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  1. AntG168

    Big Cliff dropping his Top 8 “soon”

    Zion Next’d. This is over
  2. AntG168

    Charleston Classic Other Games

    Florida looks pretty good right now. That win will age well
  3. AntG168

    The Freshman

    The most frustrating thing tonight is knowing that if we had Bouk for st Joes were 4-0
  4. AntG168


    Don’t know much about them this year. Hopefully we can sort of scout them in this thread
  5. AntG168

    The Freshman

    Gaffney hasn’t even showed that silky jumper yet. I’d like to see Hurley run some sets to get him open. He can really shoot it
  6. AntG168

    Charleston Classic Other Games

    I St Joes shot 3/23 from 3 against us we win easily. Good to know they aren’t as bad as I thought. We still should’ve beat them going away
  7. AntG168

    Keys to winning in Charleston

    Defend, defend, defend. There are no offensive juggernauts in this tourney. We win this thing on defense
  8. AntG168

    2020 Recruiting: Luca Doncic

    Whatever Giannis lacks in natural ability when it comes to passing he makes up for by being 7ft tall. He can see over everyone. So why Luka may be a more “skilled” passer, Giannis is just as “effective”. That’s my only point
  9. AntG168

    2020 Recruiting: Luca Doncic

    I’m not downplaying Lukas vision. But Giannis is just as effective of a passer. That isn’t a notch Luka has over him
  10. AntG168

    2020 Recruiting: Luca Doncic

    Better vision is a reach
  11. AntG168

    UConn -2 (Charleston Classic)

    Luckily Buffalo isn nearly as good as Iowa las year
  12. AntG168

    Cam Thomas to L$U

    Can we check the board before we post threads.....
  13. AntG168

    Chief’s Briefs - UF

    Chief is fine. Yourself and others take this way too seriously lmao. It’s a internet message board for crying out loud
  14. AntG168

    “Ugly Win”

    Imo there is no such things as an ugly win with the program. We’ve been through too much to take any win for granted. Today felt REALLY a good
  15. AntG168

    Three Takeaways – Florida edition

    Great win. Let’s build on this in Charleston
  16. AntG168

    Season record prediction reset

    We don’t have a super tough schedule. If we finish at or below .500 Hurley did a terrible job. But we won’t
  17. AntG168

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson to UConn

    That move he made in the post at the 55 sec mark of the fourth has me giddy
  18. AntG168

    The Program's Turning Point

    Correct. He was always a phenom, his father made sure of it
  19. AntG168

    The Program's Turning Point

    Down in New Haven, those of us in the AAU scene ALL know why Tremont went to LSU. It’s not a secret
  20. AntG168

    Hurley Post Game Quotes

    No one would care about sideline antics if he had better players
  21. AntG168

    Hurley Post Game Quotes

    He literally said “I have a lot of work to do”. Hurley is incredibly self reflective. To think otherwise is from a lack of paying attention. You can’t disagree with anything he said in this press conference. His “side line” antics didn’t limit his winning at Rhode Island. The players who have...
  22. AntG168

    Hurley Post Game Quotes

    He said a lot here
  23. AntG168

    Gilbert is a 4th year PG

    He’s been incredibly bad. I still do hold out hope that he figures something out sooner than later. The kid is talented. We don’t need him to be great in order for us to take a step foward this yr. We just need him to be a steady leader. I believe he can figure it out
  24. AntG168

    Hurley got outcoached

    I’m not quite sure what you mean. But I will say this. There are two parties in this Hurley and the players. One party has shown they can win. The other has yet to do so. The issue is the players Hurley inherited imo. Not Hurley. He can be better, but we only know that because he’s already...
  25. AntG168

    Hurley Post Game Quotes

    AKA get these guys the h*** out of my program
  26. AntG168

    Hurley got outcoached

    I mean St Joes coach didn’t coach his guys into becoming a collective group of Steph Currys in the first half. St Joes was just unconscious. Dan can’t make Josh not soft, or CV and rique not dumb. When your senior leadership is that bad it cripples a team no matter who the coach is. Ala the...
  27. AntG168

    Three Takeaways – St. Joe's edition

    We can still win 18-22 games this year. We can’t let tonight ruin a whole season. We have a lot of games in front of us to make this one up. We have Bouk coming back. And two really exciting recruits so far for next year. Make tonight an outlier this season. Make this game up against Florida. Go...
  28. AntG168

    UConn Vs. Saint Joseph's Line

    Guys we should and I expect us to win by 30. The jitters should be out. If we’re going to be an above .500 team this yr we need to win this convincingly. I’m talking walk-one in with 4min to go
  29. AntG168

    UConn Vs. Saint Joseph's Line

    If we only win by 10.:......that would not be good
  30. AntG168

    Blue Blood Recruiting

  31. AntG168

    2020 Recruiting: Javonte Brown-Ferguson Announcement Date

    lol I didn’t even see this haha