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    Charleston Roll Call

    +2 TUL->CHS
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    Biggest sports annoyances

    When every dead play moment at live sporting events has to be filled with pumped-in ear-splitting music courtesy of the venue: pre-game, halftime, timeouts, between innings, between pitches. Fifteen second stoppage of play? Blare some noise from the speakers! Is this supposed to get the fans...
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    OT: If you lived on campus, where did you live?

    1970 Sprague 1971 Belden, Alumni Quad 1972 Belden 1973 Coventry
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    Charleston Classic

    Any info on when or how the tickets are delivered? I bought mine, but haven't received anything. I didn't even get an email confirmation that I purchased them. But the charge is there on my credit card.
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    Big East Conference All Time Hated Players

    Eric Devendorf, Gerry McNamara, Andy and Leo Rautins. All Cuse. Imagine that.
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    A UConn Guide to the Big East

    I'm bummed that I am going to miss out on hating Chris Mullin as a rival coach as much as I hated him as a rival player.
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    RIP Bill Buckner

    Ted Turner has Lewy body dementia. Actor Robin Williams was diagnosed with the disease posthumously. The US government has spent $6 trillion on the War on Terror. I, for one, am less terrorized by the prospect that a jihadist will blow up my plane, than I am about receiving a news that I, or a...
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    Boneyard Off Season Dad Jokes

    What did Buddha say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.
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    Thank You from The UConn Daily

    How about some where-are-they-now pieces about former Huskies? Not just the big names, but the countless role players that endeared themselves to UConn fans over the years.
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    Shades of Marcus Johnson

    Even as a freshman, Roscoe could rebound. Sid has not yet demonstrated that he can. But Sid has not thrown up any desperation buzzer-beater heaves with 11 seconds to go on the clock, so he does have that over Roscoe.
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    Akok training with Coach Sal

    Freshman Giffey had 14 points in the Maui championship game in November, 2010 when we beat Kentucky. That was his fifth game as a Husky. People were "questioning whether he was a UConn-level talent"? When exactly was that? Games 1-4?
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    Most entertaining coach on the sidelines

    How did #7 get an invite? Since when is nose-picking entertaining?
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    Costly Blown Call in Memphis Game

    Tardy in posting this, but this missed called still irks me. CV hits Tarin with homerun pass after a timeout and his dunk pulls us within 8. Maurice inbounds the ball for Memphis with his foot clearly on the court. Ref standing ten feet away is totally oblivious. Should have been our ball under...
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    Tyler Polley

    Or a very good D3 player.
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    When losses don’t draw a reaction

    You left off the best part of it. Reporter: What do you think is happening to the team? Richardson: The ship be sinking. Reporter: How far can it sink? Richardson: Sky's the limit.
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    Cheeseburger and Fries, Let's Go Beat These Tulsa Guys, Gameday Haiku Thread

    Been to the game here Four years straight, nary a win, Different tonight?
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    Chief’s Briefs - USF Edition

    Carlton is following the Philip Nolan trajectory - a mediocre freshman eventually blossoms into a mediocre senior. We just have to be patient as he's not quite there yet.
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    Expectations Going Forward

    I have been lowering my expectations for this season with every loss. Sober reality is setting in and it's time to drop them down another couple of notches. I have been to all four UConn-Tulsa games in Tulsa since the we joined the AAC. UConn is 0-4 and I'll take a W (or at least a...
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    Ollie Discrimination Lawsuit

    What NBA GM is going to want to bring in an assistant coach with this kind of baggage? Talk about fouling the nest. Insane.
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    Chief’s Briefs - FSU Edition

    Sid, listen up. Tyler, listen up.
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    Was that a bench warning or a foul on our bench?

    Just when I thought Bill Walton had the title of most-unlistenable babbling off-topic color analyst secured for life, along comes Seth Greenberg with a bid of his own. Proving, one again, that in the game of college basketball, staying on top is never easy.
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    Chief’s Briefs - UMass Lowell Edition

    In 100% agreement about Carlton. After the first couple of games this season I thought Tarin Smith was the second coming of Lasan Kromah, bringing a steady, consistent and clutch grad-presence. But lately he's looking more and more like Antwoine Anderson with way too many bad shots, passes and...
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    RIP Tony Hanson

    So sad. If you never saw him play, you missed true magic in a UConn uniform. He, along with teammates Joey Whelton and Jim Abromaitis, brought a special combination of grit and grace to each and every game. He was an utter joy to watch play. RIP.
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    Greatest HS players in Connecticut state history

    Bobby Valentine got offered over 200 college scholarships to play football, including one from USC, whose coach John McKay, was seeking to replace O. J. Simpson. Said McKay, per an article in Sports Illustrated, "If anyone has a chance to be the next O.J. Simpson, it's Valentine." No other CT...
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    Report Card vs Iowa

    I am looking forward to Diarra's return to action for no other reason than to see Yakwe's minutes reduced. Yakwe looks like this season's Onuorah.
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    Chief’s Briefs - Cuse Edition

    Tarin Smith is money! He is going to propel this team.
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    Please, CV, don't force it and don't do boneheaded stuff. Bad decisions will have a lot more impact on the final score than they did against UMKC.
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    Morehead thoughts

    The absence of AG the past two seasons contributed to our sub-.500 finishes, no doubt. But at the same time, and in the same way, it contributed to the merciful end of the Ten-toes-in era and the beginning of something good. Painful that he wasn't on the court, but ultimately a blessing in disguise.
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    One word: PATHETIC

    I was at the game last night and got a perspective I never get on TV -- right before the first time Tulsa scored, they had the ball down inside the UConn 10 yard line. Edsall is standing by himself, looking at his sheet 50 yards away on the opposite 40 yard line. No UConn player and no UConn...
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    Any Brave Souls Going To Tulsa This Weekend?

    All things considered, the crowd size was decent at opening kickoff, bigger than I expected. But once the rain started in earnest, the crowd dwindled fast. Actually had some fellow Husky fans sitting near us. Did not spot The Kid.
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    Any Brave Souls Going To Tulsa This Weekend?

    This is a seat you get for $10 when the hapless Huskies are in town. Pic: as requested. Final result of game: as expected.
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    Shout out to Rashamel Jones

    Loved Rash. Loved JC. But it got to the point that whenever Rash missed a shot he got the JC insta-hook and seemed to be on the bench before the rebound occurred. He became a head case who was afraid to shoot. Sophomore year: one 3PA per 7 minutes played. Senior: 1 per 36 minutes played.
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    Any Brave Souls Going To Tulsa This Weekend?

    I, UConn grad, live in Tulsa. I'll be there. TU is pushing ticket sales hard for the game: full page ad in the Tulsa World, TU Homecoming weekend, free food, games for kids. It probably won't help get butts in the seats, but how else to get people to come watch two 1-win teams duking it out in...
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    Engram showing the hallmarks of a bust. The two drops yesterday were pathetic, especially the fourth-and-3 when ball went through his hands. All the talk about his speed and what a matchup nightmare he is means nothing if he can't catch.
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    OBJ can't be looking forward to frittering away the prime of his career over the next few years as the Giants bumble and stumble along with Eli's replacement at QB. The Giant offense is pathetic with him, they can be pathetic without him. Get max value for him now. But Landon Collins is a...