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  1. White Dwarf

    OT: Glad it was in my lifetime

    Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead is ahead of any sports memory for me.
  2. White Dwarf

    Predict the rest of the season

    6-10 <shrug>
  3. White Dwarf

    Bring back the white dog

  4. White Dwarf

    OT: Christmas songs

  5. White Dwarf

    OT: Christmas songs

  6. White Dwarf

    OT: Sports terms you can't stand/are tired of.

    Passes to the man Boom goes the dynamite
  7. White Dwarf

    Your feelings on sweaters

    I love my alpaca wool sweaters
  8. White Dwarf

    XL Center renovation

    Fill the XL with dirt and host all events in cyberspace
  9. White Dwarf

    Old Uconn memory

    I saw UConn play NC State in what I'm pretty sure was the ACC BE Challenge. Must have been early 1990s in NC State's old building.
  10. White Dwarf

    OT: Hobbies

    I collect/restore old 1980s arcade games. Donkey Kong, Asteroids type stuff
  11. White Dwarf

    OT: Xmas : real or fake?

    No tree in this house.
  12. White Dwarf

    Charleston Roll Call

    I'm wandering around South of Broad.
  13. White Dwarf

    Charleston Roll Call

    UConn fans won't be flight shamed
  14. White Dwarf

    Charleston Roll Call

    I'm making the short drive from NC
  15. White Dwarf

    Charleston Classic

    167 Raw on East Bay St is my go to for oysters. Real small place so I go early.
  16. White Dwarf

    Charleston Classic

    A Carnival cruise ship will be in port on 11/21. All clear the rest of the weekend.
  17. White Dwarf

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Today is a sad day. I just finished all my Connecticut pizza leftovers that I brought back to North Carolina last weekend.
  18. White Dwarf

    Favorite Holloween Candy or

    Old lady next door used to ride my ass for not collecting for Unicef. She gave out apples as well. Worst house on the block
  19. White Dwarf

    Charleston Classic

    Try Prohibition on King St. They have nice outdoor area out back for big parties. Good food as well.
  20. White Dwarf

    Charleston Classic

    I was in Chucktown last weekend. Had dinner at 5 Church. Super awesome place. I would put it on your radars.
  21. White Dwarf

    AAC has no shame

    No shame
  22. White Dwarf

    Biggest sports annoyances

    Yelling out a word associated with your team during the National Anthem. Tacky AF.
  23. White Dwarf

    Biggest sports annoyances

    Salty Whaler "fans"
  24. White Dwarf

    Amusement Park and Rides

    I like the slow rides. Give me a train ride around the park or the river boat ride.
  25. White Dwarf

    OT: Google/gmail problem

    Super fast, blocks all the crap, and gets past lots of the paywall webs sites. Best browser I've ever used. Check it out if you have not already.
  26. White Dwarf

    OT: Google/gmail problem

    Try a different web browser. Everyone should be using the Brave browser by now anyways. Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker | Brave Browser
  27. White Dwarf

    Any lawn nuts here?

    Monoculture is the pits. I'm more into the prairie look these days.
  28. White Dwarf

    OT: Auburn Sanctions

    This is what burner cell phones are for
  29. White Dwarf

    OT: Best Beer

    I like to drink Medalla as my summer beach/boat beer. It's the cheap Puerto Rican piss beer in the 10oz cans.
  30. White Dwarf

    OT: Your favorite youtube channels

    First We Feast : Famous people eating hot wings while being interviewed