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  1. Woof 101

    Gampel Technical enhancements

    Amazing post, one with "i fart in your general direction" for a narrative calling others Neanderthals. Another line in the book of things you just can't make up....This is classic...
  2. Woof 101

    UConn vs. Temple Badass award goes to....

    I'll go with the OP on this one. This season is going to be a real team effort to have success. While still not making a shot from the floor, I like that Anna led the team in assists. Here is the early box...
  3. Woof 101

    2019 Broyles Award Nominees...

    While most of us treasure every bit of info huskymedic brings us this thread should not upset a single UConn fan. OK, maybe those that do not realize the 2012 winner was Bob Diaco......... Side note Don Brown now coaching with his 15th team.....
  4. Woof 101

    Where do you think we can get another 15 points?

    Not sure where anyone coach or player could get a guaranteed 80 points from. Defense wins championships, simply out score the opponent and you win the game. Different years bring different talent or lack of, no set rules on how many points a team should score. This years team lacking in size is...
  5. Woof 101

    OT: Relentlessly positive music

    I'll call with a "shout".
  6. Woof 101

    OT: Relentlessly positive music

    Speaks for itself....
  7. Woof 101

    Preseason For Geno Also .....

    Just thought this would be a little different caption game. When needed Geno always has something to say to the officials and rarely do we know what is actually said. Not that he needs any help, so what is he saying. I'll start with. Che gioco stai guardando!? (what game are you watching!?)
  8. Woof 101

    Villanova's Harry Perretta Retiring After 2019-2020 Season

    Just like Geno, took the job until something else better came along....
  9. Woof 101

    Tailgate Menu for Navy Game...

    @coachcap as Duncan above hopes you have Navy beans in the chili in honor of your distinguished guest. Nice he is being welcomed aboard a UConn tailgate. I would hope one of the libations would be a nice PORT wine. Thank him for serving from our group of four to six with occasional guests...
  10. Woof 101

    Rocky Mountain Blue

    We can only hope it's only a bump in the road and not a "Don't Look Up" thing.
  11. Woof 101

    Geno wants WCBB to De-Emphasize the Three Pointer

    No attack here Plebe just a good spot to ask a question of all. How many think the men and women should play with the same size ball???
  12. Woof 101

    Aaliyah Edwards to UConn!!!

    Yes and I also realize her accent is that of Kingston Jamaica. ;) You do realize Ontario is a Provence in Canada ... Eh .....
  13. Woof 101

    Aaliyah Edwards to UConn!!!

    Bonjour Aaliyah, Bienvenu dans votre nouvelle maison loin de chez vous! :D Just having fun, from your announcement video it is obvious what values you were looking for in the next level of education and basketball. Obviously you and your family realize you are coming to a top notch school and...
  14. Woof 101

    KC Bye Week Sherman Goes NASCAR ....

    This aired before the start of today's race in Kansas. One of my all time favorites here.
  15. Woof 101

    A Highlight

    A little positivity anyone? We're #5 ............. What can Brown do for you?
  16. Woof 101

    UConn @ UCF (11/20/2021) on BOT Agenda

    WOW.... Dream, no punctuation? Are you asking Christ or complaining to him? ;) Celebrating the fact a scheduled game that has us up against a recent NC, (their words and trophy like the Con flict one) getting the ching is bad ? Scheduling a Florida team is bad ? This is a good rung on the...
  17. Woof 101

    Former UConn OC Joe Moorhead’s Name Emerging At Rutgers To Replace Chris Ash

    Day dreaming here, Joe takes big buck buyout for less stress. He and Randy kiss and make up, comes to UConn as our OC next year. Money not a problem with the MS buyout. He and family were happy the first time and this time the AD is smart enough to let him be known as the HC in waiting. Of...
  18. Woof 101

    The Situation

    Fair assessment Fairfield but do the math on our team speed and see what is required for a wide open spread offense. We are not even at the level of a successful outside run. A couple of plays out of the ordinary backfire and that would be the new fire Randy cry. I feel your pain also but we are...
  19. Woof 101

    The Situation

    AGREE and I wish the mods would just merge the fire Randy threads. It is simply silly for a few new ones every game when most in the know realize much is out of his control. Dan, absolutely no attack but you should realize along with others calling for a more liberal open game plan would only...
  20. Woof 101

    Biggest UConn upset with a win.......

    Sad to say...... Any team we beat this year other than East Carolina or UMass.....
  21. Woof 101

    Nawlins Travel Advice

    Good God, the beads and souvenirs are all made in China.... Now the crawfish? LA FIN EST PROCHE !
  22. Woof 101

    Maria Conlon

    A little more for the newcomers. ;)
  23. Woof 101

    Turn out the lights

    Have you lost your marbles??? :confused: :D Come on Marbles90, a bad football team does not define your school or the overall athletic program. If I understand your avatar correctly you were a music major? Right or wrong I leave you with this.......
  24. Woof 101

    To Dunn & before him Lashlee....

    YIKES....NO attack Chief but a post like this really exposes a chink in your panties / armor. ;)
  25. Woof 101

    Beyond Basketball: Kelly Schumacher-Raimon

    Kelly looks to be in great shape of body and mind. Another protege of the UConn staff spreading the good word. Thanks for posting.
  26. Woof 101

    Been watching lots of Formula 1 instead of UConn

    Hope this helps, don't let the door hit you on the way out... ;)
  27. Woof 101

    UCF Student Problem We Need......

    A nice problem to have, I hope we can get the old student section back soon. I know it's mostly a winning thing and UCF has been on a roll for awhile now.
  28. Woof 101

    Looks Like Tennessee Is Losing Another One

    No attack nan linds, and not scolding you but a difference of opinion. Off season levity from a poster who has contributed hundreds of creditable threads. This one a good laugh at the expense of a rival that put the women's game on the map with help from UCONN. One click to open and one click to...
  29. Woof 101

    Should UConn recruit Antonio Brown?

    Ever wish you had a breathalyzer next to your computer??? BACtrack | The Leader in Breathalyzers
  30. Woof 101

    Edsall re Indiana, don't blame me.

    No attack here Whaler, I like that you preface not defending him and then proceed to do so! :D Agree..... The coaching staff can only do so much with what they have at this point. He probably said that to fend off those that can't take the truth call it throwing the players under the bus. 27...
  31. Woof 101

    Visions of Dave Taggart ....

    Since “the kick” last Friday, he’s already had several colleges reach out, including UConn, Central Connecticut, Bowdoin and Merrimack. Colorado showed some interest when he went to one of the school’s camps. Thank you Sargent SpellCheck for correcting the typo error with only a warning and not...
  32. Woof 101

    Visions of Dave Taggart ....

    Hope this guy wants to stay home.....
  33. Woof 101

    Away game Tailgates / Viewing parties ?

    Would not be one to argue with you Chin or anyone on the topic but it is not something I could foresee any time soon. Right now we can't get many students to come to an actual home game, why would anyone think they would come to a big screen showing of an away game? It would be strictly be for...
  34. Woof 101

    Tina Charles

    Such a great ambassador, like Geno I could listen to her being interviewed unending.
  35. Woof 101

    Alabama tracking students, penalizing them if they leave football game early

    Sad the low we have reached. Free ride to the game, free ticket into the game and now some want to pay them to watch the game. Doooooooomed posted while I was typing agree everyone gets a trophy. Waiting for the suggestion that we close the gates and electrify the fences until games end.