anyone else is getting into the expanding craft coffee scene. A lot of people probably think it's stupid to spend $15-30 on a 12oz bag of grounds, but I hate drinking garbage coffee. I only drink mine black...never was a fan of creamer or sugar hence the appreciation for a...
  3. huskiesNhoos

    Ray's HoF presenter

    Just saw that Reggie Miller will be presenting Ray at the induction ceremony. Thought that they really didn't get along...even hated each other. Do inductees pick their presenter?
  4. huskiesNhoos

    AAC next year

    Now that the AAC is officially done with basketball this season (not counting NIT...which I don't even know who's in that), who's the class of the conference next year? SMU, UCF, and Cincy seem to be the most likely. No idea who's leaving early for NBA, transfer, or otherwise so just looking...
  5. huskiesNhoos

    duke recruiting

    I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, but duke now has the consensus top 3 players committed for 2018. R.J. Barrett, cam reddish and now zion williamson. Throw in the lowly #8 (10 on espn) overall player, tre Jones, and they've got likely the best class...ever Funny to think not that long...
  6. huskiesNhoos

    hornets @ nuggets tonight

    When we lived in Chapel Hill my now wife got me tickets to a hornets game (they were actually still the bobcats to give you an idea this was a while ago) of my choice for my birthday. Few years went by and she never came through. Almost 2 years ago now we've since moved to Denver, but I was...
  7. huskiesNhoos

    as if you needed more reason to hate grayson allen

    WATCH: Grayson Allen gets some home-cooking with this 'foul' call I would almost say it's on the refs for just giving duke any and every call, but the fact that he hits the deck after not being touched...
  8. huskiesNhoos

    hilarious Kentucky story

    Everyone on this board loves to hate Kentucky so heres a great new story about the newly self-crowned national Champs Kentucky Football Makes A Trophy For The 1950 National Championship That They Didn’t Actually Win
  9. huskiesNhoos

    Asus touchpad gestures stopped working

    Since there are plenty of people chiming in about the new laptop thread I thought I'd pick your brains some more. I have an Asus Zenbook UX32 laptop running windows 7, and it still runs like a champ after ~4 years, but the touchpad recently started giving me issues. It scrolls, clicks, and all...
  10. huskiesNhoos

    Is Cincinnati a must win?

    Just keeping it going...
  11. huskiesNhoos

    Good mojo in Park City

    I'm out boarding in PC with the wife and we were looking for a place to watch the game, and my buddy recommended a place called the boneyard saloon. Needless to say, I didn't ask for any more recommendations
  12. huskiesNhoos

    Our "good" losses aren't looking so good...

    Syracuse and Gonzaga are not exactly helping us lately. cuse dropped to 0-2 in ACC out of the gates, and zags are getting they're a$$es handed to them @ san fran Going to have to just keep on winning, or we could be DOOOMED
  13. huskiesNhoos

    Who still wishes we got Diamond Stone?

    imagine the rotation of brimah and stone at the 5... stone put up 39 and 12 tonight...I'm still a huge brimah fan but dang...penn state isn't exactly the cream of the crop, but they're also no coppin state
  14. huskiesNhoos

    Thoughts on post game thoughts

    Small gripe here, but do we really need 4+ threads for people to express their thoughts on the same game?
  15. huskiesNhoos

    A little thanksgiving Mojo

    Went to the gym this morning rocking my Uconn shirt for our thanksgiving workout, and beat the 3x crossfit games Masters was definitely the shirt #mojorising #humblebrag
  16. huskiesNhoos

    UCF game tickets (in Orlando)

    So I'll be in Orlando for my cousin's wedding on the 30th (January), and I'm thinking about changing my flight home from sunday to monday so I can catch the game since I'm right there. Anyone ever been to UCF arena? I found tickets on their website for $60 behind the visitor bench, but I'm...
  17. huskiesNhoos

    Pre-season AP all americans

    Kyle Wiltjer (gonzaga) Kris Dunn (providence) Georges Niang (iowa state) Buddy Hield (oklahoma) Ben Simmons (LSU) Just saw this on TOS, and only read out of mild curiosity since pre-season AA lists are meaningless. However, the guy who wrote the article (kyle ringo) went out of his way to make...
  18. huskiesNhoos

    The real expedition isn't until March

    With all these warm-up expeditions I've got to believe these huskies are gearing up for something big. I'm talking Oregon Trail big. Where could they be going? When will they be leaving? What is their purpose? Word is, that somewhere in Texas lies the sacred land of rolling rock and...
  19. huskiesNhoos

    Paige breaks hand...good news for UMD Marcus Paige is out 3-4 weeks with broken hand. UMD game is 4 weeks to the day after injury so he'll be questionable. Even if he makes it back that's going to...
  20. huskiesNhoos

    what was your first car?

    other thread about buying an suv gave me another mediocre idea for off-season thread... Mine was a '99 jeep wrangler...loved that car. Used to pile way too many people in it all the time, and it was always the group vehicle of choice for doing pretty much anything. Once i went down to college...
  21. huskiesNhoos

    Nike mega-tournament explains why we're in the AAC (not really)

    For whatever reason I was thinking about the nike mega tournament that got agreed on a couple years ago, because I couldn't remember what year it was going to be (2017). We talked about it on the board here a while back, but just to rehash, it's two eight team tournaments of nike sponsored...
  22. huskiesNhoos

    way Moving to Denver/Aurora

    Anyone familiar with the area at all? My fiancé is taking a job at the children's hospital out there and we'll be moving in june. I've been to the area once but only driving through on my way to go snowboarding We'll probably end up in Aurora do she's close to work, but was wondering if...
  23. huskiesNhoos

    Stephen A Smith on UK and Cal

    Another poster said essentially the exact same thing in another thread, but was funny to hear Stephen A Smith say it. Granted, I can't stand Smith, I did think he was pretty spot on when he answered questions about Harrison's remark in the presser and Cal's coaching. Basically brushed off...
  24. huskiesNhoos

    NC st vs Ville reminder of recruiting misses

    I'm now begrudgingly rooting for NC state since I'm about to finish my masters there, but worse than the fact that I have to root for NC state is the fact that we missed on two players that would have helped us a ton this year. We've already had several mentions in threads about tough luck...
  25. huskiesNhoos

    Making the best if a UNC wedding

    I'm at a wedding at UNC but made sure I watched my huskies on my phone. I may have disrupted the father daughter dance by yelling out for the boatshow when he iced it. If unc loses tonight I'm in heaven
  26. huskiesNhoos

    The worst thing about cuse and unc scandals

    Is that we get lumped in with them, because of the APR fiasco. In the eyes of the media, and subsequently the public, our inability to achieve a passing score on a faulty metric that doesn't even measure what its name implies is equivalent to gross academic fraud on an institutional level...
  27. huskiesNhoos

    crowd tonight

    Could be a weak (er than usual) crowd tonight. Supposed to be 5-8" of snow tonight, which means everyone down here in NC is preparing for a death storm (bread and milk are going fast)
  28. huskiesNhoos

    Semi- Big 10 talking about "year of readiness"

    just read that the Big 10 is throwing out the idea of making freshmen ineligible. Not really sure how this would play out, but in the short term it would kill bball recruiting with the 1 and done era. However, in the long term I feel like it would start to improve the final product of college...
  29. huskiesNhoos

    Link to watch the game?

    tried firstrowsports, but the uconn link is showing SEC womens bball...kill me now
  30. huskiesNhoos

    What do we know about Tulsa?

    I've never seen them play, and I'll be honest, I had to look up what state it was in (OK for those who won't admit they don't know either) Looking at their roster they seem like a very guard heavy team, which could play into our hands especially if we can establish facey and brimah in the post...
  31. huskiesNhoos

    for those who say we get no respect...

    Here you go: they get the seeds of teams we beat wrong but whatever Also, sorry for the time you'll inevitably end up wasting on this site during work
  32. huskiesNhoos

    Frankamp transferring from KU

    Part of their "top 10" backcourt leaving because of playing time concerns. Not a huge blow to them, but it does hurt their outside shooting, which will be almost as big a question mark as their point guards.
  33. huskiesNhoos

    glad it wasn't DD setting this pick... Posting link from my phone so hopefully it works
  34. huskiesNhoos

    very extremely slow wireless on laptop

    So I tried checking a bunch of tech websites and didn't get much help so I figured I'd see if there's any tech savvy people on here. I've been having a tough time downloading files on my laptop. The only reason this is a big deal is I need to be able to dl my lectures for grad school. I never...
  35. huskiesNhoos

    How has Sean Miller not won a title yet?

    The guy is a scary good recruiter, and probably the only other guy on the squid's level right now (as great a job as Ollie is doing, he's still not even close). Imagine if he was 10 toes in with the talent he brings in down there. It's looking likely that Zona's class this year might look...