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    2020 Recruiting Thread

    We desperately need to develop LBs that can run. Desperately!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OT: Im headed to the Grand Canyon. What would you suggest i see there?

    Been to most of the National Parks out there. Zion and the hike in The Narrows is one of my all time favorites.
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    The wisdom of Dan Orlovsky - v1.0

    In my opinion Randy did a remarkable job building the program the first time around. His departure was unfortunate, but the truth of the matter is that many folks were happy to see him gone and believed he had reached his ceiling. Well...... Ten years later, does Randy's process still work in...
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    Our tackling is getting better, but you’re right, it still has a long way to go. I don’t like to point at specific kids, but King was simply awful last night. And we have nothing at LB. Mitchell may end up being a good one, but he was invisible last night. Morgan can play a little. But, we...
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    We’ll need to be able to run the ball tonight.

    In all seriousness, I agree with you. To win we'll have to score a lot of points. Only problem with that is Navy's defense is about a million times better than whatever it was that UMASS put on the field last week.
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    We’ll need to be able to run the ball tonight.

    I want to be positive - I really do. But how do you beat Navy without good play at LB?
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    the Future of Conference ...

    Yeah, thanks for your “context”.
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    the Future of Conference ...

    Ponderous..........really!! Coaching and recruiting are important? Thanks so much for that!
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    the Future of Conference ...

    Tonight it will get dark and then the following morning the sun will rise and the light will shine. Good lord.....................
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    Revisionist History

    It's still a very young defense, but there are some players on the line and in the secondary. How a program that once had LBs Lutrus, Wilson, Moore, Smallwood and Lloyd in the program at the same time (hell, Robinson had trouble getting on the field!) to what we have now is a mystery to me...
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    the Future of Conference ...

    I guess so, but Clemson had almost 700 yards of offense yesterday.
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    the Future of Conference ...

    Let me know the first time BC makes it to a BCS bowl. The point is that they are in the group of P5 programs that do not appear to be able to compete with the elite.
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    Good Feelings Again

    I love the enthusiasm, I really do, but if there is an opponent where play at LB is more important, I can’t think of who it is. Navy will run wild on us.
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    the Future of Conference ...

    Good OP Pudge. College football may be at a tipping point. Can the lower rungs of the P5 really ever hope to compete? Yes, for right now they get the money, but the elite will look to hold and expand their advantages, and that will eventually mean financial. I realize BC and Cuse and Rutgers...
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    Good Feelings Again

    We are woefully deficient at LB. Our biggest position of need imo. T Jones, absent injury, will be in the NFL.
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    Good Feelings Again

    The defense desperately needs LBs. That may be the biggest hole we need to fill.
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    Mike Anthony: UConn quarterback Jack Zergiotis missed opportunities ... by a mile

    What an insightful article. That a true frosh QB playing in like their third game could miss some critical throws.........who knew? Kid played well and has some nice skills. Moves well in the pocket and to my eye shows some athleticism. If he can stay on the field he’ll learn how to make...
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    Game Week: UConn vs. Houston (10/19/19 @ Noon on ESPNU)

    That team played very well today. The defense was vastly improved. I thought Edsall may have lost these kids, but that does not appear to be the case. I think play calling was sound.
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    Face the State talks UConn football with new President

    That's not even remotely the ^%$ing point.
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    Face the State talks UConn football with new President

    It always amazes me how self unaware folks can be about the venue they are on and their audience. Do you really think this fan base, given what it is going through, wants you to pontificate to them? Just amazing......
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    I was at the Husky Walk for the Virginia game after the Navy debacle the week before. He looked like a deer in the headlights going into that game. I think the poor guy was just in way over his head. In the Syracuse game he left our CB, Summers man on man with that stud receiver from Syracuse...
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    Yes, both were awful. P duck*** the culture and then Bobby D duck*** the talent. I truly believe that Edsall is taking the athleticism up, but we're still god awful slow. I honestly think that Diaco was totally inept at assessing and developing talent.
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    From my perspective about 50% of college football fans want their football coach fired every week. I think programs can and do harm themselves pulling the trigger too early and often on coaching changes. I am also an Edsall fan. Do I think he's Vince Lombardi? No. But, he took this...
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    Rate our three QBs.

    Was very surprised by Krajewski's mobility. We could have something with him.
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    Minus 34 to Tulane

    Whaler! Was wondering where you've been.
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    The View From Section 241

    That's exactly the way I see it. Diaco's recruiting was an all out disaster and on defense he left the front seven with nothing. I've never seen our LB play as poor as it's been the last two seasons including when we first made the jump to 1A. None of the guys we've had over the last...
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    To Dunn & before him Lashlee....

    I'll say this again. You either do in fact have inside contacts and information you are sharing which would make you irresponsible. Or, you want folks to believe you have inside contacts and information which makes you a b*lls***er and irresponsible. I suspect it's the latter, but either...
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    Turn out the lights

    *TF? Do you have a problem?
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    Mike Anthony: Stroke survivor and new father Eli Thomas finds value in life-changing year and joy in remaining with the UConn football team

    You are exactly right! While I understand the frustration, I don't really get the incessant harping and complaining. To what end? What does it accomplish other than creating negative feelings and energy? Then you read about a kid like this, and what he has overcome, and it provides a whole...
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    As the losses mount, some bizarre behavior from Edsall

    I hope you're right Pudge, and you very well may be. Edsall is quirky and show me a coach who isn't. They live in a fishbowl with 20 year olds throwing their careers around. Sounds a bit stressful to me.
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    As the losses mount, some bizarre behavior from Edsall

    I have no inside information, but I would not be at all surprised if Edsall heads out after this season. I don't think he signed up for a life of rebuilding a program without a conference. I hope I'm wrong, because I think the last thing this program needs right now is a coaching change.
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    Mensah and the OL looked good last week.

    He ran behind a fabulous run blocking OL his freshman year and after that his production came off. If someone on defense farted he went down. Honestly, he had some talent, but he was grossly miss-used. At his size there was just no way he should have been used as a workhorse which was what P...
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    Mensah and the OL looked good last week.

    I think Mensah is the best back we've had since Todman. I actually think that's a sad commentary on our recruiting at that position after we had some very nice talent there for a number of years runniing. Then P ran McCombs for 3+ years for reasons I'll never understand.
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    Serious question I asked before...

    Start winning again and attendance will immediately improve. With an independent schedule can it ever get back to 30-35k? I don't know, but winning will drive meaningful increases in attendance very quickly.