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  1. Vuce

    I can't see Kentucky lose enough

    How many 5 stars does Kentucky need to beat South Carolina?
  2. Vuce

    12,500 tickets sold so far for UConn/Wichita St

    Depends on who you talk to. Me and my buddies didn’t miss a game at XL. We’d take turns driving and find a place to go pregame then get to the arena. This was Big East and Jim Calhoun days and the time place was mostly sold out so there was no comparison between being there vs watching on TV...
  3. Vuce

    12,500 tickets sold so far for UConn/Wichita St

    Honestly it probably does mean you are a casual fan. I went to both places as a student and never missed a game but I admit I was a die hard and still am. Both are ok and we need MORE casual fans to fill up either building. The avid fans are going no matter what but the casual fans are still...
  4. Vuce

    12,500 tickets sold so far for UConn/Wichita St

    They’ve been pretty much empty at XL too. I’m saying at peak performance at both buildings Gampel > XL. Not sure if you were at the FL game this year but that was the vibe I am referring to. also I think that as we climb back up the hill, getting in to see these kids play needs to become an...
  5. Vuce

    12,500 tickets sold so far for UConn/Wichita St

    I am def not an XL snob but I disagree. College students take the fan experience to the next level. And at Gampel the students are a larger percentage of the crowd and are much more on top of the court. I like both places but Gampel rules in a big game
  6. Vuce

    Fought our hearts out

    Hurley said in the postgame and also pre season that his expectation is each game in year 2 should be a win or a very tough loss. Doesn’t mean 100% it will happen but that is the expectation.
  7. Vuce


    In the postgame Hurley said Akok has been gassed the last two practices so maybe he does have a cold or something. He plays so hard all the time. Love the kid and it’ll be fun watching him get better and better over next couple seasons.
  8. Vuce

    Screw it....Love this team after today!

    Agree that FT shooting killed us. We missed 5 of our last 9. We only lost by 3. Tough loss without our best shooter and with AGs grandmother passing. Still looking forward to rest of the year then next year with likely 5 new guys to go with returning players. Talent level is going up. Glad...
  9. Vuce

    Tulane Pillowcase Giveaway

    Yeah we walked in from the south so we missed the coffee. But we got a nice tour of the champions center. Place is awesome. And I snagged 4 pillowcases.
  10. Vuce


    And you add Boat to Shabazz and you have the toughest darn backcourt in the country. Especially mentally tough. JC really knew how to size up that quality in kids he recruited as much as the talent. It was part of the reason why his recruits outperformed all the top 20 kids UConn competed against
  11. Vuce

    Stupid in game comments archived until the game is over

    I predict it won’t be 5 years of 0-2 start in AAC
  12. Vuce

    Stupid in game comments archived until the game is over

    If you are asking the chances of DH being back next year it’s 100%. Bring in Springs, Cole, Javonte Brown Ferguson and Andre to Bouk, Jalen, Akok etc and go from there.
  13. Vuce

    Confidence in Danny Going Forward

    It it definitely was a bitter disappointment. We won the NIT and had most of the team back led by Cliff Robinson and Phil Gamble. NCAA Tourney was totally anticipated for 1988-89 season. Brought in Chris Smith, Rod Sellers, etc. It was back to the NIT and sorta ho hum. And yeah JC would have...
  14. Vuce

    Confidence in Danny Going Forward

    And the best backcourt in the country. Don’t forget them
  15. Vuce

    Confidence in Danny Going Forward

    OK I agree with you for the most part then. He is a big boy and DH can take the slings when warranted. The Cincy and St. Joe's games? Eh. That's college hoops. I watched Evansville win at Rupp against Kentucky earlier this year. UK is loaded with NBA talent as usual. SMU, East Carolina...
  16. Vuce

    Confidence in Danny Going Forward

    That was not the thought back then sj. Not sure if you were around to witness that but LOTS of fans wanted him gone despite the NCAA tournaments and Big East runs. People saw Calipari take UMass to the Final Four in 1996 and the calls got even louder. JC did inherit a guy who would be a long...
  17. Vuce

    Confidence in Danny Going Forward

    This! Also, from like 1991 to 1998 there were PLENTY of fans calling for Calhoun's head saying he can't win the big one, can't coach offense, could not develop a competent big man (constant calls of UConn being a "donut" team with no center). Hurley is 1 1/2 seasons in rebuilding a roster that...
  18. Vuce

    Bring back the white dog

    While we are at it we need to bring back the Husky slide. That was a staple at every game. Do it!
  19. Vuce

    More praise for Andre Jackson

    Yup! Our guys can tomahawk all day then celebrate with their teammates, coaches and fans (as long as they aren’t giving up anything on defense). All for that! Show some emotion and get hyped. The disrespect we show our opponents will hopefully come from beating them by 20 to 40 points every...
  20. Vuce

    Old Uconn memory

    That was YOU?! ;)
  21. Vuce

    Old Uconn memory

    I made a road trip to this game as a student with a few friends. Toured the Dook campus too. Fun time but yeah the game didn’t turn in our favor.
  22. Vuce

    UConn ranked #69 in first NET Rankings

    A10 is having a really solid year. Richmond, Dayton, VCU, etc. lots of solid non conf wins. St joes not counted in that group :(
  23. Vuce

    12/22 UNH Tickets??

    This hasn’t been an issue at XL in recent years. I have season tix there again and for the Maine game I moved from the lower 200s to the 5th row right across from the UConn bench (pic attached). Four of us moved. No resistance
  24. Vuce

    2021 Recruiting: Mac Ettienne

    He and his parents looks pretty comfy at Gampel when they had the open practice. He was talking to most of the players then he and his family left on a tour with Coach Sal
  25. Vuce

    Around the NCAA - weekend of 12/14

    You just hate to see it.
  26. Vuce

    OT Pats

    Pats are still likely going to be 13-3, get a bye and host at least one playoff game. I guess that is panic time?!
  27. Vuce

    Denise D ascenzo wfsb news anchor passes away

    Yeah I think only 61 years old. Even though I live in MA, WFSB was our “local” CBS affiliate for years in the Springfield area. She was a really good anchor. RIP Denise
  28. Vuce

    Future non-conference games

    Or Dook will do it if they can play a team like St. John’s where some home games are at MSG. I don’t know if they play true home and homes with other school. Like you have to play them at Cameron but they will not play you on your campus arena
  29. Vuce

    Mt. Rushmore Poll

    Same video but much better call from Bob Huessler on the radio. Chills.
  30. Vuce

    UCONN Hooded sweatshirt

    That logo was just on the shorts or warm ups of the 1990 team. Can’t remember which. Like the write up said when you look at the hoodie, that team set up literally everything that came after. From players to JC to fans to program to national exposure. Great mems
  31. Vuce

    Iona Promo Code

    The students just need to swipe their IDs to get in
  32. Vuce

    Miami at Illinois

    No but we beat him;)
  33. Vuce

    Ticket for toddler

    Just say the kid is not quite two. No ticket, sits on your lap. They ain’t gonna ask for a passport
  34. Vuce

    Miami at Illinois

    Love that Miami is showing some pluck and grit here
  35. Vuce

    Miami at Illinois

    Yeah agree DJ - Miami is playing like St. Joe's did against us