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    Personnel Needs for Next Season

    He'll with next year let's do something this year. The clock is running with everybody. We've been waiting for next year 3 years. Let's develop the players we have and win enough games to make NCAA.
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    Maybe Akok needs to play the 5 and not Carlton. His game has to be jump started at the low block. Here we can look for him to make offensive moves and get the ball more. Had him there at times Sunday. He seems to have the skill to play there. Something has to be done to make him more...
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    Screw it....Love this team after today!

    When are we going to get Akok into the offense. We need to win at Vila nova and Houston now to make up for this. Sick of going to the games and seeing them lose. Vital deserves more.
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    Wichita St.

    We have better players they have a better coach. Let's see how this works out.
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    12,500 tickets sold so far for UConn/Wichita St

    Thanks for info @ students. Hope everybody gets there need a lot of noise and commotion.
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    12,500 tickets sold so far for UConn/Wichita St

    We better be loud and crazy - I will. Don't worry no swearing.
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    Predict the line/attendance

    UConn by 1, 15,500.
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    Gilbert Will Play Tomorrow V Wichita St

    We need all hands on board.
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    12,500 tickets sold so far for UConn/Wichita St

    Well the students be back?
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    Predict the line/attendance

    Are the students back? Hope they are. LET'S SHAKE THE PLACE AND GET THIS WIN.
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    RIP Gilbert’s Granny

    Condolances! Should still play Sun .. Missed enough time already.
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    Looking Ahead. Three Different Scripts. Same Result.

    The blocking shot thing esp. A A and JB will be a big factor from here on.
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    Who Else Has Belted Out A "Tyler Polley" Tonight?

    Did a lot of yelling JAMES when JB had it in high gear for the first time.Also TYLER many times during the game from behind the UCONN bench.
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    UConn Superfans - for the casual fan?

    A super fan drove 100 miles last nite and got rewarded feels GOOD. Keep it up Sunday please.
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    A few take-aways from Tulane game

    Bouk played with a extra gear that I haven't seen this year Created for himself and others like we need him to do.. That pass Alley O from Gilbert was a thing of beauty. Maybe he is getting acclimated playing with the vets. Akok has a world of talent that needs to be used better by his...
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    Was at GP last nite for the game and it's a great venue especially when we have a good team.. I like the XL also a much better place than MSG etc..
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    UConn in the News, 1/9/20

    Great Gilbert story from Jeff Jacobs. Thanks Nan. Was at the game last night and was inspired by the play of the team. Vets worked with younger players and DH did a great job with rotation and substitution. Hope again looking forward to Sunday
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    Tyler Polley Appreciation Thread

    Remember Tyler played Tulane # 1 offensive player most of the time when he was on the floor. TP can play D .
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    In more positive news, Bazz picking it up

    Another great game today. Hope they keep him at the point. Wish we had a point like him again. Maybe Karl Anthony will want to stay in Min. If Baz is running the show?
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    Carlton's basketball skills

    Springs is your next really good big. According to coach he is the second best rebounder that he has ever coached. Tristan T. 1. Josh will straighten out when we get a point guard who can work with him. Timing his seal with a good pass .Alley Oup passers needed for all the bigs.
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    Play Bouknight at point?

    Bouknight is not a bad idea. I think he has the tools even though I still like Gafney. We need to stop the slide and maybe Bouknight is the answer. Worth a try.
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    Will the AAC Trophy Photo be left behind?

    Good idea but not working. Coaches get to work. Its on all 4 of you to get this thing turned around.
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    Call me Crazy

    At this point have to give Carlton a chance and hope he and the coaches can figure it out. Still say go after people like Cincy did full court and use the 10 we got and hang our hats on defense-real defense. No more soft double teams-let's double team like we mean it. The doubles look like...
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    Brendan Adams

    Always been an Adams man. If everyone competed with his and CV intensity we would have a winner. Will be attending all of the rest of home games and look forward to not be in the doldrums after each. Carlton and the rest of them need our support now more than ever. Home crowd equals confidence.
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    How many 4* recruits does Hurley need to not lose to USF?

    No excuses for anybody. This team has the talent and should be winning. Cincy came out and pressed full court denying everywhere putting out the energy . We could have and should have done the same thing. We didn't match it anywhere. Same with SF. Its on the coach to not let this happen. Other...
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    Change Now

    You need a point guard on the floor who is an extension of the coach and gets done what the coach wants done. Responsible for the outcome.(Gafney)Gilbert has to make the coaches system work or get sombody who can make it work. Maybe give him some better tools to work with? Maybe a change in...
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    Change Now

    Positionless basketball with my lineup. Villanova and Golden State do it. Why can't UConn?
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    Punishing the press.

    Put the young players on the floor. Gafney, Bouknight, Akok, Adams, and Vital. You will see an instant press break. They will play D also..
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    I Just Don’t Understand

    We need to take other teams in our league more seriously.
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    Why we lost last night.

    Cincy was super prepared and we need the young players to grow up over nite or were dead. Changes have to be made now.Someone (Gafney) has to take over the point and not be manhandled like AG. Same with Carlton-give the middle to Akok .Bouk has to step up and be the player that we think he is.
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    Akok Blocked Shot Technique

    A g AA gets the D Reb. and starts the Out. Pass better than anyone by far. Also like his dunk vs Cin. when he had 3 men guarding.
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    Cincy -- A Scheduling Debacle More Than Anything

    Surprised that the officiating was not a part of this. Maybe we were expecting the officials to call touch fouls and played accordingly. Have to take each game one at a time and not worry about it. Play your game and let the chips fall. Still need to get the young players involved so they can...
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    Putting Players In Positions to Make Plays

    Getting back to Gafney again he not only is better at finding people open where they can do damage but defensively he doesn't get posted like AG and still pressures the ball. Let him learn on the floor. He has the tools. He has high basketball IQ just like JB and AA and BA. Put them out there...
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    In more positive news, Bazz picking it up

    What Baz did tonight was AMAZING. Go Baz. He's a winner. His contract year.
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    Change Now

    When you play basketball you fight for position on both D &O. MM D principle front your man below ft line saw none of that too many times.On O we didn't fight for position could have gone backdoor to beat C aggression but no basketball sense or teamwork good enough for this. Got to have BB IQ.