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  1. Mlb0814

    Westbrook waiver denied

    Evina’s waiver request was UConn’s first. I read that they hadn’t requested one before as they didn’t feel that Stevens and Camara’s reasons for transfer warranted one.
  2. Mlb0814

    Mens NCAA Albany tournament tickets?

    Thanks! Wow ticket prices are much more expensive than the women. $180-$300 for tickets per person (includes both days). Not sure I want to see them that much...
  3. Mlb0814

    Mens NCAA Albany tournament tickets?

    It looks like Ticketmaster has opened tickets sales for the first two rounds in Albany for the men's 2020 tournament. Does anyone know the promo code? Thanks!
  4. Mlb0814

    Napheesa & Paige Bueckers to Represent USA on 3 x 3 Team.

    I’ve been watching it and no basketball.
  5. Mlb0814

    2019-20 Former Players Playing Overseas

    I thought I read that Napheesa was going to pay in China.
  6. Mlb0814

    2019-20 Former Players Playing Overseas

    I was thinking the same thing :rolleyes:
  7. Mlb0814

    2019 FIBA Americup

    How many times has Steph been open in the pick and roll and Arike doesn’t see her...
  8. Mlb0814

    Christyn Williams is in Edmonton for 3x3 tournament

    Lou does have this experience. Gold Medals: 2014 Youth Olympic Games, 2014 FIBA U17 World Championship, 2013 FIBA Americas U16 Championship, 2013 FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championship, 2013 FIBA Americas 3x3 U18 Championship
  9. Mlb0814

    2019 Chicago Sky (ft. Gabby, Lou & Stef)

    Thanks! We helped our friend’s daughter move into her new home so I’ll be watching the game with League Pass tomorrow.
  10. Mlb0814

    2019 Chicago Sky (ft. Gabby, Lou & Stef)

    Or to show her support for breast cancer survivors. Wasn’t that tonight?
  11. Mlb0814

    Six ejected, including Brittney Griner, as fight breaks out between Mercury and Wings

    Makes me want to rewatch the Cal game with UConn from last season. I know she was held to ten points but did Anigwe play dirty? Can’t remember.
  12. Mlb0814

    OT: What's a UConn Fan To Do?!

    And add a UConn symbol to the other side
  13. Mlb0814

    OT: What's a UConn Fan To Do?!

    Add a UConn decal with numbers so it reads “UConn 13 - T Lady Vols 9”
  14. Mlb0814

    OT: Maybe We Need A Social Media Team

    They were taping the men’s team (in the last few seconds of their gold medal game). I thought it was nice especially since recordings of the games are so hard to come by.
  15. Mlb0814

    Christyn Williams and Olivia Nelson-Ododa to play in Pan-Am Games 3X3

    I wonder if they plan to use Hebard more in the finals in case the DR wins since they were so physical with them before.
  16. Mlb0814

    It's $17 Million AAC Exit Fee

    Those UCF games are going to be UGLY this year. The UConn players will need to put padding on before those games. Last year to beat up on the Huskies.
  17. Mlb0814

    Unusual Gabby play from Spain

    I saw somewhere that it was called out of bounds on Gabby; other team’s ball.
  18. Mlb0814

    2019 Chicago Sky (ft. Gabby, Lou & Stef)

    He coached for the Olympic team with pros; he’s successful at all levels and knows how to get the best from his players. Maybe he could do something with my son’s modified team... :rolleyes:
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    Post your pet picture

    Our fourteen year old Raven...
  20. Mlb0814

    Transfers (merged threads)

    Gamecocks losing 3, including veteran Mikiah Herbert Harrigan, to transfer “Forward Mikiah Herbert Harrigan, forward LaDazhia Williams and guard Bianca Jackson all intend to transfer from the South Carolina women’s basketball team, a spokesperson for the program confirmed Tuesday.” Wow...
  21. Mlb0814

    More great public relations from Lou

    Blessed to have had Lou and Pheesa these last four years and I love seeing Lou being so heartfelt this season.
  22. Mlb0814

    How sweet it is! (Louisville recap)

    I nearly went hoarse during those 82 seconds screaming my lungs out. Totally agree! We were at the game and I have never cheered more or more loudly than I did during that game. The TUC vibe was electric! I didn't have much of a voice for school the next day... my kids know my love of UConn...
  23. Mlb0814

    How sweet it is! (Louisville recap)

    I take that to mean that Lou was hitting and she wanted to be the one to take over the game, not pass it off and hope others did it for them. Senior leadership for sure!
  24. Mlb0814

    out-of-bounds call

    I’ve got no voice from that call either but my wine is making it more bearable. I figure that since I was one of the cheering fans at the game that I earned it :rolleyes:
  25. Mlb0814

    How sweet it is! (Louisville recap)

    I totally agree; Crystal played amazing defense! Great reads on when to fight the screen and when to hold her ground when Asia rejected it. She hustled all game!
  26. Mlb0814

    So incredibly proud of this team...

    They all played with such heart and guts; a great win by a great group of ladies. And wow, those threes were pretty :rolleyes:
  27. Mlb0814

    NCAA Attendance

    I’m not sure of the numbers but definitely more people in Albany today than Friday.
  28. Mlb0814

    NCAA Attendance

    I saw a lot of tickets on Stub Hub for pretty high prices. I assume they didn’t sell.
  29. Mlb0814

    NCAA Attendance

    I know it was the students spring break for the first game so no kids were on campus
  30. Mlb0814

    Post Game Press Conference Louisville and UConn.

    I think he was teary; when the game ended he walked to the middle of the court with his fingers to his eyes, it was beautiful to watch. Best game I’ve watched in person, you could feel the energy the entire game.
  31. Mlb0814

    Question on Albany regional games

    They had some activities before the games (I think an hour before) like face painting, bounce house, shooting games so they let people in earlier. Because of extra people there the lines were much longer. We were in line for almost an hour and were towards the front of the line.
  32. Mlb0814

    Inundated with Albany Regional Tickets

    Two sets of tickets for us as well. And did anyone check out current ticket prices for Albany on cites other than Ticketmaster? Double price on some sites for lower section and $400 a ticket on Stub Hub. Not even floor seats...
  33. Mlb0814

    Aubrey Griffin named Miss New York Basketball

    Ooo I have nothing going on this Saturday and it’s only fifteen minutes away... :rolleyes:
  34. Mlb0814

    Albany Regional tickets update

    I called yesterday and they said they were being sent two day mail and I would be getting them by Friday. I also am in the Albany area; we'll see how long it takes. It's been a complete hassle but we have great seats so I'm trying not to complain too much.
  35. Mlb0814

    Houston post game

    Were back spasms the official word? They didn’t say anything at the game and reception was spotty.