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  1. husky429

    Who challenges akok for conference DPOY

    I need to think of the positives right now. Is there anyone in our conference better on D? I have mostly been following the big east this year, so I really dont know. I watched him play in AAU, at PSA, and saw him work out at least 3 or 4 times. No one I knew expected the rebounding, or just...
  2. husky429

    What is wrong with the offense?

    Figured I'd throw it out there to see what ya'll think. I have some my own ideas but won't share yet. Let's leave CV and AGs early season troubles out of it. We have talked about that 100x. Yesterday I saw a team that won because we were more talented at every position. Personally, what I saw...
  3. husky429

    Akok looked like the best player on the court tonight

    Win or lose, he looked like the best player on the court tonight in my eyes. It feels like we have 7 defenders every time he is on the court. His presence in the paint, and ability to move on air time is better than anyone on our team. Yeah, he isn't able to create his own shot or anything yet...
  4. husky429

    Vital Rebounding

    He has his limitations. But his rebounding has been astounding for someone his height. As of last night.. No one in the top 50 rebounders in NCAA is shorter than Vital. He's tied for 39th. Closest is 6'4 Nate Pierre Louis at temple. One other 6'5 guy at Mercer. Everyone else is 6'6 or better...
  5. husky429


    This was a great game for him. I hope he reviews this film as much as he has time for. Early I was concerned, but after a stint on the bench, he was great. Hurley did what we were all hoping for. And we are WINNERS because of it. 5 shots--all open. Tons of assists and he broke pressure. He...
  6. husky429

    We really need to limit Bouknight's minutes..

    Or this kid is not going to last 2 seasons in college
  7. husky429


    Let's not the tough L and poor play by our senior leaders distract from his coming out party. Second game of his career against the #18 team in the country and he drops 19 points on 6/10 shooting, 1/2 from deep, and 6/7 FT. Incredible clutch play to tie us up too. Kid is no joke.
  8. husky429

    Kemba Injured.. it might be bad

    Not sure how many of you are watching the Celts. Kemba just ran into his team Semi Ojeleye and went down hard. Some kind of neck injury.. He was down for a good 5 or 6 minutes and got taken off the court strapped to the backboard. Send some mojo his way. Speedy recovery Kardiac!
  9. husky429

    OT: Kelvin Sampson Podcast

    It's always interesting for me to hear what the best coaches in our league are doing. Houston has been one of, maybe the only, real bright spot in the AAC these past few years. The guy is a really, really talented defensive coach. I enjoy hearing what he has to say. I highly recommend this...
  10. husky429

    OT: Sent a title for a school bus I didn't buy

    The boneyard manages to have info about everything, so here we go. I just got a title in the mail (looks legit, but who knows) of a 2020 school bus from Ohio. Has my name, address and everything correct on the title. I wasn't even in the USA on the date it says it was purchased. If it makes...
  11. husky429

    New Sal Vid

    Kept the new guys out of this one. Noticably better form from the older group. B Adams is going to be built by the time he leaves here. That kid is STRONG. Carlton looking bigger. Sid front squats less than my girlfriend. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing for me
  12. husky429

    Shabazz Camp

    A couple of the kids from the younger teams in the aau program I coach for went to Shabazz's basketball camp this weekend. Coaches I know said they've never seen a player as heavily involved in the camp. Most of the time players just show up once a day, make a speech and leave. Bazz was leading...
  13. husky429

    Iowa Roll Call

    The Orange is juiced. Now it's time to show up and own the Garden again UConn Nation. Just bought my tickets. Who's showing up? Me +1
  14. husky429

    OT: Player Comparison

    I'm looking for a player for one of my guys to watch and start to emulate his game a little bit on. He's a PF who drives well off of 1-2 dribbles. Any more than that and he's toast. Loves to pass from the high post. His strength is driving outside, but can't really get to the middle of the...
  15. husky429

    Precious NBA Top 100 Mixtape

    At about 2:00 he's getting his head to the rim in traffic, with what looks like pretty minimal effort. I don't think there's a better athlete in this class. I think he's about 6'9 215 now. I think he projects better than anyone in the 2019 class to the NBA. His size to play/guard the 3/4 is at...
  16. husky429

    Tatum or Brown or Mitchell

    Long-term franchise player possibility. Who are you taking? Only 1 allowed. Keep in mind that Donovan is turning 23 in September. Brown turns 22 around the same time. Tatum just turned 20. My brain says Tatum. My gut says Brown.
  17. husky429

    OT: (Ish) Rebounding Technique

    For the coaches out there: How are you teaching rebounding? Old school: - step across - elbows up - push back - get the ball This kind of rebounding is very horizontal. The whole team is supposed to create a shell with their man so everyone on offense is inside the defender before grabbing...
  18. husky429

    OT? What is Jelly Fam?

    Sid Wilson is a part of "jelly fam" according to my players. I have absolutely no idea what this is, and I'm not even that old. One of our more youthful boneyarders, can you explain? Does it have something to do with "jelly" layups?
  19. husky429

    Hurley Transfers

    Any players that Hurley might try to bring with him from URI--recruiting or from his roster? For recruits I'm seeing: Jermaine Harris 6'8-9" 220lb PF. 4* ranked 70th nationally. Also has 3 3* players in the call. Rumor has Brendan Adams (6'4 PG) is underrated. Higher end 3* Also Dana Tate...
  20. husky429

    Jaiden Delaire

    Kid from Granby. Need to lock down our coaching situation ASAP so we can continue recruiting these local kids. CT is ripe with talent over the next few years. What I know about him (not just from the tape) - Great shooter. Form could be worked on a little, but he's putting it in the hoop -...
  21. husky429

    Taelon Martin

    His shot has improved a TON since last summer. It's still a bit robotic and two-motion, but it really has improved. Expect it to get better this summer too, I'm sure. He has a a LOT of creative finishes for his age. Watching him play this year, he's turning into a really well-rounded point...
  22. husky429

    Trey hall

    Couldnt find the original thread on my phone--search wouldnt seem,to load. So do your mod magic if you'd like. Here at the game with friends. Unofficial obviously
  23. husky429


    I want Jalen to come back, but the more I see of him --even in good games-- the more I think he is a big part of the teams problem. He gets out of the way on defense Ball stopper. Bad shot selection Last one to the huddle most of the time. He is a good scorer but I don't think e makes a TEAM...
  24. husky429


    Played exceptionally well today. Terrific help defense, played scrappy. Dropped 13/9/2 with a big block against the #1 team in the country. Gotta hope this kid has a gf on campus he doesn't want to leave...
  25. husky429

    Larrier... since we seem to have a thread about everyone

    I think he got into a defensive stance for the first time with 2:00 left to go. What a terrible defender. His shot selection is awful. Iso pullups he must be 10% on the season. But im Not just disappointed with his god awful shot selection and D. His attitude sucked. Last into the huddle...
  26. husky429

    James Akinjo Video

    I like this one because it has some good, and some bad. Nice overall look at the kid. Another twitter-feed pop-up.
  27. husky429

    Kahlil Whitney

    Looks like he's a Chill kid. Planning on visiting UConn "soon." I know nothing about him; just popped up on my Twitter feed and I happened to read it. Seems well built from the vids for his age. Decent bounce. Made a few threes. Class of 2019 wing Kahlil Whitney talks recruiting | Zagsblog...
  28. husky429

    Andre drummond

    While I hate to see the Celtics lose, I'm happy to see dre play so well. He abasolutely destroyed the celtics tonight. One of the best games of his career. 26/21/6 10/12 from the field 6/8 from the line 4 steals +11 Horford could not handle his size and speed at all the last 5 mins of the...
  29. husky429

    Jay Wright

    Watching them play Tennessee. Theyre losing right now, but I was just thinking I'd love to see Ollie build a team like his over the last few years. Not a lot of 5 star talent, but they are fundamentally sound with a roster full of winners, usually. They're 4 out offrnse with secondary cutters...
  30. husky429

    How many of you are/were players/coaches?

    Despite the negativity, there's a pretty good group of bball minds on here for the most part. Who's a coach? What level? Just curious. Walked on a d2 school in college, played in hs. I coach a middle school and JV team. Offered a few varsity positions this year, but decided to turn it down...
  31. husky429


    Currently 10/12 from the ft line... 8 mins left in the game. He mau be unstoppable if he becomes respectable from the line. Good for him Also averaging 2 steals, a block, and 3 assists (triple his career high). Down on his points average, but I imagine hell get it up.
  32. husky429

    Taelon Martin Articl

    How Taelon Martin, with mentor Rob Kelly's help, became one of Springfield's best hoops prospects in years Seems like the kind of kid we would love to have. I hope having a mentor and some structure has helped him and will continue to. So much talent gets wasted in the streets.
  33. husky429

    Uconn/Providence at Mohegan: roll call

    I'll be there +1. Lower bowl. Who else we got.
  34. husky429

    Latest 2019 Ranking

    From the site that shall not be named... so I won't link it. Names we've been associated with: #5 Cole Anthony G #6 Bryan Antoine G #8 Scottie Lewis G #11 Christian Brown F #14 chol marial C #30 Kofi Cockburn C #32 jalen lecque G #47 Bruce wills G #54 Taelon Martin G #59 jaiden delaire F I...
  35. husky429

    Recruit in Union Station?

    Kid decked out in Nike EYBL geaR is just walking through union station in hartford. Looks maybe 6'9 ish. 215 lbs, fairly dark skin., I didn't get a good look enough to tell who it could be, if anyone Any ideas if we have any recruits in the area this weekend?