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    UConn v. Vermont (Friday 12/6/19 @ 7:05 @ XL Center & Saturday 12/7/19 @ 3:35 @ XL Center)

    I believe the backup Stone, was diagnosed with mono a couple of weeks ago so the only other guy is the #3 who is basically a walk-on. Don’t be shocked if somebody new shows up at the start of the 2nd half once a new semester begins.
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    College football’s troubles will be punctuated with more empty seats in Pac-12 title game (Oregon Live)

    Actually that is Exhibit A in what John was saying and I’ve been saying. Game was scheduled for convieniece of tv not for fans. Same thing with Saturday night 8pm games in Connecticut in late November or opposite basketball opener or all sorts of other questionable decisions. Fans don’t show up...
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    College football’s troubles will be punctuated with more empty seats in Pac-12 title game (Oregon Live)

    Part of the problem to me is what I call the nflization of college sports. Especially football. For 135 of the 150 years college football was a different animal from the NFL. BUT STARTING WITH THE BCS there was a push for a single national champion that nobody because tv wanted it. Add the...
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    2020 UConn Football Commit #15 - Desmond Fogle (Kingsland, Georgia)

    I suspect if he hadn’t been from CT people would have complained about Lutrus. He was a 2 star running back in high school. Only interest was UMass Columbia and Penn. Late signed. So you never know.
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    UConn's Big East Rival

    As they play on actual networks and get paid actual money while the ZBE plays on the fishing and hunting network for peanuts.
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    College football’s troubles will be punctuated with more empty seats in Pac-12 title game (Oregon Live)

    All of these factors affect attendance. I would add that televising every game is actually a bad idea. And the elimination of big time rivalries with realighnment is too. Oklahoma-Nebraska was a big deal. Nebraska-Illinois not so much. Notre Dame had played Michigan State more than any other...
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    UConn's Big East Rival

    We should be so irrelevant.
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    College football’s troubles will be punctuated with more empty seats in Pac-12 title game (Oregon Live)

    I posted about this trend a while ago. A big contributor is that sports in general have become madevforbtv events. And in football that has ruined the flow of the game. TD followed by a time out followed by an extra point followed by a time out. Endless replay reviews. 3 1/2 hour games. I went...
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    UConn's Big East Rival

    Syracuse, Pitt, BC, WEst Virginia, Rutgers...oh wait...
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    UConn football averaged more fans at Rentschler Field in 2019, but attendance remains an issue (Putterman)

    10 losing seasons is a big contributor. Mostly really bad losing seasons.
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    Are we recruiting Canada enough?

    Over the years we have had some good players from Canada. I think Moe Petrus was one. We also had a receiver and a dlineman I think but can’t recall exactly who they were. Obviously Jack Z is from Canada and we have s few other kids next year. There is no reason not to recruit Canadians. And I...
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    James Akinjo Leaving Georgetown

    Oh please. How is that a hardship? I can get he doesn’t want to play at Gtown any more or for Ewing. But it is hardly a hardship.
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    James Akinjo Leaving Georgetown

    Sounds like an excuse rather than a reason to me. Hard to believe Ewing would do something like that. The rest of it though is what is horrible. Burglary threatening people assault. And it happened in September but nobody acted until now.
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    Jacobs: Don’t blame the AAC for the sad reality of UConn football

    I’m not so sure about that. SMU Memphis Temple even Tulane have improved dramatically. Our issue was an utterly awful coach followed by what might be the single worst coach in college football history. Not to mention an awful AD. Honestly the AAC has become a really legitimate football league...
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    UConn v. Miami-Ohio (11/29/19 @ 4:05p @ XL & 11/30/19 @ 4:05p @ XL on CW20)

    Good game I thought. First period UConn looked like they were suffering from too much turkey, slow kind of lazy play. But they came out firing in the second and really dominated play except for the final 2 minutes when they got very sloppy. Dominated the 3rd though. Met a couple of Miami...
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    The Path to 2020 Bowl Eligibility

    I think it was the same guys who complained our offense was too conservative against UMass as we had 2 backs go over 100 yards and scored over 50 points. Some would have been happier if we threw it and scored 30.
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    The Path to 2020 Bowl Eligibility

    Hey after what we’ve been through lately I for one will have no issue with playing in ANY bowl we get invited to. I’d certainly prefer something East coasty because I can get there but if it is Hawaii I won’t complain
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    The Path to 2020 Bowl Eligibility

    Well yeah. I thought you were suggesting conditions were the same as 2003.
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    The Path to 2020 Bowl Eligibility

    Not a good comparison in that there were not as many bowls then. Also now there is a rule I believe that 5-7 teams can only go after all 6-6 teams. It may be the Sleeping Rodent Bowl in Punxsutawney PA but if we go 6-6 I’m pretty confident we go. If we go 7-4 (let me dream) we definitely will.
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    Bouknight should start

    Doesn’t matter that much if he starts or is the first guy off the bench. He’ll Ray Allen was the first guy off the bench his first year. The important thing is that he plays many minutes and keeps out of trouble off the court.
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    2020 Schedule

    You would likely be pumpmed to play Florida State. Which was a women’s college until 1950 or so and hardly a national power until Bowden came in the mid-70s. Continued success breeds reputation not history.
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    2020 Schedule

    I don’t disagree with that. In fact I’ve said before I think it will help a lot. Had we not left the AAC I think it might have been valuable to explore essentially taking a 2 year “leave of absence” of some kind to rebuild in a less difficult environment. I know nobody wants to admit it but the...
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    Rutgers football coach debacle

    Rutgers is a laughing stock even in the Big 10. They are considered a joke by most Big members and if they had a redo I don’t know if they’d pick UConn but I know they wouldn’t take the Scarlet Knights. They are like the not overly bright decendent of a highly successful family. If it weren’t...
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    2020 Schedule

    Well that is sort of true except we also play multiple top 25 teams in Cinci, Navy and at the time UCF. Maybe we play 1 next year if UNC continues to grow. I think in a way this shows a lack of sophistication of CT football fans who would rather play Names than play quality opponent. 4-5 eh P5...
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    2020 Schedule

    Not a buy game in the usual sense. Basically Dave got UNC andODU to cancel their game and each play UCONN. Same as MTSU and Ole Miss in principal.
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    How can anyone defend Edsall?

    I put Diaco as worse than Terry Shea and I thought he was the most clueless coach I ever saw and thought I’d never see anyone that bad. Lordy, was I wrong. Diaco could neither coach nor recruit. He brought in basically D1aa quality players. If you look at Ross, Drayton, the linebacker, the...
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    2020 UConn Commit #12 Jhaylin Embry (Jacksonville Florida)

    There are more d1 prospects in Florida every year than there are d1 scholarships available in the state. And when there are that many some will be missed and others will be under rated. My nephews school a few years ago had more d1 scholarship players on the team than were found in Connecticut...
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    Good start for Enoch

    Who?? He left. Who cares?
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    2020 Schedule

    I know it is WAY in the future but not Marland games are listed as road games? That can’t be right? I actually like next year too. Getting back to what worked in the early 2000s. Mixture of majors and some lesser teams that will ideally let us get our feet under us.
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    Hurley should start who he wants

    Other than Chief, I’m sure he does not.
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    Not true. They are in the AAC. That conference stinks.
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    Coach Hurley, you have a good team

    I don’t get the “Hurley is still learning” crowd. He has been a head coach for 7-8 years at progressively higher levels. He needs to deliver. There are some guys who can recruit like crazy. Some guys who can coach and a Rare few who can do both.We have seen a troubling patten with Hurley teams...
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    Three Takeaways – Xavier edition

    Carlton/Gilbert/vital have been here long enough to know that they are what they are. Of the 3 Carlton is the only one who is irreplaceable in the sense that we don’t have another big.
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    Three Takeaways – Florida edition

    This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I haven’t watched the game yet. Was in Philly for Pats Eagles. But it sounds like Polley was a star. I don’t know what to make of this week frankly.
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    UConn vs. #12/#13 UMass Lowell (Friday 11/15/19 7:05p @ XL Center & Saturday 11/16/19 @6p @ Tsongas Center)

    Kind of s frustrating night. I thought UConn dominated play but gave up dumb goals. They also need a scorer. An I’m sort of thinking that the goalie needs a night off. He looked a little slow on a couple of plays to me. The second Lowell goal especially